Tick Tock

I am positive that Trump knows he has until January 20th to fully expose the blatant theft of this last election. They will come after him and his family if he doesn’t.

Of course he can afford to fly off and hide anywhere he wants.

That really doesn’t mean shit in this day and age, you can run but you can’t hide.

Plus he has all that real estate he’s invested in.

I am sure he is also well aware of the fact that there are more than fifty million of us who have had enough of the Commie shenanigans already.

Biden gets in and it’s fucking game on.

From what I have been reading the last couple of weeks, the ChiComs have already infiltrated every important job or position we have, clear up to the higher levels of our government.

Biden keeps saying some cryptic shit about a Dark Winter.

It could be a blazing hot Summer too pal.

I still think Trump is going to pull some shit before this is all said and done. He’s a cagey motherfucker and he has got some pretty smart fuckers advising him that I suspect are not the ones you see and hear about.

I guess I’m going to find out one way or another if my gut is right or not.

Like most of us, I am too busy trying to stay above water to do much of anything else, by design I’m sure.

Ya never know, all it will take is one spark and this whole country will go up in flames and take more than half of the rest of the civilized world with us.

There is an absolute shit ton of eager beavers with their fingers next to the trigger right now.

Because Fuck You, That’s Why.

Keep your head on a swivel and your powder dry, the real show is about to start.

41 thoughts on “Tick Tock

  1. Then there’s a few million of us deplorables who would be willing to take it to the limit if POTUS says the word.
    Frankly, I have a a real appetite to shoot me some commie sonsabitches.

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  2. No. Trump can’t just skate away. Because the Dems are already calling to Flynn him as soon as Biden mumbles his way through the Oath of Office.

    He’s up against the wall even more than us little people. Seriously. The whole stupid ‘Concede and run in 4 years’ idea is just that. Stupid. Can’t run if you’re Dead, or In Prison, or Broke, or In Gitmo.

    Because the Dems have promised to break him physically, financially, legally, the second they come into power. THE VERY SECOND THEY COME INTO POWER.

    Get that?

    They already told us what they’ll do, just like they said they’d cheat the election. Which they did say, and they did do.

    Trump’s fucked, we’re fucked, the Nation’s fucked, and with the Nation fucked, the World’s fucked.

    Fuuuuuucked. And not in a good, gooey, excellent sex way. More like a ‘you’re a skinny old white dude and you’re thrown naked into the Crips-n-Bloods section of the local medium-security prison along with a tub of Vaseline taped onto your back.

    That’s what’s at stake at this moment.


    • Beans, something happens to Trump and his family at least 20 million armed, pissed men will descend on DC and wipe the scourge away. Because we know what is next on the commies agenda, and personally I am not getting into the back of the truck or boxcar.


      • By that time, it’s too late. That’s the problem. Even if we do rise up and revolt, the damage to this nation will be so bad that, basically, we’re done for. Dead. Pushing up daisies.

        And that’s if the cops and the Nat Guard aren’t on their side.


        • 20 million armed men? It won’t matter if cops and NGs on their side, they will be on their fronts and backs. I don’t we will have to worry too much about them, in every popular revolution in history, the cops and army revolted too and dropped ranks to join the patriots.


      • Dunno about that.
        What about those poor fuckers in MI, NY, or maybe NJ?
        Seems to me that no one has shot any of those motherfuckers who run the show yet.
        They’ve plenty of reason to.


  3. Changed my thinking about President Trump after going back and watching some of his direct personal messages to us good folks.
    Iys not whether the guy pulls a rabbit out his arse and saves the Republic or semblance of it, its he is waiting for signs its ourselves who will pull the rabbit out our arses, go total self responsible, regardless who is to blame regardless what is to blame.
    What this means far as it seems to me and it makes pretty good logic, is there’s no point in being The God-Emperor if not enough good folks have made the choice whatever it takes, he might as well pack it in and prepare himself and his people for whats going to happen to him for defying the fucking cocksuckers. They are going to get even for all our intransigence and defiance, how dare us, against their divine rights as rulers of all of us.

    The thing with us Americans is not the fight we got in us which is unstoppable once it gets its ass on for those fucking with us, its we don’t get going till our teeth get knocked in. Then out of the ashes of our laziness you get your ass kicked.

    Thing for Trump is he is a really good soul, much rather do things the moral, the best way, without throwing the baby out with the bath water. Its a tough row to hoe, cabal and its allies are nasty insects, they don’t care how many of us they kill, long as the wealth and riches of our land are there’s afterwords. They only need a manual slave class to do the physical labor, and a corporate slave class to handle its management aspects. They have both, just us Patriotic minded natural born American’s are in the way, too many of us, and too many are armed to the fucking teeth.

    Trump’s not waiting so much to the last second to expose the dirty rats among us, he is waiting for us dirt people, to know we got his back, because he knows when we do, or more precisely he gets the sign we have each made the choice and are steadfast, he is good to go.

    Its a dangerous line the guy’s walking. Yeah, the .mol is with him, he has great people around him, its not enough, cabal is buried like ticks in everything, its infestation level, only folks do what needs doing about that, local level, corporate, state/county/city/town/village/community, local local local baby, and cabal has compromised every position in these two institutions of state level and corporate, only way you beat cabal is you get rid of the cabals minions, from dog catcher to governor.

    Why they all hate and despise, and fear The God-Emperor and us Deplorable’s. For good reason. You all know what this is about. If you don’t your cabal or a fucking idiot, or a chicken shit with a wet finger in the wind.
    Good chance it might not require a hot kinetic revolution, maybe a little bit, some fuckers just need killin’. Most are moral cowards, they are only corrupt and nasty insects because they think they can win, if they can keep us who will get rid of them down, divided, unable to create solidarity and cause to stand up.
    This last is what President Trump is looking for. He could have gone Martial law years ago, he and his key folks are the types who only go into something seriously with knowing everything so they don’t fail, all except us, us good folks, we are the wild card, the full royal flush ace of spaces. And both adversaries know it. Question is do we know it? Or realistically are enough of us aware and choose to be that ace in the hole, it doesn’t require a majority, only as the man said 245 years ago a committed indomitable plurality of people.

    I am.
    I have chosen.
    I’m committed, like the fucking pig I’m committed. Kooks to me most of you guys are too.
    Are there enough of us? Are we who are enough really. I believe we are in good company, all’s you need to see that is the real vote counts, and its not so much they had to cheat to put a fucking demented crooked kiddy diddling pedo whose probably so fucked up looking because like the pedo=elites all around him, are booting that adrenal-chrome from the babies they torture up their arms, its their elite fountain of youth and a high makes you feel like overlord of the world, put that piece of human shit on the throne of power, they had to, no butts about it, they had to hide how much they got beat by.
    Because letting that out in the wild unfettered, the truth, would kill the fuckers, they be Kaput politically, socially, and The God-Emperor with our blessing could have his way with them, because it would cement folks, create unbreakable solidarity and unity of purpose, inspire us to greater things, give us a moral and rightful cause to believe in and believe in each-other completely, and that can not be permitted, even if all’s they could do was create doubt and uncertainty of the election, about the great truth of us.

    I sent a personal letter to Trump, by mail and the White House message feature. Hope he read it, hope he see’s its not just myself, hope that it provides the sign he is searching for.

    Right here:

    Write the guy.
    Trumps a people guy, he likes folks, believes in good shit. Probably love to hear from us all. Make his day. Make everything worth everything. He’s us and we are him.
    Where are we going to get another like this guy? They only make like one in each age.

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    • You’re second paragraph is the entire plot line of every “Rocky” movie and is spot-on.

      Can the USA wait for patriots to “get their teeth kicked in” ?


    • It only took 10 percent of the American population to defeat the worlds most powerful army about 244 years ago. Pretty sure we still have some fight left in us. I’d rather die free anyway.


      • yeah but we had a bit of help from france at crucial times. don’t think that’ll be coming this time. however, you’ll think i’m crazy but i’ve done my due diligence…putin will help.


        • I agree with your assessment.
          The Libtards and the Media are constantly flogging their Muh Russia bullshit but I actually think Trump and Putin have an agreement to work together. That’s why the second I saw the media screaming Russia! Russia! was behind this huge hack on our government systems I called bullshit.
          That has Chinese stink fingers written all over it.


  4. “Ya never know, all it will take is one spark and this whole country will go up in flames and take more than half of the rest of the civilized world with us.”

    *slow clap*

    You got it, lound-eye.
    – China


  5. Even though he may be on the losing end, Trump is not going anywhere.
    He will be a thorn in the side of the left for many years to come. From the
    moment he announced, the left had their long knives out because he
    promised to drain the corrupt DC swamp. I knew that Bill and Hill were
    were new left radical communists in their college years in the 1992
    campaign. He was an unknown college kid when he was nominated
    for a Rhodes Scholarship by Democrat Senator J. William Fulbright.
    While in England, he was credibly accused of rape by a coed and
    was expelled.

    On Christmas Eve, 1969 he went on “vacation” in the Soviet Union.
    He exited the Soviet Union via Prague Czheckoslovakia where he
    spent time at the World Peace Institute (a KGB front group) that
    was funding and supporting the leftist anti-war movement. He
    came back with a wad of cash and was instantly elevated to the
    head of the Moratorium To End The War In Vietnam.By the time
    he was running for reelection, he had an army of Chi-com agents
    and bagmen funding his reelection campaign.

    Enter Ubangi, and it was Clinton on Steroids. Clinton took the
    big city political machine to the state level. Citizens of Arkansas
    called the state “the Arkansas Mafia.” Ubangi took it to the
    national level. I have known paper mill geezers who had a
    higher net worth than BJ Billy and Ubangi when they left
    office. They did it with real estate investments. BJ and
    Ubangi did it with bribes from hostile foreign countries

    Both of them defied tradition. When a president leaves
    office, they ride off into the sunset and are no longer the
    head of their parties. Clinton and Obama left hard-core
    loyalists in charge of their party after leaving office. Ubangi
    continued that tradition. They also salted the executive
    agencies with fellow travelers (AKA the Deep State.)

    Communist infiltration of our government is not a new thing.
    It has been happening since the FDR administration. It is
    like the Borg in Star Trek, they never stop assimilating!
    We are down but not out for the count. The one mistake
    they made was to swallow their own bullshit with woke
    culture, political correctness, and multi-culturalism. We
    may not have to wait for them to attempt to take our guns.
    The new-new left like AOC and her ilk may so offend
    the sensibilities of the American people they might
    rebel on their own before the boxcars to the gulags or
    gun confiscations even begin.

    I spent more than a year trying to figure out the Democrats
    end game. I correctly guessed that Biden would be a
    puppet in a shadow government bit I missed the fact that
    Ubangi would be the man behind the curtain!


    • Put it up for us to see.
      Dox him/her/Xim.
      We need to see where it lives.
      Added to the personal accountability lists.
      Sort of like I know all 3 people around me who were dumb enough to put up Beto and Biden signs.
      They get something special when it all kicks off.


      • RWT my son moved to Austin for work 2 years ago Quicktrip patronize their store. It sickened me to see all the damn beto stickers on the way down and back and around town but I would always check out the drivers, mostly amish and other low IQ types. I take to heart their gene pool will drop immensely when they learn where food comes from.


    • Internet trolls are like fucking cockroaches! There was a
      despicable piece of shit who went by the name the Patroller.
      This Millennial mommas boy (probably still living with his
      parents at age 30) followed me to this site and the Feral
      Irishman. He was typical Internet punk with less grey
      matter in his skull than a fruit fly. I steered the brain-dead
      fuck into a trap. The subject was a decorated WWII Army
      Air Corps pilot. The guy had an imaginary army of hackers
      and he was threatening violence against another Bogger.

      I called the cocksuckers bluff and dared him to come after
      me. I told him that I lived within walking distance of
      Zamperini Field (now a municipal airport.) He looked
      up Louis Zamperini and challenged my assertion that
      he was a hero. He never read past the first paragraph.

      He called me Bukake Boy (a reference to a mythical
      Japanise sex ritual. Now it was my turn to look something
      up. It is where men jack off over a woman. Even though
      it was a myth, the rod-smoker community actually engage
      in it. I started calling him the Patroller of the Gay Bath
      House and questioned his knowledge of obscure gay
      sex practices. I even pointed out that he misspelled the
      word. I had so much fun manipulating this idiot!

      I all but gave him directions to my new digs in Burnt
      Scrotum. He has yet to show up! I LOVE fucking
      with morons.


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