One More Day Hopefully

This is 10 days in a row, ten hour days and swapping shifts right in the middle of it.

The rental management company taped a notice to the door Monday letting us know they are going to be coming in and doing their yearly inspection tomorrow that they have put off all year. So after working ten hours a day I have been out straightening up that garage until 3 and 3:30 in the morning, then waking up with six hours of sleep and doing what I can until I have to go back to work.

There is also some very personal family shit going on in the background that I am keeping to myself right now.

There is going to be a death in the family in the not too distant future it’s sounding like so I got that going on too.

Hopefully I will have the next couple of days off after today, now you can understand why the posting around here has been off.

That repost the other day was a big clue to me that my mind is off in La La Land and even though we are smack dab in the middle of the biggest political crime spree in the history of this country I have just not been saying too much about it.

I am just hoping my boss doesn’t ask me to work on my scheduled days off in the next couple of days.

There are limits as to how much I can do before it starts taking a serious toll.

29 thoughts on “One More Day Hopefully

  1. That out of sync shift change fucks with you. Don’t add to your load worrying about us.
    Most of us love you anyways no matter what Phil. Warts and all. Fact is, its your warts is the best part. Know I identify with warts. Got no lack of em’ me-self.

    Geezuz WTF! am I saying…


  2. It’s hard, even when you know its coming. Lost 3 family members in the last 15 months, none to wuhan clap. Do what you gotta do, we’ll hold down the fort and bitch smack trolls, librals and fucktards. You know its gotta get better when it can’t get no worst.


  3. I have your skinny ass, wvmtnmama has your warts, egorr has your scaggly assed beard and well, John0 has? What I am saying is we all have your back! We all know you are under some stress and what with the shift changes and all we understand. I forgot Death, well he has death so there it is…


  4. I’m sorry for your grief, Phil. This has been a spectacularly fucked up year for us, as well. I’m not into “the stars” and such but dude, sometimes I wonder.


  5. Take care of yourself first Phil. You’re no good to anyone else if you have a meltdown. If you have to put the blog on hold, we’ll keep looking to see when it’s back.
    Behind all the crusty curmudgeon ranting, we can see you have a good heart. Know that you have a wide audience caring and praying for you.


    • Yeah thanks guys.
      One aunt
      One uncle
      Both sides of the family.
      Like I said they were both pretty sick and suffering badly.
      I feel pretty sorry for my cousins and my folks.
      This bogus bug has all of them scared witless so you can’t even have a proper service for them.

      I’m seriously looking forward to driving stakes through the hearts of some evil pricks out there.

      Phil, prayers for your family.


  6. You have to take care of yourself. Back in 2012 I was on a project building and commissioning a compressor station, 90 straight days, mostly 10 or 12 hours, 16-18 the last couple weeks. Worked Thanksgiving, Xmas and New Years day. I do not think my body ever recovered. I was only 42 at the time. I feel 82 now.


  7. Dude, Hold Tight.
    Roll with it.
    It’s the best that all of us can do right now.
    This years ups and downs has taken a toll.
    The strong survive.
    I’ve got your back, even if over the interwebs.
    Hell, if you get burnt out and can make it to TX, I’ll put you up.
    One way or another.
    My bet is on you and yours.


  8. Phil, now that Cederq has learned e-tricks from old Uncle Leonard, why not toss him the blog keys so you don’t have to stress too much? I’m sure he’d operate it as if it were his Chevy, the one with the gaybar on it.


    • And put up with all you honkers? Hey, my gaybar stopped a 225 pound (102.0583 kilos) 4 point buck. Keep my Chevy out of this, you ain’t good enough to diss that…


  9. god, i am sorry to hear that. seems like this year really sucks for everyone. father in law passed
    and the stupid virus crap- will not be buried until next year ? anyway. keep waking up, putting one foot in front of the other, do only what you have to. us old fuckers are a lot tougher than most snowflakes today, still it when you on down time that it really hits home- stay busy,
    i found out when times got tough for my dad, he used to split wood by hand with a maul
    sometimes he did it for hours on end. when i helped as a kid, it brought a smile to his face.
    little did i know, but it still brings a smile to my face now, and that happen a long time ago too.
    i hope things get better for your family- best of all to you.


    • When we were kids, trying to sleep in on a Saturday morning, somehow Dad always found something that needed a skilsaw running right outside our bedroom windows. I smile now.
      I’ve split a lot of cordwood too. It is very satisfying work, and reading a bolt to see the lines of spit and avoid the knots is harder than it looks.


  10. You gotta do what you gotta do Phil, and ifn you need an absence, blessings to you whilst you take care of bidness. Take care off yourself & yours, we’ll antagonize each other till you return. Long Life Our Republic. It’s not non-compliance, it’s just “Go Fuk Yerself Commie”


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