2 thoughts on “Fuck Off, They “Interpret” The Constitution All The Time

  1. Bad Times Ahead

    Read this right now. Time is almost up. Act now.

    I’ve seen numerous comments in various social media platforms about how a second civil war is imminent, and how it may play out. There’s a right way to engage in this activity and a wrong way. I’m not advocating violence against anyone or any organization. However, if the pro-constitutional patriots find themselves with only two choices: enslavement or resistance, then the resistance must be conducted the right way. What follows is an abbreviated overview of how it should be done. Each aspect of what lies below should be thoroughly and quickly researched. Much responsibility will lie on our senior law enforcement officers and veterans, especially special operations veterans. If that’s you, consider yourself a de facto leader in what follows. Current active duty patriots should be ready to support the US Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the American people when the time arrives.

    First, every patriot must be prepared. For anything. I’m talking old fashioned end of the world preparedness: beans, rice, clean water, bullets, etc. If you don’t have a clue about how to do this you are way behind. You must get started right now and learn. Be prepared to redirect all of your non-essential funds into this, preparedness, even on a budget, requires money. On top of basics such as food, water, and security, include communications, medical, handyman, farming skills, gear, and supplies.

    Other preparedness includes keeping all insurance up to date, having a patriot friendly lawyer, and a subscription to a concealed carry legal assistance group, such as the U.S. Concealed Carry Association.

    Finally, update your home security. Ensure that you and your family can defend against and defeat any physical threats that may present themselves on your property.

    While taking care of the preparedness issues, patriots should also be creating teams and groups. Not all groups and teams are the same. There will be two general types of group: a support group and a direct action group. The components (people, facilities, resources) may be interchangeable between the two groups, but the two groups have very different roles. Support groups do just that- support the members in any way possible. Direct action groups are organized to do something, to accomplish a mission.

    A natural support group would be an extended family. These family groups are excellent for moral support, logistics support, temporary housing, and even security in a pinch. Another readily available support group can be found in church groups.

    Direct action groups are organized around a specific mission. For example a political action group is formed for the purpose of influencing political events. In the current social climate, FFG must also, sadly, create security teams. These teams will be created to provide defensive security for members as well as to carry out actions against specific targets, be they people, organizations, or facilities. Defensive security should start as a neighborhood watch. Consult with your local law enforcement department as to how to do it right and legal. Become friends with them, it helps to have a 2 way dialogue with them. Most are decent people.

    Remain engaged in the political process! There are still many ways that the Republic can be saved without resorting to violence. Become politically active, insist that your political representatives support the Constitution and the rule of law. Get off your assets, get involved, recruit others.

    Establish an intelligence collection network for your area. Build relationships with key people, especially law enforcement, other first responders, political leaders, church and business leaders, etc. Collect information on who is anti-constitutional, their supporters, activities, pipelines of income and supplies, homes, hideouts, families, etc. Collect intelligence on resources in your area: food, supplies, arms, communication assets, transportation resources. Get with your local law enforcement and keep tabs on local and regional gang activities. Gather information on local, state, and federal government agencies and offices in your area. Keep track of how they are engaged in the current low intensity conflict between patriots and traitors. Gather information on their personnel, their addresses, families, and who they network with.

    At this point let me emphasize the need for operational security (OPSEC). This means doing nothing via the Internet or on your cell phone. Compartmentalize your information gathering and distribution activities. Assume people who hate you are eavesdropping, because they probably are. Say nothing operational on social media, become a “grey man”. Record keeping should be encrypted, sparse, secured, and easily removed to a new secure location.

    As you begin doing all of the above you will also find out who is pro-constitutional. Network with these people, keep your network compartmentalized, or “cellular”. You will find that certain cells are more proficient at some skills than others. Work with what you have. Encourage your cell leaders to cultivate new cell leaders who will create their own cells.

    Engage in civil disobedience. We’re talking sit-ins, protests, marches, rallies, etc. Expect to be given all kinds of horrible labels by the media and cowardly anti-constitutional politicians. It’s part of their MO. Never stop sending your pro-constitution message by any means available. Have a dedicated public relations person or team that is skilled at getting the message out to the public. Give them positive material all of the time and never stop sending out the message. Remain engaged with political leaders, law enforcement, and other friendly organizations. This is a team effort.

    Once patriots begin engaging in civil disobedience the enemy will dramatically escalate their attacks on people and organizations. Expect violence, expect it anywhere and at any time. Expect doxing, social and economic punishment, etc. Have a good patriot friendly lawyer. Have sympathetic money donors to help defray the costs. Work in teams and groups. Use any actions against patriots in the PR messages going out to the public.

    History is a ruthless, unbiased teacher. It teaches us that our enemies, those who are anti-constitutional, pro socialist, pro communist, will not stop their assault on our country unless they win (even then they continue on with persecutions, pogroms, and genocide), or unless they are imprisoned or killed. This has been crystal clear throughout history. History proves conclusively that these people must be imprisoned or killed. The idea of socialism/communism must be extinguished completely. It has an all or nothing philosophy, it can’t coexist with civil society. Those who work to install socialism and communism believe that they will be part of the inner circle that personally benefits from it. They will not stop for anything, they have staked everything on success.

    I wrote the above paragraph to point out that even after engaging in all legitimate, legal means of activism to protect and preserve the constitution, patriots will most likely still face a ruthless enemy within the country that is well financed, deeply entrenched, and deeply resolved to do whatever is necessary to achieve victory. It will be at this point that a kinetic conflict will erupt. Using current events as waypoints, the enemy will attempt forceful subjugation of everyone between Inauguration Day and the mid-term elections in 2022. They have committed high treason by openly stealing the 2020 election and everyone knows it. Their regime will be illegitimate. They know this. They can’t afford to take a chance on the mid terms. During this 21 month window they will either “fish or cut bait”. They’re too dedicated and have risked everything on this one, naked, illegal act to stop. They will push it forward to the point where patriots will have no choice but to fight for their own survival. Signs of this are already showing up, specifically the resurgent aggressiveness of the BATF. Using the Covid19 virus as cover they will seek to disrupt normal life and intimidate the public into compliance. Further infringements on liberty will be conducted under the guise of public health and “common sense gun laws”.

    So, here we are, finally, at the real point of this essay. Patriots will be given no alternative but to engage illegitimate government force with return force. War. It will be the worst experience any living American will ever endure. It will not have a clearly defined beginning. There won’t be any formal declaration of war. It will be a gradual escalation of conflict as government forces begin trying to disarm Americans under various pretexts invented by feral politicians or agencies such as the BATF. The primary excuses will be the pandemic and “common sense gun laws”. As ordinary citizens begun to refuse compliance, jack-booted thugs will begin rounding up the “racists, crazies, murderers” or whatever names are applied to ordinary freedom loving Americans. Once these arrests begin they will NEVER stop, and most patriots understand this. Therefore armed resistance will begin. It may not be effective at first because the patriots are behind the curve in this war.

    The organized teams and support groups mentioned earlier in this essay will need to convert over to actively supporting and carrying out a guerrilla war. It MUST be an offensive war, to play defense against the Marxists is to lose.

    Targets will need to be prioritized, which will actually be difficult for a couple of reasons: first there will be a lot of them initially, and second, they will be clustered in certain areas. Patriot groups must be willing to travel in order to do their work.

    First priority among targets will have to be the jack-booted thugs illegally arresting Americans, AND THE POLITICIANS WHO AUTHORIZED THE RAIDS. It’s a two front attack on the Marxists: those political leaders who are openly authorizing illegal arrests and the operators carrying them out. If a county government allows federal raids within its borders, it has tacitly authorized those raids. The same with mayors, governors, sheriffs, etc. To declare “neutrality” is to support the enemies of the constitution. The operators conducting the raids will also need to be targeted. Once they are eliminated in the field their bases of operation must be stormed, looted of all gear, supplies, and intelligence materials, then destroyed or converted into Patriot bases if tactically feasible.

    During this opening phase or armed conflict it is absolutely critical that patriot groups keep up with educating the public about why events are unfolding, the evils of socialism/communism, and how the Marxists are the ones committing treason against the constitution and the people. Support from the community will be essential for achieving the eventual patriot victory. Patriot leaders absolutely must discern the political stance of all law enforcement and military assets in their part of the country. Outright recruitment of entire LE and military units, with their gear and supplies, should be a top priority of all patriot groups.

    Another aspect of the conflict that patriot groups will have to master is cyber warfare. During the opening days of sporadic, disjointed armed conflict the patriots must interrupt the enemy’s ability to communicate, provide media spin, fund, and operationally control their forces. Interception of valuable information that could aid patriot groups should also be a priority.

    As kinetic operations escalate patriot groups must also meet the “felt needs” of their communities, regardless of how people voted. Unless a person is proven to actively be engaged in treason against the constitution and the people of the US, patriots should do all they can to ensure everyone in their areas have food, clothing, shelter, and safety. The patriot PR folks may also use this to educate others about the sincerity and good will of the patriots.

    One thing I must warn you about: the escalation of kinetic operations will happen very quickly. Once patriots begin armed operations, it’s all or nothing. The enemy will not hesitate to bring their full might against anyone they suspect of being part of the patriot “treachery”. Once patriots start kinetic operations they must organize themselves and their operations on the fly while keeping up the tempo of operations against enemy targets. Targets should be eliminated as quickly and efficiently as possible. Patriot leaders should conserve their human resources, avoid frontal assaults on entrenched enemies. Use fire as a poor man’s explosive and burn them out if necessary. Work quickly, begin coordinating with other patriot groups. Never stop until every communist sympathizer is either dead or in prison. This goes for their troops on the ground, their political leaders, their bankrollers, and their propaganda assets, know as the MSM.

    During kinetic operations it is critical that patriot groups avoid committing atrocities. The enemy will commit numerous atrocities and ascribe them to patriot groups, expect this. Be prepared to counter this disinformation. Patriot groups must treat fellow Americans as fellow Americans and not commit atrocities, even if they are not supporting the patriot groups. Enemy personnel should be allowed to surrender. Trials and punishment will follow victory. Summary execution is to be avoided.

    Patriots can expect high casualties, especially early in kinetic operations. This will be due to several factors: lack of combat experience, lack of resources, intelligence, preparation, etc; plus the entrenched enemy has been undermining the country for decades, has many sympathizers implanted within law enforcement, military, and intelligence organizations, has plenty of money and resources, and it has the MSM providing cover, obfuscating their true intent, and distorting any resistance.

    Let me interject a thought about foreign agents and assets colluding with the enemy. Any foreign born personnel found to be in collusion with the Marxist forces should be executed on the spot. This goes for spies, political operatives, consultants, military personnel, and drug cartel members. They have not earned the right to a trial, they are enemies of the country, it’s people, and the constitution. If there is any doubt, imprison them for future investigation. Any foreign country found to be actively colluding with the enemy should be considered at war with the US and dealt with accordingly. If this is the case, victorious patriot forces should be shrewd in how they conduct operations against foreign enemy countries. Total victory is essential to teach potential enemies a lesson, but may not need to be achieved through a costly nuclear war.

    How will patriot groups know when they have achieved victory? When there’s no one left shooting back or holed up in a locked compound. Once this is apparent, patriots must work ceaselessly to restore the country back to economic and military stability. The rule of law must always be respected and preserved. It is often stated that we are facing the end of the “American Empire” whatever the hell that is supposed to be. I say we can rise again from this battle and remake our country stronger than before. Some key components of this rebuilding will be:

    -don’t seek to replace the “system” wholesale, seek instead to modify it in favor of the people and the constitution.
    -reduce centralized power at all levels of government: local, state, and especially federal. The federal government should exist to protect and defend the people and territories of the US and that’s about all.
    -eliminate the ability for politicians to profit from foreign investment/collusion, directly and indirectly. No more charitable trusts staffed by family members, etc.
    -eliminate or reduce federal agencies. Their is no reason for the BATF, IRS, NSA, HHS and Department of Homeland Security to exist.
    -eliminate all entitlement programs, including the federal involvement in healthcare.
    -education should be removed from federal control and made a state or local level issue, with homeschool given equal rights as other forms of education. One component of education should be made mandatory: the teaching of civics, US history, and US government. A big part of why we face so many deluded fools working for the enemy is their utter lack of understanding behind why we fought the revolutionary war, why our constitution was written the way it was, and how civil society is supposed to function.
    -health insurance should be allowed to compete across all state lines. Government involvement in healthcare should be avoided at all costs. It is a commodity, not a right.
    -term limits for every political office in the country should be mandatory. No more than two terms for each office should be allowed. Those who hold political office should be barred by law from working afterwards as lobbyists.
    -the Second Amendment should be amplified: the NFA should be deemed unconstitutional, because it is. Every American citizen who is not a convicted felon should have the ability to carry whatever firearms they deem necessary, without restriction or modification. The original intent of the Second Amendment should be taught to every school aged child in the country.
    -the First Amendment, unfortunately, will need to be modified: speech, written or verbal, political or religious, that promotes socialism, communism, collectivism, or any of their key components that are in opposition to the constitution or Bill of Rights, should be outlawed. I know this is a bitter pill to swallow, but we have seen that unfettered, this type of speech inevitably seduces the ignorant and envious and creates a destructive movement that can be fatal to the republic.
    -those enemy personnel captured during the coming war should be put on trial for treason and sentenced according to their crimes. This goes for members of the MSM, technology leaders, financiers, political leaders, troops, volunteer poll workers, everyone. This threat to our nation is too severe not to hold everyone accountable for their actions.
    -anyone who is suspected of aiding or abetting the enemy, be they Americans or foreigners, should be sought over the entire world and brought to justice. There should be no safe havens.

    Share this far and wide. Time for patriots to prepare is almost over. The enemy have flown under the radar and are inside our OODA loop. If you read this and realize that patriot action is necessary, get started NOW. Right the hell now. Put down the remote or the cell phone, get off your a$$ets, and get moving. Now!



  2. LOVE that last graphic Phil… gonna be using that. BTW, met with CA today, good times and productive. Be in contact to FYI you on downlow mail shortly… Sapper sends regards and Merry Hoe Hoes.


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