25 thoughts on “OK, Ok, I’ll Be Nice Just This One Time

  1. To all the good folks, tool nerds, back yard mechanics; Phil, egorr, Deathray, Johno, UnFuck U, Irish, Jeffery, T Squared, Grog, Greg,, Kidme37, rightwingterroist, Sedition, Leonard Jones, Nemo, wvmtnmama, Mtnforge, SigGraybeard, bogsidebunny, Mikey, Mike_C, Big Country, enn ess, Leigh, Sarthurk, Millerized, crazyeighter, Bear Claw Chris Lapp, bluecat 57, Fred Horn, Bunk Strutts, Terrapod, drjim and all the others I have parlayed with, drove crazy, laughed and shared jokes, MERRY CHRISTMAS, a joyful time that should be this year but we know deep in our inner soul that we may have to fight. To making through the year we will celebrate next Christmas, if not, we will lift a toast to your memory and never forget. God speed and to that Bless all of you! Oh, Phil nice pic, wrap them up for me and place them under my tree please?


  2. Merry Christmas to you and your family Phil. And to all that dare come here as well. May all of you have full full refrigerators and warm garages to hang out in when the everyday going gets tough. Keep your powder dry.


  3. Merry Christmas to all you scraped knuckle people all over. Have a great day with your families, friends and Uncle Whiskey or whatever your favorite libation is.


  4. If those are the mysterious Calif ladies, it’s no wonder Phil goes all ‘aw, shucks’ so easily. Thanks to my SIL, we had roast chook & pork for Xmas lunch, with plum-duff and brandy sauce. I managed to finish my plate pretty easily. Comment was made about how people were doing it hard in USA, I passed along some views I’ve seen expanded on here. I really do hope that you decent people prevail. If blood is to be spilled, let it be buckets of Commie blood. I love that old cold war slogan “kill a Commie for Mommie”.


    • Australia and the other “social democracies” in Europe are already
      lost. Without an armed citizen militia, it will be on us to once again
      save the world. The Diggers stood with us in every conflict since
      WWI. The Pommies sat on their asses during the Vietnam War
      but the Aussies have stood with us to this day. If our government
      goes south (and it will,) it will be up to the citizen militia to set
      things right.

      For all the Doubting Thomases who think we will not take action,
      the left is openly calling for retaliation against registered Republicans,
      Trump supporters and donors. They will force our hand. Voter
      rolls and campaign donations are a matter of public record. They
      will come knocking on our doors. We could wipe out Panty-Fag
      and Burn Loot Murder crowd out overnight, but what do we do when
      the government comes for us?

      The promise of reprisals did not come from the lunatic fringe
      on Twatter, they came from our next president (cameltoe
      Harris) and high ranking campaign staffers on the Sanders
      campaign, who called for reeducation camps and gulags.
      If they come to round us up or take our guns, they will
      be facing a 90 million man strong citizen militia. If you
      think that law enforcement officers and the military will
      shoot American citizens, think again!

      When Tsar Nicololus ordered his troops to fire on protesters,
      they turned their guns around. When the protests started
      in Tiananmen Square, The PLA kept their fingers off their
      triggers for days. My best guess: They were told if they
      did not open fire, they and their entire family would be
      wiped out. That will not happen in America!

      So Long Mom:

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  5. Merry CHRISTmas to all you fat old wheezer-geezers out there that infest this blog, I sure am glad I found it, keep it going Phil! Or else I’ll have to come over there!!

    Fuh-leas on my dog, Da dah da da duh duh…


  6. Merry Christmas Phil and the rest of you wankers on here, you two cederq. I come here for the laphs, and am never disappointed. There is truth in laughter! And yup, as I’ve said all my life, the more I learn the more I realize how little I know…….. Much luck and blessings to all in the upcoming year. may you all live well, and remember, “Safety Third”….. there that oughta cover it don’tcha think!


  7. My son got me a sack full of various drive size and depth 10 mm sockets for Christmas. I’m trying to decide if I should leave them in the bag and lose them all together or scatter them through the drawers in my roll away and lose them all separately. Best present ever. Merry Christmas to all!

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  8. Merry Christmas, everyone.
    I appreciate the jokes and insights and knowledge, and am sustained and truly grateful to know there are so many good, decent (mostly) people out there. Thank you Phil for all you do and letting us hang out on your front porch.


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