I Love It!

Very cool but the Oh Shit clutch* pedal is the topper for me.

Frank in the comments corrected me. I thought it was the brake pedal but I think it is actually the clutch pedal.

10 thoughts on “I Love It!

      • Look close Phil, the dollar sign pedal has the rod going vertical to the top, that is the gas, the shit pedal is the brake. Also look at the tranny shifter, it looks like a straight line bracket at the bottom like an automatic tranny shift lever. THt alooks to be a older car and if the brake and clutch go through the floor board instead of being on modern swing brackets from above, under the dash, both the clutch and brake would go through the floor board in an older vehicle.


        • Saved off the pic and enlarged it – this view makes it look like Cederq is correct.
          That does look like a $ in the larger pic, and its link goes up.
          You can correct the correction 🙂


    • Thanks for the link, it’s very interesting. Whether it’s credible or not I can’t say.
      My Christmas relatives were asking me who I trust for information these days. I said I trust no one absolutely, not even Trump himself (what ISN’T he telling us because he CAN’T afford the disclosure yet?). I posit varying levels of plausibility to any of these stories, and wait for other corroboration to follow.
      I just keep repeating, “It’s not over until Trump tells me it’s over!”


  1. I feel like a kid who got his magic decoder ring in the mail. It was a petition
    sheet to recall my COVID Nazi governor Gavin Gruesome. It is the best
    Christmas present I got!


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