15 thoughts on “Go Get Me A Hammer

  1. Hey Cederq, Oldtimers doesn’t creep up on you, it walks up and smacks you in the face with some 2×4. It’s just that you can’t remember later on why your head hurts, or whose head hurts. Old farts like you and Phil have one thing to look forward to. Eventually, each time you have sex will be like you just lost your virginity. OTOH, you could just end up like Paedo-Joe Biden!

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    • John0, don’t you mean 5.8cm X 10.6cm? Damn bastardized measuring system…
      Just think, if I was in that condition it would be like meeting you new every time and thinking what a nice Aussie fellow…


  2. You can get ‘old dog’ tablets from vets for your pet, shame that chemists (drugstores to you lot) don’t sell a viable rejuvenation* for old farts. Strewth, wouldn’t all the wimmens have a smile on their dial to have their men active again! *not counting that adrenachrome shit that Big Pharma makes from aborted foetuses for the likes of TPTB.


  3. Cedrex, re your imperial/metric conversion. Have you been using egorr’s dodgy figures? No wonder you keep losing metric sockets! 1 inch = 25.4 millimetres, perhaps you should use centimetres when stating your vitals in the hook-up personals? It might impress some old slapper that can’t figure a calculation.


    • Most of us old shits were taught to always simplify and use the lowest common number for a measurement, so we would say 5.8cm instead of 25.4mm. Our rulers and measuring tapes are graduated by inches and on the opposite side the centimeter equivalent, BFYTW, we do it our way, it was inches that got to the moon… Look on the back of any good Stanley tape measure and it has a series of conversion factors for measurement, hardware, tools, and it says centimeters bucko…


  4. Cederq, whut’s a tape measure for, checking on your tape worm? You forgot a decimal place in your centimetre measurement: 2 inches = 5.08cm, not 5.8cm!! You’re not adjusting the dose on your own meds using your dodgy math are you? Or maybe you are, it explains some of your ‘senior’ moments!


    • Okay, ya got me, yes I did move the damn decimal point too far to the left… Hey, I don’t use metric except to change out the socket or wrench to wrench on fucking metric bolts and nuts. Damn fucking manufactures allowed to use metric in our country that is officiously on the Standard Imperial system of measurement.


  5. BTW, back in ’70, I sussed out the reentry capsule of the Apollo XI moon mission* when it visited my primary school. When the teacher was otherwise occupied, I had a quick optic inside it, and scored myself a memento! It is a 10mm Snap-On socket that was wedged under a small panel, been to the moon and back! Is it yours? An extortionate payment deposited in Phil’s to-appear blog swag account can see it returned, together with a certificate of provenance signed by me. *how many copies did NASA have touring simultaniously as the ‘genuine’ article?


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