19 thoughts on “I Wouldn’t Even Try

  1. Here’s something most people don’t know. Service Centers at car dealerships – a lot of brands “service managers” are on commission – meaning they are incentivised to make you buy service items you don’t need. Last year I use the last of the 4 X 10,000 services that came with one of my cars. I recently went to the dealer for the next scheduled service, which should have been a simple oil change, filter change, check fluids etc. Well, my vehicle is 6 years old but I drive it so that it has aged only 4 years. The dealer service idiot punched the keys on his computer and told me I was due for what they call an “A” service, when the simple oil change etc. was called a “B” service. And because “of the age of the vehicle they recommended” some additional crap and the total would be over $500. I asked him why not do just the simple service? He told me the computer system “would not let him selection that option”. I said “how about just give me my car back?” and left, knowing he gets a commission. Fuck those guys. I’ve changed my own oil for years and this was the first car I was able to buy free and clear, and it came with a “free” 4 year service plan (I’m sure I paid for it somehow).

    This was the second time that place tried this – first time they succeeded when they told me I needed new REAR brake pads and rotors at 20,000 miles. I tried to push back, asked to see the worn pads & rotors but – of course – customers are not allowed in the service area. I’ve changed my share of brake pads, rotors, drums etc. but methinks I am too old for that crap anymore, as every time I get down on my knees to work on something it takes way much more time than it used to, to get up again. And usually something hurts the next day after I try that shit.

    The post script to this story is that after I changed the oil, I attempted to order the air filters (engine and cabin filters) on line. Went to a certain national auto parts store on line, begins with an “A” and ends with a “zone”., plugged in manufacturer, year, model #, web site came up with supposedly the correct filters. The filters arrived but between it being too cold outside or me being to busy with other things, I only got around to changing the filters yesterday. Guess what? Wrong parts.


    • Amazingly, my local tire store/garage (where men don’t wear masks) doesn’t do that. But when we first moved here, we didn’t know who to trust and took our sainted ’95 88 to the Buick dealer for some problem. The service manager was a hands-on guy. He was one of those whose every conversation was an education. The next time I went, that service manager had been replaced by a woman who tried to sell me windshield wiper blades. Fortunately, the car was in to be fixed so we could trade it.


    • My idiot Daughter and SIL took their cars to some place (dealer??) to have the oil changed, and they said that on BOTH cars they needed a brake job. Well, she had the good sense to listen to my Wifey Unit and they left the cars for me to do the job. I stupidly ordered the brake pads (the first car I looked at) and the pads were 70%+ rear and 40%+ front. Then I got smart and checked the second car and it was 60%+ rear and 30%+ front. I put everything back together and told ’em to check with me in the spring. Then I returned the set of pads back to the local parts store (starts with “O” and ends with “reilley”).
      THIS is the primary reason I do all my own work, but I have to admit I’m lusting for a lift because I too find it difficult to get my fat ass off the floor nowadays. Plus, I hate the cold garage floor. Yes, I know a g-r-e-a-t mechanic, but I only go to him if HE needs electrical assistance, or there’s a tool or procedure trick I need. It’s a symbotic relationship, I guess…


      • “Symbiotic relationship, I guess…” kind like a parasite, such as a 12′ tape worm? I agree with ya, I want a full four post medium duty truck lift with two independent air jacks. Like you I am too large to get up off the floor (Ex: Couch) and cold floors are not good for piles…


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