A New Year Is Upon Us

This last one, shit, I don’t need to tell any of you how fucked up it was.

You were right there with me muttering Holy Shit every other fucking day because it just kept going from bad to worse.

I don’t think the combined talents of Stephen King, Dean Koontz and Ray Bradbury could have written a script that twisted and fucked up.

Welp, I really don’t see things getting any better.

As a matter of fact, I fully expect my Oh Shit Meter to be needing a complete overhaul again before the first month is over actually.

Come January 20th of the Year of Our Lord 2021 full fledged Civil War is going to be declared.

One way, or another.

I do not see any other options on the table.

Unfortunately, the ones I see as needing killing the most will probably be left untouched.

More the pity as there are quite a few of those in my estimation.

As in a few thousand right of the top of my head.

No, it will be as it has always been, the Useful Idiots and the Cannon Fodder will go head to head while the main shit disturbers will retreat back into their gated communities or flee to places where us grunts can’t get at them easily.

Instead of being like the French Revolution where they started at the snakes head, we will start in the sewer and try to work our way into the palace from below.

Until we can grind the current media conglomerate into dust the majority of Weapons Grade Stupidity will remain glued to their convictions as tight as a tick on a coon dog’s ass.

The trouble with being somewhat of a Realist is that one pretty much expects the worst because Occam’s Razor.

What is most obvious is most likely the reality.

And I think this is going to be the reality people are going to start waking up to more and more often.

That is a picture of the aftermath of the Boston Marathon Bombing way back in 2013.

I am here to tell you right now that those boys were rank amateurs compared to what lurks in our society every single day, just waiting to cut loose.

I’m afraid that is going to be unchained here shortly.

Happy Fucking New Year, eh?

27 thoughts on “A New Year Is Upon Us

    • As much as I don’t want to wish that kind of nightmare on anyone I will stand by my statement that I believe at this point there is a serious number of people who need killing.
      Their unrelenting efforts of subjugating the people of the world to fulfill some fucked up fantasy of complete tyranny and world domination because they think they know better than anyone else is antithetical to my core belief in personal freedom and the fact that The Good Lord installed within each one of us the gift of Free Will.
      Fuck them with a rusty Bulldozer.


        • Of course now I have to post the usual bullshit disclaimer that I am not condoning nor advocating actual physical violence and that I forcefully condemn anyone who does.
          Fucking chowderheads out there would be more than happy to copy paste my statements, take them out of context and send it along to Fed Gov Goons.
          Those being the kinds of people I was talking about, theoretically of course.


  1. Phil, you’re right, we need a good old fashioned gallows, picnic on the ground, a little praying, and a mass hanging, I volunteer to soak the rope and pull the pin. My fantasy has obozo, peloski, and hildabeast at the front of the line, soro at back up, then the squat on deck, Next is intermission, to reset, then, each and everyone of them traitorous cocksuckers will duck walk to the trap door. We will stretch some good Ky hemp, then lay them out for the world to see. Then let them rot, buzzards gotta eat, same as worms. Sadly, we’ll probably need to replace the rope numerous time before we’re done.


  2. I’m pretty sure that the Tsarnaev brothers didn’t have the mental wattage to have done it. Investigation showed that they didn’t have any link to a terrorist organization, but I’d bet my last dollar that they had three-letter-agency help. Even if it wasn’t, the government sure used the “emergency” to trample all over people’s rights. It’s a familiar strategy: use some tragedy to push beyond their authority, thus normalizing it for pushing even further next time. They ordered a lockdown without declaring martial law, thus normalizing lockdowns for use during the COVID scamdemic. They detained residents, removing them from their homes at gunpoint, and illegally searched their homes without warrants or exigency.

    I agree that it has gone too far for it to end peacefully. There will be blood, there will be civil war, atrocities, and likely will also involve either UN occupation or an invasion from a rival nation hoping to capitalize on our civil war. Avoid crowds, don’t get on the bus, and take a few with you when you go down.


  3. The critters will be in basements.
    Don’t forget to make sure that mommy and daddy can no longer procreate.
    They have forfeited that right for messing up the first go round.


  4. There are two things that I am sure of; The COVID Nazis will double down
    on their control measures and if the left makes good on their promise of
    reprisals and gun confiscations, they will force our hand. I know there are
    a lot doubting Thomas’s out there who think we will not fight back. That
    goes out the window the moment they attempt to round us up and send
    us to reeducation camps or gulags. The left will fold the moment we
    start shooting back!


  5. Good night Phil, this old boy is tired and is going to bed at 10:30pm. I wish you, your family and the blog boys here a Happy as can be New Year and won’t 2021 be a hoot!


  6. Thanks for your posts, Phil. I enjoy reading them and this one hits the nail on the head. I’ve told many folks over the past few days to hold on to their hats because 2021 may make 2020 seem like a cake walk. Most blow me off. I hope I’m wrong.


  7. I moved to a more rural area last year
    Small town. Genoa, Illinois.
    American flags are unmolested
    A lot of us grey beards here
    Possible problem area would be DeKalb
    University town, but I think any trouble makers would be slapped down and contained in short order


    • Thank God for like minds! I have been telling anyone that will listen for years the media has to be dealt with severely and soon. The only two people with a platform who I’ve heard say the same is Phil and “big country”.
      Make an example out of a few and the others will quickly start telling the truth because, let’s face it, they’re pussies. Do that and it’s a “force multiplier” so to speak and makes the task at hand less “labor intensive”.


    • Yes take out the rabble rousers first then the rest. without the media stirring the pot they won’t know which way to look or how to act.


    • Careful there boys, criticizing the news media is anti-something-something.
      Hate Crime! Hate Crime!

      In this current year of Grace (as it has been since the 1950’s) NOTICING is the real crime.


  8. OK, I’ll spell it out. What was it Bracken said in one of his books? I believe it was something like about 1000 “mainstream” people; journalists (if one can call what passes for opinion reporting propaganda these days journalism), high profile heads of commierat local, state and federal government departments, commierat supporting celebrities, need to disappear, almost overnite, with no explanation, so that the PTB start paying attention.

    Of course, Bracken writes dystopian fiction, so there’s that.

    …and in keeping with what others said above, I am NOT advocating violence against our fellow commierat citizens, unless the commierats go full retard. Then…


  9. Good morning, fellow grumpy deplorables. Well, the new year has arrived, and I didn’t see any stories of exploding campers owned by the random mystery IT wonk that the neighbors didn’t know much about but he was a nice man. But the weekend is not over yet.


    As Phil said, this will not be a pleasant year, and there will be a lot of deliberately ignorant fuckers that will be unpleasantly surprised at what the future is going to be, and they will ask, “why didn’t anyone tell me”, when they didn’t want to be concerned about looking around at what was happening this year, and realistically for the last 20 plus years. Fuck em. They deserve the brick that will hit them on the head.

    Stay safe, and have a good weekend.


  10. Happy New Year Phil!

    I’m glad that the events of this past anno horribilis (horrible year) are mostly behind and that for the rest of us in the real world there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

    As for you and the rest in the (not so) United States, good luck.

    On the plus side, it looks like the checks and balances built into the US Constitution are working and tRump will be nothing more than a bad footnote in history after January 20th.

    On the bad side, COVID-19 is still out of control in the (not so) United States.

    FYI, the Kung Flu as you call it had already killed more Americans than the flu has these past 10 flu seasons. With the exception of WW2, COVID-19 has killed more than in all the wars America has been part of since 1900. And, it’s looking like by the end of 2021 this number will surpass all American war deaths including WW2.

    (Cue the Mission Impossible theme 🎶🎵)

    Your mission Phil, should you choose to accept it, is to stay healthy and make sure your family stays healthy. Good luck Phil, you’re going to need it.


  11. I’ve been getting a lot of “ads” for how to conceal a weapon and the latest is how to hide a weapon from the gobermint. Beware of what you click on. A little peanut butter works great in a mouse trap.


    • I’m getting a lot of snailmail solicitations from “gun organizations” that I’ve never heard of before. And a lot of gun magazines that I’ve never seen. No doubt they’ve harvested my address from somewhere. We’re on a lot of lists, but the advice still stands–don’t click on anything you don’t have reason to trust. And I’ll only discuss certain subjects in person, never in email or over a phone.


  12. Ran across this and though it appropriate and very fitting for today especially, something like this needs to happen nationwide in all major and most minor cities.. Sending a “CLUE” that we are tired of their bullshit and should they continue with their asinine assumptions it will garner none other than 1776.2

    I’m thinking we are looking at a mad max year as the months roll by.
    Long Live Our republic!


  13. When these riots began, I got one thing right. These Panty-Fag and Burn-
    Loot-Murder thugs were getting their marching orders from the D卐M☭CRAT
    party. My prediction was that once they opened the bottle, they would have
    a hard time getting the genie back in the bottle. Shortly thereafter, they were
    protesting outside mayor’s houses. Having been a leftist radical in my yoot,
    I knew they unleashed a monster that would devour them. BLM recently
    announced that their allegiance is to Karl Marx, not the D卐M☭CRAT party.

    It does not matter how far to the left their political masters are, they will be
    targeted too. Every collectivist, socialist, communist, and fascist revolution
    since the French Revolution turned on their own when they ran out of
    “Goldstein’s” or another focusing agent. Socialist Nazis went after the
    Jews and the communists went after the entrepreneurial classes. Muslims
    targeted the Infidels and the slaughter in Africa over the last 50+ years
    targeted rival tribes and religious minorities.

    Stalin butchered untold tens of thousands of loyal party members because
    he deemed anyone too powerful in the could challenge him. Hundreds
    of his generals were killed because they were too popular with the
    people. Real or imagined, he had to eliminate anyone he saw as a
    potential threat like Peter Falk who played a Latin American communist
    revolutionary in the classic Twilight Zone episode. Paranoia is a strong
    motivator for a man who fears losing power!


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