17 thoughts on “Now That You Mention It…

  1. I no longer trust the hospitals, the the media, the courts or the gov’t AT ALL. If they tell me the sky is blue, the first thing outta my face is “Bullchit.” The second thing I do is go outside and check for myself.
    For me, ‘the chair is against the wall’ and I shall now step up my preps accordingly. These morons can’t find their collective ass with both hands…

    Errrrmmmm…. Merry Christmas Phil! And Happy New Year! 🙂


  2. Sidney Powell released this composium of the vote fraud election coup forensic evidence obtained and collated so for.
    If you read this prepare your mind.
    There is no election. There is no voting in America. <y and your input via our vote ends at the tip of our fingers whether we hold a pen or touch a button on a screen.
    Thats it.
    That simple.
    It began in 1984. Funny.
    There is no election.
    From dog catcher to POTUS.
    From townships to the largest city, cabal insects are part of the process. From the tiniest village with 5 voters to the biggest metro, from a township ordnance to POTUS, from dog catcher to governor, no matter how small or big the local, every vote is run thru the collection and massage operations, and the chosen/selected winner receives what votes is required to win, but more important what loses.
    Its not that there is election fraud, rigging and gerrymander, there is no such thing as an election.
    Every vote is collected, sent to shell corporations outside America's borders, collated, assigned, and returned, the massaged votes are then assigned to the selected recipients. Done.

    The pervasive structure of this is complete. Its not there is corruption or corrupt actors within our system of governments, there are no not corrupt persons, American's mind you, within our governments. Everything is corrupt. Corrupted.
    The reason why Mr. Trump got past the gate keepers, they thought nobody would vote in the numbers that did for Mr. Trump. They did not have the preperations in place, accessible to process the number of votes thru their system. Simple. No BS in it. They did not have the time, literally, to handle the volume of votes, to make the massaging look legitimate, and forced to let Mr. Trump win.
    As, they thought "She" could never lose.
    In this document you will discover the scope and extent of the persons involved. The money it actually requires to run this operation, it is vast, world level vast.
    You think you know who is the corrupt actors, you do not, not even close, but it is not who is corrupt, that a brain dead hermit crab can see. It is how corrupt, how we have been lied to, deceived betrayed, duped.
    Dead nuts seriously, prepare yourself to find out how little we all think we knew.
    A fiction thriller movie is incapable of portraying the truth. The only movie comes close, is The Matrix. The parallels are awesome. Truth here contained unfettered unblemished is not just stranger than fiction, it is a beautiful artifact of reality.
    The document is pretty dry in its introductory pages, it goes thru the required government mumbojumbo. You can ignore it, though, in context it paints a real life portrait of the total unmitigated fucking joke those running shit have made of our country and you and I.

    The first page of the civilian private security forensic team reports will rivet you to your monitor, you will take breaks so you can assimilate the facts and truths enclosed in the reports. Like drinking from a firehose. It is fact truth dense. No fluff no muff no plaster dust.
    Mr. Trump told you you are not ready for the truth. Yeah. But as the Oracle in The Matrix said to Neo, it is time for you to know the truth.
    Mr. Trump could not have not known, not been fully aware of everything, his prior actions prove beyond all doubt he knew everything.
    That answers one question.
    The other question, who is cabal?
    It is in here, the answer, in living color. No fucking around about it. I won't say, not because it would be a spoiler, thats not possible, but because after you read who cabal is you will do the same, the only way one can appreciate who cabal is is to read who yourself, it deserves every iota of respect for each-other that each-other see for themselves, because its not who cabal is, it is to fully, completely appreciate the scope and sphere of cabal, and important above all else, just how much we been played for suckers.

    Click to access 2020-12-23-Sidney-Powell-Team-Binder-ZENGER-NEWS.pdf

    Share it, its like passing the ammo. This is Warr. No other definition approaches this fact of the shit going down.
    Ignore at to your ignorance. Total ignorance. You will not avoid the great dirt nap coming without knowing the enemy, understanding the enemies objectives, and foremost, what the enemy holds dearest.
    These are the essential required elements of war, all war, political cultural civil insurgent economic revolutionary; all the generations of warfare, in order to win in war, you must know these things, without this information and intelligence you lose.

    This is the tip of the iceberg.
    Not an iota of this documented forensic evidence has been permitted to be shown in a single courtroom or grand jury in our country. Not one bit. Not once.

    Think about that.
    And…You just scratch the paint on the beast.
    Ms. Powell, God bless and protect this amazing Lady and Patriot. Out of all the good folks, regular people, she is the only American with the courage to let this out in the wild.


    • The ball is in Trump’s court.
      He has the capability and the responsibility to burn the whole corrupt fucking temple to the ground with this alone.
      Charge and imprison THOUSANDS of willing participants and bankrupt hundreds, if not thousands of participating businesses and institutions.
      If he fails to expose all of this and prosecute ALL OF IT then this country is dead, there is no rule of law and the hunting parties need to break camp and get busy.


      • Totally Phil. Mr. Trump changed everything. No other could do this. Is it fate or serendipty, the stars aligned just so, is it the rntrance into the age of Aquarius, simple councidence, or was there a plan some goid folks set in motion. Has God passed his hand across our nation once again.
        Dont know brother. Im thankful to the Lord every day this once in an age remarkable man stepped up and did the impossible, and no one who could would did do this is going to stop until he is no longer needed. Trump is our ages Cinccinatus, like Washington himself, because he could rule all, become the supreme overlord, he has this power now, and at every step he has not taken full power, even when it would save our bacon, it is why he will be victorious, by refusing such ultimate raw naked power he becomes stringer and legitimate, as no power he could assume or usurp could provide him.

        There is a singular caveat to this power, it is no he who would wield this power, it is us, you and I and all of us, The God-Emperor has shown us the door to power nothing van stand against, it is us who must walk thru this door, Trump can only show it to us, all he has ever offered us is the truth.
        This forensic documentation is part and parcel of this truth. The truth is all there is is power.
        What is different, is our power in the form of common cause of and for our dignity of liberty and our free soveriegn selves is legitimate, legitimate in the shape of all there is that is legitimate in our Republic and our what we and only us good folks perserve save and or salvage.
        This is power unlike any. Only we have this power. No others can hold our wield such power. This is so simple it looks like the most complicated concept in the universe, the simple acceptance within each of us this is the truth, truth of us truth of our legitimacy truth we are the only legitimate entity which exists.
        All else is illusion of something which can not exist, but an illusion which works if you can not accept the truth of your and our legitimacy and the power which is inherent.

        In otherwords, fucking con us into believing we have no power. Remember, all there is is power. The power of legitimacy, the power to fool others into believing otherwise.

        The whole game is predicated upon playing us for suckers. Thats it. This is the crux of the fuckers fucking with us, if you are suckered into believing they have raw naked arbitrary unlimited power over you, just yourself, well guess what? They do. They have power over you. And only you can give them this power. But…
        The inverse, like tracers, it works both ways, withdraw your consent, the consent you tacitly give the fuckers, thru believing you have no power, that resistance is futile, withdraw your consent to their power the fuckers no longer have power over you.
        Sure they can lock u up, put you in the goolag, kill you, but how is that different than any other day while you consent to being their sucker.
        See what they do how they gull us?
        Yet when more than ine person withdraws their consent for being the fuckers suckers, they are instantly illegitimate, and the only power they can use, and still thats not power, is to hurt. The power to hurt is difficult to employ, it always does more damage causes more consequences than it solves. This is an inherent componant of why our Rifles are so uttetly priceless, they are our means of hurting those who would use force and violence against us to force us to consent to having no power ourselves.
        They can kill you, to the instant you are dead, you still won, win, because you refused to comply, refused your consent. This is the most powerful weapon ever devised.
        How does this compute? Whats it got to do with cabal, everything.
        You cant be a tyrant if you got no one who will consent to your tyrant ass. So use on the con, fear, divide folks to pit them against eachother, lie, ise calculated force and violence, weaponize fear so folks are to afraid to not take council from their fears.
        But a nation, a Republic of good folks armed to the fucking teeth, there is nothing as legitimate. For what is legitimate about consenting to such cabal, tyrants and skum and their insect minions?
        Tell me?
        Seriously my friend.
        Not where’s the beef?
        Where’s the legitimacy?

        Trump’s power comes from the consent of 100 Million good folks who gave their consent willingly with open hearts and clear minds. Do you see the piwer he has because, WE, us, all of us gave it to the man.

        Yet there is that little matter of the caveat to all this.

        Trump no matter how legitimate we make him and the power we choose to intrust in his hands, it lacks something, and nobody not even us can give it to him, only we can use this power, we must step into the breech with President Trump, and stand beside him and say uh uh, no way jose, you cabal are not doing this to us any longer. It is done. You and your scalawags are finished. Kaput! And wether we shake our fists our our rifles in the tyrants faces, it must be made clear declared by us this is so. In doung so we provide ultimate legitimacy to Trump and his actions.
        No votes required.
        This is too the truth. All this is about the truth. People need to know the truth in order to be legitimate in their selves and their things.
        It is one of the absolute things, This is franchise. It is people becoming manifest.
        The Great Paradigm of all.
        It is the 5000 Year Leap which created ordered and individual liberty real, made it happen fir the first time in all of history, may be 10,000 years back in time.

        It doesnt get more legitimate than this.


  3. With trump caving and signing the bullshit bill enabling financial support for everything to everyone in the entire world, except merkan’s of course, with OUR money, there is absolutely zero hope of ANYONE returning this gov to any semblance of “rational”, and without a hint of “Rule of Law” being re-instated.
    As I’ve been telling folks for over 20 (closer to 30) years now, this gov has become so corrupt the only way to save it is to burn the entire shitshow to the ground. Start over as the Founders did. The hard job is already over, the Founders have already spelled out the basics, we just have to have the temerity to get er done……
    Long Live Our Republic


    • Hmm I actually read what he did and not just the headline.
      That’s not the impression I have after reading that he took a red marker to the bill crossing out much of it that didn’t directly help the american people.


  4. Back to the original question: Something I find myself doing this year more than in previous years:
    1. Checking and counting ammo inventory (saw the shortage coming a long time ago).
    2. Cleaning and lubricating weapons and making sure they all are stored with ammo in case of the
    need to grab and run.
    3. Preps
    4. Keeping to myself – Some neighbors sheeple others are wanna be.


    • You got it. The most important rule of OPSEC: Keep it out of sight, out of mind, and keep your mouth shut except in close personal conversation with your trusted few. No email, no phone conversations, even be wary of snailmail. If at any point you discover you’ve compromised OPSEC, from that point on shut up, change the subject, and move on.
      Sure, my comments here paint a target on me too, but as Phil is well aware, we are on many lists already. Our little rants here are too little and too many to pursue when said shitshow comes about.


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