26 thoughts on “It’s A Guy Thing

  1. Huh?

    Guys that have too much F’n time on their hands and are part of the “Oh, look at me” set maybe.

    Also, I’m certain that there are more than a few women out there that can come up with similar nonsense.

    No sale.


  2. I paused it with 30 seconds left and will make an educated guess as to what it is. Then I will go back and see. It had the same name as a ballet with Tchaikovsky score.

    Now I’ll go finish the clip.

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    • And for those who need an ear worm to go with the Dad ad…

      I can hear Freddy Fender singing about
      “Wasted nails and Wasted Nights”


      MSG Grumpy


  3. Damn coulda used that as a kid. The Ole man made us boys crack cons by the bushel. Mom made great pies so the labor was worth it. Glad he didn’t would probably be living in their basement had he not put us to work.


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