But Will Irish Like It?

Most of the time when I am sitting here surfing the web, reading my favorite blogs or even playing the occasional game, I have my headphones on and an listening to music just loud enough to drown out that fucking television the Wifely Unit has to have on at all times.

The damn thing drives me insane so I drown it out.

I have a playlist of Face Melting shit of course but when that gets over Youtube will just start playing whatever is on the sidebar.

More often than not it’s not too horrible, every once in a while I have to stop what I’m reading or doing, flip over to it and KILL whatever is bad enough to get my attention.

Then again, every once in a very rare while, I will notice something that I really like so I will flip over to see who it is and maybe even save it for later.

This is one of those.

Actually, this is one tune off of a whole album that I had been half assed listening to so after this got finished I went back and started at the beginning and really listened to the whole album.

I was impressed enough that it was difficult to just pick one tune to bring over here.

That is very rare. When you like almost an entire album.

I tried to find this as just an instrumental but no dice. It’s still pretty damn good in my opinion. The whole album is just under an hour long.

10 thoughts on “But Will Irish Like It?

  1. I worked with a gal who loved her rock-n-roll, and always had the shop radio on when she worked. She’d go on break, and one of us would sneak over and change the station to country/western. She’d come back, and wouldn’t even notice, just bopping along to the music. The music was fine until she clued in to the lyrics. She’d stand up and yell “What is this Sh*t???”


    • Ain’t it fun? The night shift Stoopidvisor where I worked would go and change the “Muzak” system to C&W when just about everybody else wanted Rock n Roll, and he had the key to the system.

      So I whipped up a very low power (5mw, cigarette-packet-sized) white noise RF generator for the particular AM station he liked to tune to, and would stick it just below the audio cabinet – after a week of him not being able to tune in to the local C&W, we finally reached a compromise. He would play C&W for two hours, then switch to R&R for two. Never did let him know how we did it, he knew digital electronics but RF was a mystery to him…


      • You teach me that trick. Nothing better than fucking with people especially former friends and bidet voters of mine who are about to start puking.


  2. I just cannot STAND the growling, yelling, not understandable type of “vocals”… not a fan at all. The music itself is quite good, but the vocals absolutely put crap (to me) like that on my never ever listen to list…. Oh well, I am sure I like some types you cannot stand either, lol


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