WTF?! Not A Peep About This On The Television

About three miles from here.

VANCOUVER, Wash. – Police in Vancouver were responding to a reported shooting at a clinic near PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center Tuesday afternoon. The scene is at 400 NE Mother Joseph Place in Central Vancouver.

According to The Columbian, citing scanner traffic, “two people were injured and one may have been the suspected shooter.” The hospital was placed on ‘modified lockdown’ during the incident.

I found this by accident in the Notables on Q research.

That’s why I still go there every day.

The Anons who dig for news that no one will report on in the MSM.

Fucking cocksuckers should all be hung up by their guts.

7 thoughts on “WTF?! Not A Peep About This On The Television

  1. KGW in portlandistan has the story on their website, not much info, but “no danger to the public”
    where have we all heard that before.

    Rhetorical thought, johno, in case you missed the sarcasm.



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