10 thoughts on “This Times 70 Million

      • Every Day Brother.
        That way you will know when it comes to you.
        We all got to be ready somehow.
        Why not now.
        Its the nature of Warr.
        No rest for the wicked.
        Trump don’t take a day off.
        The enemy either.

        Taken up a few practices. Always armed, every minute. Even in the shower, got a pistola in a ziplock bag. Built a handy AR pistol in 300BLK, 9 inch bbl, 20 round mag, a permanent mounted 1 inch sling. Trijicons first Reflex sight, still make them, has a triangle reticule, always on, has a tritium lamp, its deadly, nothing comes close, I hunt with it, 6 deer so far. Carry it everywhere. Nobody fucks with you about it.
        And a full size SA ED in 45, with 16 round mags. Two of. If not the AR.
        A SOFT T tourniquet, and a 4 inch Israeli bandage.
        When it happens it happens when your not ready. So be ready. Simple common sense.

        Its mind set. Weapons are easy, the real weapons between my ears. Its really invigorating. I’m armed with situational awareness. Felt weird in the beginning. Now its like an old friend ball cap. I don’t care what somebody thinks. I know its right and proper, its my God given primal right to be armed, and know something else, I’m a Man, this is my castle its my country, and its become my duty and an honor.

        Every day. Its really easy.

        Max Velocity puts on a Combat Handgun Course, his small unit infantry combat courses are the bee’s knees, but the handgun course, its not about using your pistol, its using the weapon between the ears. Actually its based on Colonel Jeff Coopers book, almost verbatim, I asked because it was an amazing experience.
        Theres others putting on civilian combat training. Some have figured out whats good for .mil soldiers is different for the armed civilian. Its an awesome development. I think Max was the first to put it into specific orientated structured training and a constant evolving mindset philosophy. Love sharing this. Its very important.

        Both courses, it empowers you. It changed my entire perspective. There is a holistic thing about it, fits everything in life.
        Pretty interesting.

        An armed Republic is a Republic of people nobody fucks with.

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  1. It really is sad watching a once-great nation turn into a shithole because a group refuses to believe in the democratic principles as set forth in the American Constitution. Today’s republicans sure aren’t anything like the Republican Party of Lincoln. Back then, Republicans believed in democracy.


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