Slamming The Door Shut

Wrong angle of attack and ran out of track.

Now he’s screwed coming out of the corner and will have to try and come around from the outside on the next one if he can get enough speed to get around at all.

Take a real close look at how close to the ground these guys get and then think about the actual amount of tire contact they have going through that corner at speed.

1/2 to maybe 3/4’s of an inch per wheel of actual rubber on the track.

9 thoughts on “Slamming The Door Shut

      • I’m waiting for MtnForge to pipe up here. He used to race high end stuff that he designed himself. Experimental high dollar designs he came up with. I’ve seen pictures of some of it and I will tell you right now that the man is mechanical genius.


  1. Very often, these guys will touch the track with their elbow or knee to keep from going too far over. The “sliders” on their suits are replaceable just for that very reason.
    I LOVE MotoGP racing.

    Whitehall, NY


  2. I think all you MotoGP people are just plain Nucking Futz.
    But then again, I used to jump out of perfectly good planes at 8-10 thousand feet…


  3. I used to love watching the late Gregg Hansford race differing classes of bikes, his green racing leathers seldom far from the bitumen. He took it to the limit, and often beyond, hurt so bad that he had to swap to four-wheel racing, which where he met his tragic demise. Mick Doohan was pretty good too.


  4. Cederq, if it’s a trackside standing start, by the time you and egorr hobbled along behind your Zimmer frames to your bikes, the rest of the field will be two laps ahead. But if a handicap* system was in place, then your sneaky poor-sportsmanlike behaviour might put you in front! *I mean apart from being a clapped-out, worn-down cranky old fart.


  5. And a million dollars+ of electronics reading everything from wheel slip, +/- traction, lateral G forces, angle, power output, power input Lose one of those sensors or the processor, and bad things happen very, very fast.


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