So Tell Me, Just How Long Is This Farce Going To Last?

Try and find someone who would do this job in this day and age.

Especially when the labor pool is chock full of this kind of shit.

I pity future generations.

Because guys like this,

Do not create things like this,

Of course mankind is totally dependent on technology at this point, even though the majority of useless eaters have absolutely no idea how any of it works.

The old man in the top picture has been replaced by automation and one computer controlled machine can crank out thousands of whatever it was he was grinding on non stop 24/7.

Until it breaks.

Then ten thousand of these,

Will be just as useless as tits on a boar hog, trying to make it go again.

Just like they are every other day.

We are living through a fundamental cycle of life on this planet that I am sure you have heard of.

I am reminded of this because I have to go to my Mothers house today, on my day off, to go fix a running toilet.

My Mom is in Arizona and I have a Nephew who is staying there with a couple of his buddies.

All of whom are in their early 30’s.

And apparently none of which can find the motivation to fix this problem, so I got a phone call.

So now I gotta go to Home Fucking Depot, grab a flapper valve kit then drive over to my Moms and put the fucking thing in the water tank of this running toilet.

As I’m sitting here drinking some coffee and getting ready to go tackle this issue, The Kid comes home from work early because New Years.

He gets cleaned up and then informs his mother on the way out the door that he is going to go out and go partying.

With these same guys who can’t fix a toilet.

The urge to bitch slap a few motherfuckers is strong right at this moment.

41 thoughts on “So Tell Me, Just How Long Is This Farce Going To Last?

  1. If they were trying to “Mainstream” this perversion, i could care less.

    But….they are, therefore…
    I will have my say, tic tock

    They wanna push t hi s paychosis on children and worse.

    Tic tick tic tock


  2. Pretty Daughter comes home for Xmass, she is going shopping with Pretty Wife, clicky-no lights in the XC-70 Volvo. Pretty Wife calls Working Wage Slave (me), i tell her to put the PD on the phone. Get sit rep from her on what’s up. We diagnose bad battery over the phone. Come home and she helps take battery out of car. It’s hidden under a cover in the engine bay. We pull the batt and go to Autorilley for a new one. The batt still throwing 12.24 volts but not trusting it (OEM unit from 2009). Charge the new on over night and put it in the morning. We use basic chemistry to remove the corrosion on the connections. We walk through the whole process, she telling me what to do at each step. Best part of Christmas.


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    • Spin, when the engine is at 1200 RPM the charging system should be putting out 13.6 to 13.8 volts – if not, check your charging system. To test the battery, get a good Specific Gravity Hygrometer (DO NOT get the cheap ones!) and test the battery acid Specific Gravity. I forget what it should be, the Hygrometer will probably tell you what is good or bad.
      You can rejuvenate an old battery by discarding the old electrolyte (remember, it’s sulfuric acid!!), turning the battery upside-down and power flushing the old cells, again watch out for sulfuric acid. Put boiling DISTILLED water into each cell, let it sit for at least an hour, power flush again. Refill each cell with battery electrolyte that you can buy at ANY automotive store to the bottom of the cell indicator, then add DISTILLED water to the top of the level indicator in the cell.
      Voila! Rejuvenated battery.


  3. I’d have directed him to the shutoff valve under the toilet and told him to turn it until the water stops. Mentioning clockwise would probably be a waste of time too, Then you can go fix it when your Mom gets back home.


  4. Part of me thinks Mr. crabby bastard (TM) Phil is making this up for a little sport, seriously have these cretins no shame whatsoever. Unless you are getting PAID for your time and inconvenience on a holiday don’t do it. Let them either figure it out or PAY someone who isn’t a limpdick to do it. Anyway enjoy your time off and HNY. Oh almost forgot Fuck Jay Inslee.


  5. They sell new deadbolts and door locks at the same store as the flapper valves. Might be a good time to update those while the yahoos are out partying too.


  6. These pathetic creatures will be the first to starve to death in a depression
    if they are deprived of commodities as a result of a socialist revolution.
    Sending your kids to college to pursue a liberal arts degree and the only
    thing they will learn is communist indoctrination. If you are an 18-year-old
    male who cannot change a flat tire or a set of spark plugs, you are not a
    man. If a female does not at a bare minimum cook a meal or operate
    a hand-cranked can opener you are not a woman.

    Academia has created an entire generation of worthless fucks with no
    work skills whatsoever. With $50,000 student loan debts and zero
    marketable skills, it is either Starbucks or Mcdonalds or mooch off
    your parents until they die. The industrial trades are dying because
    idiots like this who are too proud to work for minimum wages. If
    these morons went to a trade school or entered an apprenticeship
    program they could be making more money than their professors.

    These people are miseducated wasted fucks! Their degrees are
    as useless as the newspaper used to line bird cages. The only
    companies that will hire them are liberal corporations that do not
    mind tattoos, face rings, and rainbow-colored hair. If you are
    working at a Whole Foods store at 25, that will be the highlight
    of your career with zero chances of advancement.

    When I was 5, I could cook my own breakfast. I was a Cubby,
    Webelo, and Boy Scout. At 9, I was shooting 22s and arrows,
    using knives and axes, and even helped lash a bridge over a
    narrow creek. My mother led sewing bees, could cook, knit
    embroider, can preserves, and a thousand other things her
    mother taught her.

    In a shit hits the fan situation, these creatures are doomed!


    • “In a shit hits the fan situation, these creatures are doomed!” Or, an awfully steep learning curve if they don’t die of starvation first. I know I am not give a fuck or a can of beans to them, give me lip, see what comes of the stick that goes bam!


  7. Pretty sure that bridge construction picture is the innerbelt bridge in Cleveland. A few buddies did the painting there.
    I see a lot of the soft f*cks you are describing, but I hire a lot of 20 to 35 year olds that hump and jump and do the work others would run from. RUN FROM

    They get paid really really well and love doing it. Only diff from when I started is there are more nose rings and man buns. But they are able to take the ribbing about so we don’t yank the rings out.

    There is hope.


    • As a former earrings and ponytail dude myself, I can testify that there is hope in those guys like you mention.

      Funny though, it’s been well over a decade since I chopped mine off and my shaved-head, former Marine, older brother brought it up AGAIN this Thanksgiving. I should grow it back out just to mess with him; it’s a perfect time during Covid-days.

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  8. Just in case you thought that I was exaggerating about the dumb fuck college
    kids not even knowing how to use a can opener, I am attaching a URL. The
    full video was split into several segments. It took her about 10 minutes to
    figure it out and her fellow students applauded her like she solved Einstein’s
    Grand Unified theory. Not a single one of the Omega males in the audience
    change a flat tire on the roadside.

    Here is the link:


    • Yes but its the parents fault but there is hope, I see it here everyday in flyover country. I became a huge fan of young people years ago because of all the lumping together of that generation into that category. Those will be the first to die thats why the hard times create good men.


  9. when it does happen, put the starving worthless fucks to work, digging holes or chopping wood
    no work-no food. or make them till the new garden spot by hand, you will have to watch them all
    the time, as most can’t work more than 5 minutes without taking a 1/2 hour break.
    i raised 3 kids, and the oldest girl is the one who will make it, the others, i not so sure.
    what i don’t understand is why they stare at the fucking phone all the time. what for ?
    i have a son, but after trying to get him to learn anything for 20 some odd years, i have given up.
    and then i moved and told no one where, or the new phone number either- figure it out on your
    own. most of them think their hands are for playing games,, back in the 1980’s i went to a lecture
    on things (army) little bow tie guy gave the talk, the us of a has at best a 30 day supply of food.
    and that was everything, stock in the feed lots, grain silos and all the warehouses total.
    they even included the cheese stock in the old salt mines in kansas, so what are they going to do
    after 30 days beside starve ? people do not stock food like our parents did. so most will be fighting
    over scrapes, the rest will die off. no one fell asleep that day while he was talking.
    i taught myself how to garden and grow food. i think we all should learn how and get some seed
    stock, get the old time seeds too, the ones you can save. there are 3 things people need to live
    food ,shelter and medical care when sick or injured. these kids don’t know shit and it going to
    be the death of a lot of them. but once you have all the above, you need to protect what you have
    or keep it hidden, people start killing each for food after the 3rd day when they starving.


  10. They keep saying we will all be replaced by robots and out of work. I keep saying, they will always need people to repair the damned robots. If you can fix things, there is always a future.

    TBTB though want ’em coming out as dumb as possible, so they can’t wipe their own ass without government (or corporate) assistance.


  11. I’m fortunate. My daughter married right after High School to a guy she has known since age 4 – nice guy too. She is a gardening whiz and he is one hard working fellow. I have zero worries about them.


  12. I had to sit in a meeting at work recently and listen to one of these 20 somethings, a grown up man, talk about how he had a flat tire on his car and didn’t know what to do so he called his Dad who also couldn’t help him. If you had said something like that in a meeting in my younger days in Engineering I believe you would have gotten fired.

    Both of my sons (27 and 22) have found business opportunities in all of this.

    My older son is a software guy and part owner of a tech start up but he started a side business buying broken motorcycles with minor issues for nothing, fixing them up and re-selling them. He says it’s hilarious how minor issues will cause someone to just park a bike. He bought himself a little wire feed welder rig and was out in the yard practicing during Christmas. He’s got a ways to go but he’s working on it.

    My younger son had a side hustle in while he was in college going around the apartment complex doing minor repairs and getting paid out of petty cash by the apartment manager.

    As a Dad, I get to know I don’t ever have to worry about either one of them and that is the greatest feeling in the world and something you can’t buy, you gotta do it yourself.

    Apologize for bragging about my kids – sometimes I can’t help myself, I grew up without a Dad and might be overcompensating but this fatherless society crap has to stop and I decided a long time ago that it stops right fucking here.

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  13. All three of my daughters know how to clear a toilet, change a tire and jump start a car. Two of them have been in the position of directing teenage boys how to change a flat or jumpstart a car. The boys had (slightly) more upper body strength but no clue how to do things I knew how to do well before I got a drivers license.


  14. Yumpin yiminy! Please tell me there is an Arizona in Washington state and that you are not driving to frigging Maricopa County to fix a damned toilet!!!

    That said, I rue the day when I get too old to fix ALL my stuff, cause I do that now and there is no way I will let any soy boy touch any mechanical or electrical equipment, ever.

    All my kids are willing to fix anything with enough motivation, they may not know how, today but can learn by watching, doing and if necessary, failing and trying again. That was the lesson in this house, you can do any damned thing you put a mind to, use it.


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