12 thoughts on “Dead Man Walking

  1. Phil, we seem to have the same taste in music. I pick up tidbits here and there when you post videos but I’m apparently out of the music loop. Could you please make a list of current (or past) metal bands you like so I can expand my “gym tunes” library?


  2. Why do I always have to turn the headphones down when I listen to any of the songs you provide us with?
    Just asking for a couple of my friends. My ears.
    OK, now back to it! 🙂


  3. While not a fan of this kind of Rock, I ditto Sedition’s excellent suggestion that this is the best theme music for Christmas and also for the whole damn blasted year! What can you come up for 2021, you know it is going to be even more epic then it is now, the gloves come off… back street rules, cuz’ there ain’t no rules.


    • People are hoping that next year will be better. I have a feeling that at the stroke of midnight on 12/31, 2021 is gonna say “hold my beer”.


  4. You should have seen the side eye my son gave me the other day when we were riding in his car listening to his metal channel and I named several of the musicians in various bands. I mostly listen to outlaw country but I wander down all kinds of musical alleys. Gotta cross pollinate to learn anything. The Beatles recorded a Buck Owens song. There is a YouTube video of the Rolling Stones playing “Bob Wills is still the King” by Waylon Jennings.


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