20 thoughts on “One To Keep An Eye On

  1. Put a fucking gun to my head and tell me the options are to embrace the “woke”
    culture or die. I would say pull the trigger. No matter what the future has in store
    for us, I will never surrender!

    For your musical enjoyment:

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  2. Fucking teacher gave him an “F” fuck that, it was a subjective question, damn kid can answer any way he damn pleases, had I been his dad, teach and I would have a very heated discussion!

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      • Oh, man!
        A memory from way back when…
        Back when I was in 2nd, 3rd grade or so we used to pass out valentines to everyone in class. As in everyone gave everyone else a valentine and they were collected in some sort of brown paper bag. Dunno why this was done. I thought it was stupid.
        Mostly everyone had their parents buy a box of these things and just signed their names to it. I was poor, but we did have a bunch of colored paper so my parents, nah, my mom decided that I should make my own. This I did not want to do, so I put it off until the day before.
        I was sat down with a bunch of paper and told to make valentine cards for the class.
        So I did.
        Except I really didn’t like anyone.
        So I diligently made hate you cards for everyone.
        Everyone got a personalized card detailing why I hated them.
        Worked out good, and I was proud of myself, until my mom saw what I did.
        After the beating everyone got a generic happy valentines day card.

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        • Rightwing, sounds like you and I are twins from different mothers. I just absolutely refused to give them and my mother concurred! I too hated the little fuckers I had to attend school with. I was a farm boy and these little morons were kids from a moderate sized town and they had no clue where meat and milk came from. I have a twin sister and I would rather have had you as a twin…


          • I also wouldn’t take cards from any one else, even the cute and not so cute that had a crush on me… To say I was a pain in the ass to my teachers and principal is an understatement.


  3. Allende saved Chile and set it on the path for a solid economy. The socialists/commies absolutely hated his guts, but the reforms (and getting rid of a number of real root causes of the communist party) saved the country. Sadly, the idiots have voted in another socialist and they are dismantling the old constitution enacted by Pinochet and subsequent conservative governments.

    I was there pre-Allende, visited during Allende’s short reign (Santiago was like a mausoleum, the economy was all but destroyed), then many years of economic growth, exuberance and good living for a majority of the population under Allende and after. Now going to shit again. They never learn.

    Not sure we will get an equivalent savoir, but we sure do need one. Praying for Trump to pull a big honking white rabbit out of his hat. That and maybe Mitch will grow a spine (sigh!)

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    • The more I see and hear the more I want it to burn. I know I know it would be bad but how else do we exterminate these fuckers before they “try” to exterminate us. Sons a bitches, I only worry about this for my kids and grandkids.


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