Oregon Patriots Form Flash Mob, Attempt To Arrest Governor Brown

Best Wishes! When you get done there, Olympia is just a few hours North.

Protest at Oregon Capitol declared unlawful assembly

SALEM, Ore. – Oregon State Police declared a protest at the Capitol an unlawful assembly on Monday morning while lawmakers met for a special session.

The protest, billed as a “Reopen Oregon” rally, began Monday morning as lawmakers started a special session to offer Oregonians more relief amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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Some protesters in the group moved inside at 8:30 a.m. during the third special session. The Capitol is closed due to coronavirus restrictions in place.

Two people refused to leave the building and they were taken into custody, state police said.

At about 9:30 a.m., Oregon State Police troopers moved in declaring the protest an unlawful assembly.

Troopers made numerous loudspeaker announcements saying anyone who remained on the Capitol grounds would be subject to arrest on disorderly conduct and trespassing charges.

Of course they did.

Can’t be having the proles voicing their opinions directly to the Chosen Ones now can we?

This is a good sign.

That bitch Kate Brown needs to rethink her tyrannical ways.

Actually several Governors do.

A little public rabble rousing on their front door may just be the preliminaries….

I would have given five bucks to see the look on that Commie bitches face when she was told that there was a crowd of pissed off Patriots out on the front steps asking for her whereabouts.

18 thoughts on “Oregon Patriots Form Flash Mob, Attempt To Arrest Governor Brown

  1. People on the right are being nice, at some time they are not going to be nice. When the right and patriots riot, it makes antifi and blm look like a kindergarten squabble


  2. When the patriots slip the bonds of their substantial restraint, that mob energy will not be directed towards Nike and Playstation shopping, nor senseless destruction of brick and mortar. .


  3. They best be careful. Kate might call out the OSP SWAT teams and have them start offing people like she and her buddy Travis Hampton did LaVoy Finicum.


  4. So… Burning, looting, smashing and killing is A-Okay, but actually demanding people follow the law and demanding the restoration of one’s rights is BAD and GO TO JAIL PROLE?

    Okay. Got it. Law no longer exists for one half and they can get away with anything. And Law no longer exists for the other half because they aren’t allowed anything.

    Cartridge Box it is. And those police and other LEOs who are following illegal orders? Targets.


  5. This started much earlier. Open defiance began with the COVID Nazi
    government tyranny. Frau Gulieter Whitmer in Michigan, Der Fuhrer
    Cuomo and the idiot Deblasio in New York, Gavin Gruesome in the
    People’s Republic of California, and others. When Alzheimer’s Joe
    is sworn in, they are going to double down and attempt to make all
    their totalitarian wet dreams come. They will attempt to take our
    firearms and sic their Brownshirts (Pantyfa and BLM) on their
    political rivals and attempt to suppress dissent. They have our
    voting records and addresses and they will come after us. That
    will be the point where the shit will hit the fan!


  6. Why would you want to arrest the son-of-a-bitch?

    Then you gotta guard him and feed him and carry off his poo and listen to him whine.

    Sounds a bit like The Ransom of Red Cloud to me.


  7. Found your (the OR-Kate Brown news today) story on gatewaypundit, and then after a deeper dive, found your website. I don’t twitter, or FB, but just wanted to send you some props for your peaceful Patriot protest video. (I haven’t watched all 6 hours – yet, but, immensely appreciate that I CAN! and will in upstate NY). Cuomo, very sadly, governs my State, but Trump rules my heart!! Thank you for your news since I can’t get any “real news” off the funk#@g telly. For now.


    • “…since I can’t get any “real news” off the funk#@g telly. For now.”
      Get Dish or maybe cable, start watching The Blaze, Newsmax, or OAN (One America News) and the like! Dump the major broadcasters, even Faux News. Other options exist and need our support.


      • For that matter, I’m dumping Dish as soon as I get my Starlink terminal up and running. It’s hard to beat Gig-speed Interwebbies that works anywhere, even in the boonies.
        All previously mentioned providers are available on the Interwebbies…


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