13 thoughts on “No

  1. Any .30 caliber bullet would take those out… As our society and culture embraces more technology and AI, I become more like a Luddite, I don’t want any interaction with crap like this. Give me old wood working tools, old mechanical tools, a simple stove bolt 6cyl in a old Chevy truck and I am happier then a clam in an oyster bed.


  2. The modern world will not be punished, it is the punishment.
    Reject the modern world.

    Fukkin’ globo=pedos. They love them this AI shit…its not enough they want it, they want to shove it all up our ass’s. Replace us. Its Genocide via their hi tech madness.
    Unspoken inviolate rule:
    Any time any way no bag limit open season.
    Kill them. Kill them all.


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