18 thoughts on “There Is No Substitute For Experience

  1. Having installed more tires than I can count,the big guys tire was a larger diameter than the rim. However, like most things in life,a lubricant goes a long way.


  2. Saw a video recently where a guy swung a tire from overhead onto a rim. Impressed everybody around him who had fought to do the other three.
    My father used to throw the tire halfway on and then use his truck to push the other half on. Never use any kind of bar, those were 14″ tires/rims.


  3. I used to build small utility trailers.
    Bought the 13″ tires and rims in bulk, and had a guy mount them by hand for me in the shop.
    Good tire tools, and spray on some furniture polish made them pretty easy to mount.
    He was a little short in height (and on brains), just perfect for the job.
    He was working on an order for 20 wheels, and had them all done except the last one, which he struggled with for at least 30 minutes.
    I got a little pissed, and told him to get outa the way and let me do it.
    Ibedammed if I could mount it either.
    Come to find out, the tire company sent us 19 @ 13″, and 1 @ 12″.
    I guess I was the stupid one.
    I’m still taller than him, though.


    • Before I bailed on Mark Suckerdicks site, I used to post some
      images of chicks in America flag bikinis or other patriotic attire.
      I did the same with babes with guns. They were called MAGA
      porn and gun porn. The sight of an American flag is like
      garlic to a vampire with the left!


      • Kommie Kryptonite:

        Anything thats beautiful, vivacious, self reliant, weapons related in the hands of Free Men & Woman, feminine, matriarchal, patriarchal, hetero-sexy, fast cars fast woman & big guns; both types, and a really superb trigger, Daisy Duke shorts and the Confederate Battle Flag.

        I like the pic because the SOCOM16 really suits this Woman. Both built like brick shit-houses.


  4. Experience always rules. I am no small guy, but it used to amaze the shit
    out of me to see a much smaller guy rolling full 55-gallon oil drums like they
    were a spinning a top.


    • Spinning a top is exactly right. Tip it until it’s balanced, impart the right amount of spin, keep it balanced until you arrive at the destination, let it drop and let friction bring it to a stop. Getting it tipped and balanced is the tricky part, upper body strength needed – let’s see a Womyn try something like this! 😛


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