Stay Tuned

I will be working on one of those “What’s that goofy bastard Phil been doing lately?” posts here in a little bit.

I have a bit of mess to clean up and dinner to eat, then I will start editing. Should be an hour and a half later maybe.

Ain’t nothing to get too excited about but it will be something I doubt anyone will expect.

17 thoughts on “Stay Tuned

  1. It isn’t you having your way with a chicken is it?? lol!!!
    Sorry Phil, you may be goofy, but, not desperate…!!!

    Merry Christmas, old boy….

    From another old man…



  2. A Mad Max ‘technical’ conversion plan for the Sprite? At least, if it could guarantee to drive under it’s own power, that would be a use for it.


  3. You know we have never thought of you as a goofy bastard, more like a bat shit crazy motherfucker, but never goofy. It’s nice to know there is a shit ton of us out here, and we all hang out togather


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