6 thoughts on “Visual Aids Are Always Useful

  1. No matter how much work we got done on 3rd shift it was never enough. “But you had all night!!”, even though night shift lasts the same 8 hours as day shift.

    And in a 24 retail store environment, yeah, we sure saw some extreme oddballs in the wee hours.


  2. When I worked at the regional prison we had 2 completely separate schedules of 4 12 hour shifts on and 4 days off. When you relieved the other schedule in the morning most of the time it was like trying to pull teeth to get any pertinent information from the last night shift of the other schedule.


      • Instead of being one team with four shifts the shifts were pitted against one another by the Warden of the prison. And there were a lot of CYA incompetent officers as well. It made for interesting times the last night shift would Piss-off the inmates so that the new dayshift would walk into the situation with no idea of what had happened


  3. The fire reminds of me of graveyard back in the 70s at the printing plant where I “worked”. We were printing log tags, those metal numbered tags that they put on the end of logs after harvest and before they got to the mill. The ink was hell. It would dry on the press after a couple of shifts, and you had to scrape it off with a blade and lacquer thinner. This was before masks and OSHA crap. Anyway, I was high on the thinner and decided to take a short cut. Lit the whole fucking machine on fire. It got rid of the ink for sure, and also melted the ink rollers, lit up the oil basins below the drive gears, and generally made one hell of smoke filled mess.

    That was my last night alone on graveyard. Got 2 weeks off without pay. Fun times.


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