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  1. Ok. Everyone is back up. Wow. That took out about 90% of the blog roll I like to wake up to in the morning. Cold Fury and Ace were the only ones still up.


  2. When I lived in West Germany in the 80’s people only had enough food for a few days in their tiny apartments. Little tiny refridg’s. Small grocery stores in all the neighborhoods, so you would pick up fresh bread, meat and veggies everyday on the way home from work. I suspect England is the same. Even the smallest disruption and people will run out of food quick.


    • I was over there from 88 to 91 and saw the same thing. Everyone went to the market nearly every day. I enjoyed the fresh bread and stuff, but you pretty much had to get it from a Bakery (Bakeri) in addition to going to the grocery market. Also, the markets were smaller and had less selection.


    • different Greg here. In this country, the real boogaloo starts about 24 hours or so after the EBT cards stop working. TPTB knows this; they’re run test cases in a few cities already.

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    • A view from England. Not like Germany at all. The daily marketing thing in independent butchers/ greengrocers/ bakeries may be possible for a few people in inner cities or other exceptions ( see my case below) There are many more local grocery shops than in the US but most Brits do a weekly shop in supermarkets.

      I live in a small market town in the north where it would be possible but it’s a mile or so walk to cover all the bases. Plus which we are at the moment being encouraged not to go out more than we need. I’ve defaulted to a supermarket shop every three weeks, with fresh milk/ bread/ veg raids in between.


        • Nope. Too many working parts, all of which have to be watched carefully.
          Could’a been BGP, DNS, or somebody doing something stoopid with router tables, but I betcha it’s more likely an upgrade smacked ’em upside the head. Couple’a years ago it was the Leap Second flag being set in the NTP header which knocked most of the F5 boxes silly. Oops.


            • And he was correct. NEVER do a server upgrade on a Friday (or even Thursday), you’ll be looking for another job Real Soon Now…
              Boss *forced* me to do one on a late Friday on an HP mainframe, took me all weekend and into Monday where I finally got it up at noon because the stoopid moron wouldn’t pay for 24X7X365 support.
              Users were NOT happy. With *me*, of course.


  3. My Church teaches we should have a 2-year supply of basic food necessities, at a bare minimum a 72-hour kit, and real money (or barter-able items) on/near you. Don’t depend on the banks being open or the Interwebbies working – see what happened last night??

    Anyway: https://providentliving.com/ for a lot of good tips if you need them… which a LOT of us here don’t!


    • I couldn’t find a print copy of the LDS Preparedness Manual, so I downloaded and printed my own copy. It’s a great resource.
      We’re nowhere near a two year supply, but I guarantee we’re stocked further ahead than 98% or more of the general populace.


      • If you have more than a 72-hour kit you ARE better prepared than 905+ of The Great Unwashed Masses! Unfortunately.
        Our two year supply is dehydrated, takes up about 10 cu ft of space. Yes, we also have 250 gallons of water storage, along with Survival Straws. I keep a week’s worth of the same dehydrated food and a few straws in my RV for instant bugout capability, I can conceivably put my food and water in the RV and sleep… somewhere….
        But I’ll be well fed!


  4. The Democrats and the Labour Party have only themselves to blame for
    this. What did these assholes think was going to happen? Arthur Laffer
    showed that increasing taxes have a negative effect on the economy.
    Everything the government does (good or bad) has consequences. I
    call this the dynamic model. The socialists see the economy as static.
    PJ O’Rourke said it best, They see the economy as a pizza. If someone
    gets an extra slice, some poor bastard has t eat the box

    These Chunky-Flu edicts have locked people in their homes and out of
    their jobs have them in fear of evictions and foreclosures. This is a
    recipe for panic. This led to a shortage of canned goods, shit paper,
    paper towels and dry goods. I kept my cool when this shit started
    but ended up buying a 96 roll case of toilet paper, doubled my stash
    of canned and dry goods, etc. Only a Kenensian socialist could not
    see this coming! When the death rate fell by 85 percent these morons
    doubled down on stupid by changing the metric to “new cases” which is
    scientific and economically meaningly irrelevant.

    The entire economy in America was not effected during any past flu
    epidemic, including the Spanish Flu of 1918-1919. Economic stupidity
    was the cause of the panic and the even stricter measures of the so-
    called “second wave.” One hundred thousand local restaurants have
    bought the farm along with five hundred thousand small businesses.
    If you love your local mom and pop store or Mexican restaurant, or
    work in one, you just got BONED! You have been forced to shop
    online or go to a Walmart, which I think is the goal of the left. The
    centralization of the production and distribution of goods and services
    is one of the aims of Marxism. The little guys will be wiped out just
    like independent gas stations and refineries. In the old days, it
    was possible to buy gas from independent stations and even local
    dairies. Try to find one now.


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