So Long Mary Anne


The fresh faced girl next door from Gilligan’s Island has passed on.

82 years old, The Rona got her too.

Of course at 82 you gotta know that there was other shit going on there too but now days they gotta keep the fear level cranked up.

The Wifely Unit was reading about her some where and told me that she beat out not only 350 other chicks for the role on Gilligan’s Island but Raquel Welch too.

That is pretty amazing.

I would read about Dawn here and there over the years, her getting in trouble for smoking weed cracked me up several years ago.

I was all You Go Girl about that shit.

Her passing leaves Tina Louise, more commonly known as Ginger, as the last surviving cast member of that wildly popular television show from the mid 1960’s.

So now boys, that infamous question.

As a younger lad, was it Ginger or Mary Anne?

Me being me, there was no choice.

I wanted a threesome.

46 thoughts on “So Long Mary Anne

  1. In real life, Dawn was a friendly and bright person. I worked with a guy that met her, said she was cool as f*ck. I had read that Tina Marie was mad about typecasting and was generally upset about her experience, let it bleed over into other parts of her life.


    • I just spent 4 days in the hospital for my damn kidney and then had to get a cortisone shot and a Terminator brace on my left knee before I went,, I have a spiral stress fracture in my Tibia cap, where I got it I have no idea, haven’t fallen, haven’t chased any girls. That is why I was limping when I was up there egorr visiting you. Old is getting frackin old, let me tell ya.


            • It’s not to o bad sitting or lying, but is can’t get shit done that way. On my feet, ten minutes at a time is about all I can take before I have to sit down and tuck everything back where it belongs.

              I see my surgeon on the 6th, and I don’t know what will happen when after that.


              • Probably open you up, tuck back what is protruding like intestine or your bladder and sew it up, maybe some kind of mesh to strengthen the hernia and you will be right as rain…

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      • Geezz, reading about all you guys complaining about being old with a bunch of aches and pains is funny. Just remember that if you can feel pain, you’re probably on the green side of the grass …and none of you are older than I am, so quitcherbitchin. ;^)).


        • Yes Sir! But at our ages if we didn’t bitch about all the aches and pains we would be bitching about woman, kids and vehicles… Let me tell ya, if I had an inkling of the shit I am going through with stage 3 renal failure, diabetes and MS. I would have drank more beer, drove faster cars and chased faster women and died and would have left a better looking corpse…


    • Only the good die young. Satan keeps his minions alive as long as they are useful, then throws them away like a used condom.

      That’s probably why I am still alive… and definitely why Cederq is still ticking!!


      • A used condom huh? I never thought of you as a used condom egorr, or even if you knew what one was.. I had this vision of a nice white bread Christian boy. I can tell we are rubbing off on you, you sure are being corrupted. Old scratch would be proud.


        • Not entirely off topic, re olden-times TV culture. For The Beverly Hillbillies, I’d grab Ellie-Mae! Cederq could have Miss Hathaway, while egorr would be happy with Granny.


              • That I did not know, I was referring to tall skinny plain women in general. Well that is two very prominent strikes against her, lesbian and politician… I tend to like my women heterosexual and not a liberal politician… besides, real women have curves! Thank you Miss choirmarmiowa. You know I used to live in South Dakota and visited you state often for camping, fishing and Ringnecks…


  2. My wife called into a TV talk show that Dawn Wells was on one time when the kids were little so it was some time in the 90’s. She (my wife) was telling Dawn, on the air, what a good job I was doing helping with the babies and I got a “Good job Mike!” from Dawn Wells on live TV. I think my life is complete.
    RIP Dawn Wells, you did good work and will never be forgotten.
    Note: She beat out Raquel Welch in Auditions for the part of Mary Anne.


  3. She was in an episode of Bonanza in which she played a (married) indigenous person. If you thought she was sexy in Daisy Dukes, you should have seen her in buckskins and pigtails!!!

    Thanks for the memories, Dawn. You were a babe and a class act. A life well lived.


  4. She beat Ginger in every poll ever taken. Ginger was a stuck-up Hollywood
    sex pot. As Will said, she was the girl next door, the kind any normal man
    can aspire to have as a wife. She was the last surviving member of the
    Gilligan’s Island cast. About a year and a half ago, the lovely Nurse
    Rached attended a charity event where Dawn Wells was raising money
    by having photos of herself and the attendees. I was bummed out that
    she did not ask me to go with her. There goes another actor or musician
    that I grew up with and the Grim Reaper will pay me a visit soon!


  5. If you thought Tina Louise was hot in Gilligan’s Island, you should have seen her in “God’s Little Acre”. Another thing about Dawn Wells, she was the only person on the entire cast of Gilligan’s Island that got residual payments from the show. she had it written in her contract. It made her very wealthy.


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