Get Ready To Circle Around And Start Over With This Covid Bullshit

A new and improved flavor has been discovered over in England, leading to a whole new level of pants shitting.


You know they are going to.

This is going to be a self feeding loop of ever tighter controls and and endless loop of fear mongering now.

LIKE EVERY OTHER VIRUS ON THE PLANET, Covid-19 is going to mutate.

It’s mutations are going to mutate, Ad Infinitum.

TPTB are going to use this as the reason you need to be protected from yourself whether you like it or not.

The current vaccine they are shoving down our throats was custom designed for Covid-19, not Covid-21.

Get the picture?

17 thoughts on “Get Ready To Circle Around And Start Over With This Covid Bullshit

  1. First they elected Anthony Bloody Blair, Bush’s poodle, bloody amazing they could be taken in by him, i saw through the sod the first time i laid eyes on him.

    Then they elected David Sodding Cameron, oh he’s so much younger and better looking than Blair…i kid you fookin not, these where the sorts of things you heard, oh and he’s a family man yeah yeah…a complete and utter bloody waste of space, invited bleedin Obama over to threaten us in our own houses of parliament in case we dare vote to leave the EU, who the eff did he think he was, Obama Soprano?, Cameron had to give us the referendum thanks to Nigel Farage’s unstinting efforts, we voted the wrong way so he threw his toys out the pram and minced off like a big girl.

    Then the new messiah was Teresa No Hope May, bloody nora words fail me, she replaced our Union Flag with a white one, complete surrender to bloody Germany, thankfully even the Tories couldn’t stomach her so she had to go.

    Along comes the new Churchill (they said, pause for peels of derisory laughter) in the form of Alexander (Boris) Bleedin Johnson, a chap known for his roaming trouser snake and his antics pretending to be a buffoon, well England, there are many of us who could see from a thousand paces that the buffoon act was no act.
    We are where we are, it’s complete bollocks, only days ago Johnson said he wouldn’t destroy Christmas but once again he’s lied, as any bugger with an ounce of wit knew full well he was lying, his lips were moving, so he’s ruined Christmans for millions of people.
    Hundreds of thousands of grandmothers never seen their families for months due to lockdowns, restrictions on everything, looking forward to seeing their families for Christmas and with only 6 or so day’s notice has pulled the rug from under them once again.
    Churchill, the real one, must be turning in his grave.

    I don’t give a toss what they do or order personally cos i take not a blind bit of notice of whatever they state tells me, they lie constantly, the state is not a citizens friend in England, this has been the case for more than 30 years now, but most of the electorate are glued to and believe the idiot box in the corner, the state broadcaster the BBC about as honest as CNN, Pravda was more honest.

    Do you know what’s worse though, it may not by Johnson leading the Tories into the next election, though it could well be, the Labour party are supposed to be in Opposition, but they have failed completely in that role, but millions of our electorate will rush out to the polls to vote for those two dead parties next time, between which two there is no difference worth a spit, you couldn’t make it up.

    I’ve given up, my country England (though i’m half Irish), was a Jerusalem when i was a boy, a wonderful country to grow up in, it’s barely recognisable now, our people are in many cases incapable of indpendent thought, it’s all over bar the shouting.

    Don’t let this happen to your fine country.


    • Too late, the FUSA is so far past the way it used to be no amount of brake stomping will slow the ride down. We are on an ever accelerating moon shot, bound for ????


  2. Nature does not work that way. Charles Darwin may have been a shitty
    scientist, but even he did not believe in evolutionary quantum leaps.
    Evolution involves very small changes over a very long period of time.
    The main reason that we know about the HCQ compound is that it was
    used to treat earlier strains of the Coronavirus. The recently released
    vaccines should work just fine!


  3. They are going to have to call the pandemic off long enough to put the kids back in school so they can stage another school shooting so they can whip up enough hysteria to outlaw guns. Then it will be COVID-21 – the sequel!


  4. For you, Phil, on this coming ‘lockdown 2.0’ or any other tyranny: Simply a quote from the 1996 movie, “Michael Collins,” starring Liam Neeson. I quote, in part, “But we have a weapon more powerful than any in the whole arsenal of their …. Empire — and that weapon is our refusal, our refusal to bow to any order but our own, any institution but our own.”

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    • Enough refuse and they will take notice, enough refuse and the armed government goons come out, enough refuse and a spark ignites, no more goons, no more politicians… works for me.


  5. TPTB are going to use this as the reason you need to be protected from yourself whether you like it or not.

    I wonder why mountain climbing, sky diving and motorcycle riding are still
    But then I’m also curious why the
    Carbon Dioxide is killing the World
    crowd hasn’t come out against carbonated drinks and paintball guns.

    Imagine today’s tyrants in government back in the 1800’s

    They would have been at the trail heads, stopping wagon trains, telling everyone it’s for their own good.


  6. if covid-19 mutates like every other virus….ever…. each “new” mutation will be MORE contagious … and LESS deadly. after about 3 mutations, covid-19/21/23 will be as deadly as the other common cold covids.


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