8 thoughts on “Shittin’ An Gittin’

  1. I’ve seen several of these accidents where either the molten metal or the hot ductile metal being formed gets away from them.
    I’d never work in a foundry or a reduction plant. Hot as hell and twice as dangerous!


  2. My brother worked with a guy at J&L steel in Pittsburgh in the 70’s. One day in the wire mill, the guy had his hand in front of where the red hot wire is extruded out right when the wire started coming out. Went through his hand and he had the presence of mind to not move his hand or that shit would have wrapped itself all around him. Took a while.


  3. Got-damn! I too am glad I never worked in a foundry or a metal extrusion plant. I would have been running but the guy behind me would have been a’slipping!


  4. If it happens in a cold rolling mill they call it a wreck. If it happens in a hot rolling mill it’s a cobble. Back in the 80’s I was consulting at Acme Steel in S Chicago (such a beautiful place… not!). I was measuring the temperature of 18” wide sheet steel before and after the coil box. One piece came in with cool edges, missed the finishing mill rollers (0.785” to 0.020”) and cobbled, about 120 mph!. 2200 F steel went everywhere, sounded crazy. I bolted for the door leaving $100K of equipment to fend for itself. Ended up losing one data cable. They recovered quickly and processed more steel.

    That was the last day I worked there, I had little kids to go home to.

    Hats off to steel workers – if they didn’t do their jobs we would be in a world of hurt.

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