A Christmas Day Open Thread

The gift wrap shredding session is over around here. We kept it pretty low key this year.

Low key and relatively low budget too.

That works for me.

Even with that there were a couple of charges to the credit card that kind of chaps my ass. Nothing too big, a couple hundred probably total. It’s the principal of the matter.

The ChiComs should be happy, I got Harbor Freight Gift Cards from everybody. That was it too. Enough to put a serious dent towards a long time want.

Of course the price of that has gone way up but at this point it’s a matter of time.

If CONgress and Trump ever come to terms and they start throwing money at us Proles again then it’s going to be a done deal. The Wifely Unit has been duly informed and is duly unhappy in return.

Shit happens and life is getting short at this point.

So I’m sure everyone has heard about the RV/Car bomb that went off in Nashville this morning.

Sum Ting ain’t sitting right with what I am hearing and as usual the story has started winding around already.

False Flag mebbe?

I dunno but something ain’t jiving for me.


Ayep, I knew something was fishy.

I’m not seeing this RV they keep talking about, do you?

So anyways, Merry Christmas to you all, thank you from the bottom of my heart for making this place happen and my sincere thanks to those who have incredibly donated tools and other resources to me and my seemingly endless quest to completely fill this garage to the point it overflows out into the driveway when I open the garage door.

The generosity some of you have gone out of your way to share with me has caused me to sit slack jawed quite a few times and I am dead serious.

Thanks again and stay tuned,

The slow death of the country we were born in continues apace and I have a gut feeling that shit is going to get real interesting here very shortly.

29 thoughts on “A Christmas Day Open Thread

  1. Un wrapping is done here too. First set of grandkids came and went to my daughters husband family. Second set of grandkids is here now, Woman of the House is cooking shepherds pie for our meal. Can’t hardly wait, I’m starving. As for credit cards, I was able to pay both of mine off before Christmas, in preparation for the upcoming financial problems that may be coming this year. I will retire no later than March 31, and when i do my monthly income will be reduced by about 40%. Not sure what this new year will bring, I am worried i don’t have enough magazines. Was only able to find 4. Hopefully i can learn to reload them quickly.


    • Palmetto State has D&H aluminums 10/$99.99, CDNN has steel Koreans $9.99/pop for ARs.

      It’s not the razor, it’s the blades…

      Of course, a lever-action has no need for separate mags, and can be reloaded on-the-fly.

      You dance with the girl you have, I guess.


      • After taking several “Combat Shotgun” courses, I have no problem keeping a shotgun fed when the shit is flying.

        I’m pretty sure I can keep my Marlins fed if I have to use them when the shit is flying….


  2. Merry Christmas to you and your family Phil. Yep, low key and relatively low budget was the thing this year. Two of the 3 progeny bought the exact same cordless drill for me, but one came with the gift tag – score! I can exchange it for what I really need. A few gift cards and sweaters for the Mrs. and we are good to go. Now we sharpen the swords and polish the shields for 2021.


  3. I got away with spending money on two presents. The Family is about 100
    miles down the hill from Burnt Scrotum. I was forced to reconnect with
    an evil cunt who cut my heart out with a rusty butterknife about 40 years
    ago when I moved out here. She is the sister of my developmentally
    disabled buddy (a near lifelong friend.) She abandoned his ass out
    here in the High Desert and I have been looking out for him ever since.

    She was cordial for the first several years, but she crossed a line that
    and I could never forgive her. As her guardian, his health is her
    responsibility. Little Sonny has weight issues, he cannot adhere to a
    diet and he will cheat every chance he can get. She blamed me for
    the problem and jumped down my throat in a phone call and blamed
    it on me. She did this once before when she abandoned him in a
    small town Northern California to guard a piece of property her
    husband owned.

    He was pushing 400 pounds before his congestive heart failure.
    So, when he started bloating up again I bought a new hospital
    grade balance beam scale, programmed a spreadsheet to track
    his weight gains and losses day by day. I was also monitoring
    his BP, pulse rate, respiration, and logging his pre Diabetic
    blood sugar level, all of which I sent her. Once is an accident,
    twice is one too many and three times is a fucking trend. She
    also deprived him of medical treatment because she was not
    reading the notices SSI and Medical was sending her, leading
    to two (three) month gaps in his medical care.

    I fell victim to an unwed mother who was a fucking golddigger from
    hell. I bounced her son on my knee and played with him when
    I was a young man. Her ex-husband (an Aussie) came by last
    night to take him to the Christmas party. I hold no grudge against
    him because he is a fellow victim. She went lesbo on his ass
    and divorced him. I also cannot blame her now-adult son’s
    children. They got their presents last night. Little Sonny
    will get his when I find the right gift.

    The kid’s grandma is a vile evil bitch that makes Cruella de Ville
    look like a fairy godmother. The niece of my old boss (Michael
    Smurfit) actually played Cruella in a movie, meet Victoria


  4. Don’t know if it’s true, but another site was saying some of the buildings the RV was parked in front of were buildings the city wanted to buy for some project – and the owners hadn’t sold yet.


  5. Also: The warning that got played… that’s -really- odd. 2nd Ave is where we used to play in Nashville… that’s where alllll the watering holes that the 101st frequent. The Hooters that got nuked was my old hangout in the early 90’s. I know the A.O. well… odd location, odd time, 0630am, odd that a warning was broadcast, and the call that a shooting went down -right before- detonation which brought the fuzz in… this does NOT match -any- previously existing M.O. in my experience, and I got a LOT of experience with VBIEDs (Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Devices) or RMCPs… Rapidly Moving Car Parts…every. single. thing. points to weirdness… literally my intel-meter is buzzing but the feedback loop is “does not compute, error 503”

    This bothers me. A LOT


      • Gotta poast up about it… check it…
        The most. polite. terror. bombing. in history.
        Who does that? This was a very specific attack with clearly defined objectives… WTF they BTELSOM…(beats the ever living shit out of me)… this’s one for the books… and I’ve had a LOT of up close experience with RMCPs
        A False Flag would’ve been far more casualty inducing…
        This here?
        They went -way TF- outta the way to -prevent- carcass counting
        I also, and need to update in the AM, the human remains they now have found…
        The auto-tuned warning means the truck was on a timer (to me)
        No mad-dawg suicide rider here, I mean why leave a pre-recorded message when you yourself can rant/rave “against the dying of the light” in person before you punch the button?
        Methinks that the fuzz whilst trying to clear the neighborhood before ‘go-time’ overlooked “Johnny Ripple” and his bottle of MD20-20 in a very nearby alley and got blown to hamburglers for it…
        And we’ll find that out later
        Unless a “This is from the People” message drops in the AM
        Stay Tuned!
        Weird Shytte is Aboot Aye?


  6. 90% of the time, the first gut feeling is right on. if it wasn’t for that we never would have gotten out
    of the trees. but it’s funny how the mayor is grinning on tv talking about it ?
    and for the 3 letter clowns, never trust them. don’t talk to them,don’t even give them the time of day. for all the money that is thrown at them, you think they might one thing right- nope.
    my guess is this is another bullshit false flag op. look a squirrel !
    bty, harris still is holding on to her seat,,,,,,


  7. the rv could be out of the frame. The blow up looks to be a bunch to the right anyway. It was a pretty big blow up as they have some photos It could be a false flag. Although not sure why they would blow up AT&T for a false flag.


    • If it was an old switching station or infrastructure that is no longer needed and ATT was approached for the sole purpose to blow it up for a false flag and were giving oodles of money…. one never knows and I am not spreading rumors or whistling Dixie either.


          • All good here at the top of the world
            We’re in the cheap seats for the greatest show on the earth.
            Sodas are flat and the popcorn is salty.
            Hell, I even think Johno seems to be on his best behavior.
            What’s up with that?
            Tried drawing those cali. girls out for a little fun but,
            they’re staying inside and quiet like good moms during the black out / lock down.


            • I noticed that about Phil’s cuties… I am trying to figure out why Johno is on his better behavior, only thing I can thunk is his parole officer caught wind of what he was scribbling and writing nonsense told him to clean it up…


              • Yup, being the wild child Ned Kelly type earned him a long sheet and they’re not going to let you be after that.
                I think they got his meds figured out and that has something to do with it too.


  8. I believe the explosion was intended for AT&T, somebody is not happy with them. It did knock out there systems for the morning. I could be wrong but the simplist explanation is usually the right one!!!


    • If it was Comcast/Xfinity, I might agree with you.

      There has been one rumour floated (briefly) that the city wanted to buy the buildings affected by the blast , but the owners didn’t want to sell. I wouldn’t put it past the socialist bastards that are running Nash-vegas these days.


  9. What is puzzling is the disappearing RV. In one segment we see it sitting there, a large vehicle broadcasting a warning. On subsequent pictures we see the damage but no damaged or parts or bare frame of the RV like we saw in F Murry building bombing in Oklahoma with the large box truck. the security video doesn’t show the RV before, during and after. The body that was supposedly found 1/4 mile away, is it conceivable a body could be thrown 1320 feet? 402.336 meters for you Johno… by a blast that size?


  10. IF I remember correctly, a woman that was interviewed ( by their channel 5 if I’m not mistaken) said that there was a countdown to the explosion and there was a warning to leave. Supposedly, her and her husband left and parked some distance away. The “countdown” for the explosion came and went with no boom, so they decided to head back to see what the fuck was going on. Of course, it was barricaded by the popo and hazmat/bomb squad was suppose to be on the way. There was no further “count down”, but a continued warning to vacate instead. Then the boom.
    Why would a “terrorist” warn civilians to vacate? Could the “count down” that didn’t happen on time have been designed to maybe draw LEOs in to investigate why said boom didn’t happen “on time”? What group(s) have a history of chanting “pigs in a blanket, fry ’em like bacon”, assassinate cops in the streets, call for their de-funding…etc?
    I don’t know…but something smells leftist to high hell.

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  11. As for the Nashville bombing being a false flag operation, you may have something. In the quest to overturn the election, Trump’s team has only won 1 of the 60 court cases. Recently pardoned General Flynn, a man with the motive and means to set something like this bombing in motion, is on record agitating for martial law as a do-over of the election.

    As of the time I wrote this, there has been nothing but silence from Trump about this bombing. No news announcements, no Twitter rants, nothing. Could it be that Flynn has opened the door for Trump to order martial law in the land of the brave and home of the free and Trump is considering it?


  12. Cederq, anyone that let you near them with a hypodermic needle, without first checking where you bothered to place the decimal point in your dose calculation, probably ain’t around to check .0005″ clearances on any motor rebuilds you do. Also, ain’t nobody falling for that FOREX scam you tried out, a 52 cent buy on a 74 cent sell? You should get a job on Wall St., offering those rates. It would mean just one more alphabet mob surveilling you.


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