18 thoughts on “Compare This To Now And Try Not To Choke To Death Laughing At The Thought Of What Our Younger Generation Is Capable Of.

      • No worries Jeff, we all know spell check has been fucking with our language for years to disrupt honest discourse and the dissemination of truth they are afraid of folks knowing.
        Ignore it, we all can read between the out of context bullshit lines spell check creates to fuck with us. Its your intent and whats in your heart that really matters


    • Indeed. You learned history as an indispensable part of your education. And BoyScouts, I think half what we did was historically orientated. Gives an entire gamete to the meaning to “Always Be Prepared’
      I think our generation was was lucky enough to be about the last who wasn’t indoctrinated by the 5th column historical and humanist revisionists. Can not imagine what lies and whole cloth koolaid they poison our young people with today. I see effects of it. Looks monstrous. A special kind of evil intent.

      No, he who ignores history takes the dirt nap first for us. Probably why the globo=pedo insects keep trying ways to finish us crusty fucks off.
      Up theirs. Kiss my ass mothafukers.
      We are hard to kill for good reasons.

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      • If we lived this long with out sail phones, helicopter moms/dads, safety bullshit, and cops that didn’t hassle us if we weren’t doing something illegal. If we got cut, bleeding profusly, broken bones, dislocated shoulders, mom put Mercurochrome on it and told us to get our ass back outside and play until the street lights came on or the lightening bugs came out.


    • Cederq; ewe fergot religion. They were schooled first and foremost on religion by professors & teachers that believed in the higher power. As well as face to face interaction with each other and their peers. None of this social media fuckbook twattle instagrammy bullshit. They interacted face to face and learned how to tell & understand from body language.
      I much prefer talking with someone face to face instead of over the phone. You can tell if someone is sincere or a complete dirtbag, it’s not that hard….. Can also be exposed in the way & the words chosen when writing…. Just sayin….
      Long Live Our Republic…..

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      • Good point enn ess, I should have included religion as a subject. When I said “Letters” that was an old saying that encompassed history, rhetoric, debating, critical thinking. Those encompass personal argument, defending a thesis or theory and very important, body language and facial cues, word usage, grammar, and syntax.


      • Yeah good of you to point it out. But maybe thats the difference between American’s who are Americans who know our history and those who in one way or another are not aware, we don’t need to qualify who and what we are with politikally or unpoliticaly correct qualifiers, a process created by shitstirrers, insects in human skinsuits, to cause trouble and wreck our culture, our way of life and our Time Honored Traditions.

        Kiss My Arse

        It’s like “African Americans.” WTF? All that is is divide and conquer bullshit invented out of whole cloth by douchebags, more insects using an ideological farce as a tool to con people into believing in total their lies.

        And whats the best way to get rid of nasty insects?


  1. they don’t like the fact that we can for the most part, think for ourselves.
    one big thing not taught in schools today- how to think or reason things out. the why part.
    i remember back in the late 1990’s looking at my kid’s so called history book. there where 2.5
    pages on ww2, but 65 pages on the civil rights bullshit. i asked the teacher about it too.
    close to 70 million people died between 1933 and 1945 and you have less than 3 pages on it ?
    he said he didn’t write it. funny. even back then at least one whole page was about was it right we
    dropped the bomb. i remember reading how many jap lives where saved because we did.
    i hate to see what shit they putting into kids heads today. but if they willing to kill babies off born alive, you better believe they will have no problem killing us off as well. stay armed. doing so removes the idea they can force you to do anything you don’t want to do.
    one thing i remember mom saying to be was, “everyone has the right to say no”
    if this crowd gets in power, we will lose that. i made up my mind on that a long time ago
    made what peace i could and figured i already live long enough so,,,,,


  2. tell me about it. step son is pushing 40 but acts like a 12 year old. they even call them kids. the cadets at school have to be treated like little kids, they can’t do anything for themselves w/o help or somebody showing them every little step.excuses for everything. rather lie than tell the truth even when no consequences. its pathetic. at their age i was a platoon sergeant responsible for 40 other men and millions of dollars worth of equipment. they can’t keep up with their iphones. and with all that tech they can’t look up how to clean an m14 rifle. we’re looking at the end of mankind in the making. too stupid to survive as a species. good riddance.


  3. And now for the obligatory dose of curmudgeonly reality:

    And of that list, the only one present for the D of I (which was the picture’s subject) was Jefferson, practically a baby in that crowd.
    Adams and Hancock were both 40, and Franklin, at 70, was the Old Man of the business.

    The others were not “Founding Fathers” in 1776, they were complete non-entities, until long after the Revolutionary War.
    There were two 26 year olds present, the babies of the group, and both were lawyers from SC.

    The average age of the signers was 44 1/2, in an era when living to 60 was an accomplishment, and the life expectancy at birth was 34 years. If you somehow made it to 30, you might expect to live to your 60s, but 40% of infants in the early 1700s didn’t make it to puberty.

    But if you point out that middle-aged men were the movers and shakers, just like now, or ever, it doesn’t sound as catchy as trying to paint them as 20-somethings.

    What they were, however, was first-class doers and thinkers, the absolute cream of the crop in a rather harsh life amidst a brutal set of colonies, where simple disease, wild animals, and attacks by Indians were everyday life, 24/7/365.

    Darwinian selection always works, when it’s tried.
    Today’s pampered youth simply lacks a suitable culling mechanism to sort out the worthy from the oxygen thieves.
    Sending them all to sub-Saharan Africa, naked, with nothing but a good knife, at 18, and not bringing them back until they hit 25 would probably improve the stock notably, and I would vote for such a law if given the opportunity.

    Plus, it’d be fun to watch.


    • It might be fun to watch Aesop, but you should realize that you would have been most unlikely to have come back from such a trip. If the experience didn’t kill you, the pampered youth would have.


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