4 thoughts on “Well Said

  1. One of my sons good friends is a very conservative, pro second amendment guy who is also currently at Yale Law School. I hope he comes around over the holidays so I can ask him his view on some of the recent goings on. My basic question is “What’s the use of a Law Degree if there is no law?”. It has become very obvious to me that we are in a lawless age. For example, I have to go through a security briefing every year where it is explained that putting classified data on an unsecured server is a felony. Is it? I guess it depends on who you are.


    • Well sir, is putting classified info on an unsecured server agin the law, apparently it isn’t, just ask ole shrillery & obumbfuk, but maybe it is cause you know, their “special”, so apparently it’s all about who you are, not whether it’s lawful or not.

      Far as I can tell when the so called elected officials don’t obey the law, it’s a clear indication that there is no law, meaning in anyones book there is no law so we are not beholden to it either, it’s everyone for him or herself…

      Back in prehistoric times the peasants sucked it up, cause that’s what they believed was their station in life, before they figured out that if you whacked a few of the transgressors in the branium you ended up with the same life just as easy or better than the transgressors….. And tra la la, life was good…


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