My Sincere Thanks To You Sir

This is directed to a certain someone who will remain nameless but knows who they are.

I just got back from the nightmare that is the local Post Office to send out a proper handwritten thank you card.

Actually, a very nice lady who was standing in the extremely long line in front of me, who noticed all I was after was a stamp, did the actual mailing for me.

I thanked her and gave her enough money to cover several of them.

Unfortunately because the Proton Mail account I use has a very limited storage capacity, I managed to delete the email address I had so I am doing it this way to let you know I hadn’t forgotten and to let you know how grateful I am.

God Bless You.



For everyone else, while I was waiting in line at the Post Office, I see that a PO Box is about $75 up front for six months.

I will be looking into that.

As for a Paypal button, I am still trying to figure that out. It appears that they want you to have a Business Plan and a Tax number from the state.

Something I am reluctant to do right at the moment.

24 thoughts on “My Sincere Thanks To You Sir

  1. Yeah, I have a business plan, make enough money to support this blog and buy a can of Copenhagen once in awhile, and my tax ID number is: BFYTWX4. Fucking paypal, I don’t use them at all and I relented cuz’ UnFuck needed help, that is just a small way I help my friends. paypal lost my business when they returned a payment when I purchased some parts for a rifle, saying we do not honor payments to gun related business, well fuck me with a Arkansas toothbrush.


    • 10-4 on paypal, you hit it on the head. will be a very satisfying day to see these masters of the universe get their due.
      Fucking insects. Really they are members of the human extinction movement, THEM. They must destroy everything thats good, first by sneakily creating a monopoly, then yanking the chain on folks. its really dispicable, totally malicious.
      I believe if we are to survive as a culture and perserve our ordered liberty and its blessings, a whole new body of crimes against people by corporate oligharcies are neccessary.
      Or just take a hundred of the highest ranking of these corporate insects, out by the nastiest grease dumpster, and put a fucking bullet in the back of theirs heads. At least they can finally contribute something of value to society, throw them in that grease dumpster, like make soap out of them.
      Good for draining the swamp in a hurry too.
      Solve a lot of problems that way. Like why free helicopter rides.


  2. Never ceases to bake my noodle how generous and kind folks are. Donald Trump is like that, done a lot of nice things for people.
    There was a article this morning about an anonymous someone who went to a walmart, might been in Indiana, and paid everyones Christmas layaway off. I think it amounted to about $160 grand total.

    Thats really sweet. No doubt theres some folks struggling from this globo=pedo panicdemic causing folks so many to loose their livelyhoods.
    Thats sure a solid way to say God bless and Merry Christmas!

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    • I am a pagan and a member of a pagan community which unfortunately is pretty far spread – mostly Germany. Whenever I have time for it I am driving far up into Germany for a come-together to celebrate either the summer or the winter solstice.
      This year there was nothing due to all the lockdown crap.
      The other day I received a small parcel containing a nice letter by the communities‘s chief, an engraved glass for candles, a blue Christmas tree sphere with a nice Irminsul on it and some herbal tea.
      I was so surprised of this unexpected kindness my eyes got wet.
      It really doesn’t take a lot nowadays to lighten up the days for someone.


      • Heard that UnF-U. Thats sweet. The thought always counts. Nothing like being appreciated. Read once somebody called it actualization, a real life trapper/philosopher in Nebraska no less. He said its beneficial to your health, and kids need lots of it, makes them healthy anti-fragile people.

        Merry Christmas!

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      • Ummm, not to harsh your mellow, Notwende, but if you’re a pagan, why do you Celebrate Christmas? It’s a Christian Holiday…
        Just asking for a friend…


        • Christmas is the Christian derivate of the pagan Winter Solstice festivities.
          I grew up using this name and since I regard Christianity as part of our cultural heritage I can’t see anything wrong with it.
          All „Christian“ traditions derive from pagan rituals. Except Pentecost. That’s the only genuine Christian tradition.


  3. F’n Post Office……Priority Mail used to take 2 to 3 days to cross the country. I just bought a scope from a guy in CA, he sent it priority mail, took 21 days to cross the country to PA. I just made a purchase from Orvis. It’s taken 14 days so far to get here and for the last 5 days it hasn’t moved from Philadelphia.
    All those postal Workers must be plum tuckered out from filling out all those Biden mail in votes. I can’t wait for them to go belly up.


    • Couple websites placed orders on this week warned not to select USPS service shipping. Mentioned lot of deliveries late or totally disappearing. Amazing. Most of the services are contracted out to private sector, and the post office seem to be screwing up what little labor part they have left.

      Ordered a 100 ft roll of #6 weld cable, about the size of a gallon milk jug cut off before it begins to curve in towards the top. Maybe weighed 15lbs, last January, never came, company shipped another came few days UPS. In August the first spool shows up, totally beat to shit, wire unravelled hanging out split seams. Emailed the cable guy with a pic, let him know it showed up finally, what did they want to do? Said keep it, we are done with USPS. Insurance covered the loss. Enjoy.

      Whats real serious though about the Post is those Postmasters running the mail in vote fraud. Used to be The Post was the most important thing our government did, bar none. Franklin would have hanged every one of them. A Postmaster used to be like god, nobody was considered as incorruptible and trusted. Now its a welfare jobs program for entitled deep state insects looks like to me. Another totally useless totally FUBAR’d .gov tax money bottomless pit.
      What are they in debt for these days? 80 billion? Its probably another cabal federal monies money laundering operation. How else can you go into a hole for 80 billion when your product is paid for buy the customer? And every-time it goes for a federal bail out and stamp price increase the hole gets deeper? And our “elected” “representatives” don’t notice this unimaginable loss year after year?

      We really really must bring back public hangings of public officials, make them national holidays. Group hangings too. And a raffle for the dude who wears the black hood and pulls the lever. Betcha there’s no lack of volunteers.
      Eventually you hang enough there’s not enough corrupt fuckers left to matter all that much much. Crims and corrupto-crats are a pretty small percentage of the population, they just have large effect on civilized cultures, and you eventually breed out a percentage of them from the gene pool. Right now we literally have a generational infestation of the fuckers.

      Like home invasion criminals. Yesterday a fellow killed 2 out of 4 who invaded his home, the ones still alive charged with felony murder in the act of the crime. There’s two, maybe 4 no longer in the gene pool.

      Probably have to put scripture back into the government job qualification requirements too. Its not any panacea but its helps, and the penalty threshold is much stricter. It worked.


  4. Mr. Phil you ‘re so much farther ahead just plugging along without PayPal or any other sort of “easy pay” bullshit sites. Where is it written that you need a “business plan” or “license” from any state to engage in efforts to support yourself & your family and whomever you propose to support. I DO NOT NEED PERMISSION from anyone to live my life, and I kneel to none but GOD. Hey wake up folks, this is the prime reason we are in this predict-ah-ment we are in now. I’m talking about asking “permission” from the state before we do anything except go to the fukin grocery, and now they want us to beg permission to do that. Can anyone name one single facet of their lives that are not at least in part controlled or regulated by the state. Go ahead, I got time!
    And especially after this bullshit election theft by the chinks. Once jan 21st rolls around, dick sucker and jar jar kneepads take the big chairs and announce to the world that our Constitution is no longer void. Guess what! They announce they no longer will even attempt to abide by “law”, thereby relieving us from also following the “law”. Meaning the law does not apply. OK, here ya go. No compliance, start with willful disobedience, no taxes, none of their edicts, bills, regulations, or anything else will be followed, We are on our own.

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