Hacked List Of 2 Million Chinese Communist Party Members Who Have Infiltrated Businesses And Governments World Wide Released

The hack isn’t new but it being spread around so people can use it is.

H/T to MtnForge for the heads up and the link. You should watch this.

8 thoughts on “Hacked List Of 2 Million Chinese Communist Party Members Who Have Infiltrated Businesses And Governments World Wide Released

  1. Well, color me surprised! NOT!

    Face it, we need to boycott China and toss all their spies back to Shanghai. Lots of people being deported out of D.C. even, which would be a GOOD thing.


  2. Doubt its real. Thats how the CIA takes out their side business competition. The list is probably guberment detractors and defectors they want offed.


    • According to the talking head in the video this was done in… ’16 or ’17 IIRC, so it may NOT be disinformation. The actual source is Chinese hackers within China who are actively fighting against the CCP.
      Take it with a pound of salt, sure. Trust, but verify.


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  4. Phil man, and everyone, might be Ol’ Trump has pulled off the master troll of all trolls evah.
    Like everything in the age of TGE, and MAGA-KAG, wait a few days, nothing is as it first seems or it’s immediate face value will connect to something, think bread crumbs, as Q likes to say.

    The usual is it will presage another event of exposure or loss of the effects of some dirty corrupt something or other the cabal is involved in somehow.

    There are no coincidences, no unrelated, no innocent, events in cabal world.

    Unintended consequences are a really mighty bitch.

    All of the compromised governors mayors States AG’s, corporate crony crooks, swamp insects, influence peddlers, shit stirrers, the whole lot of them, who sold us out to the Chi-Coms, Cabal and its insects, who are pictured and classified inside this whose who of commie chink tools.

    What happens if pedo=joe & kamel-toe are not coronated as sitters of the throne of power on inauguration day.

    What happens to all these traitors crooks thieves grifters villany and scalawags when The God-Emperor and Johnny Quest are ordained as POTUS and Vice POTUS?

    In that light, its just come out a very interesting development regarding the selection of the electoral college electors of each of the states.
    Apparently a number of the corrupt swing states having “certified” their voting fraud in favor of pedo=joe & Kamel=toe, selected their electors, and have commited themselves, by selecting electors who pledge their votes for those two cabal tools. Today was the deadline for submitting the electors to Congress.

    An interesting development has arisen.

    Well it seems there is a constitutional lawful legitimate process, which may not have been well known, or considered it would not effect the outcome of fraudulent election voting.

    A few things first to set up a bit of great news for President Trump and victory regardless of all the vote fraud.
    Ive pieced this together from three sources:

    First a precedence of legitimate and established constitutional process from election history. It seems Ruther B Hayes encountered some voting shenanigans during his election. In states where the vote legitimacy was in question, the sates legislatures elected alternative electors, kind of like how jury trials select alternative jurors in case something goes ary, it is perfectly legal and has a number of legitimate precedences, so it really cant be reasonably questioned.

    Seems, in certain states where fraudulent voting has passed into certification, the Republican members of the states legeslatures have selected alternative electors in case they are needed, it is a legal legitimate precautionary process. It also happens these Republican legeslators can and have selected alternative electors who pledged their votes for Trump and Pence.
    Everything is above board and hunkey dorey okeedokee. These alternative electors have been submitted to Congress with the regulor electors, but in seperate envolopes, that all electors from each state are sealed inside of, which go to the Senate.

    Everything is cool. Nothing untoward or funky about any of this. It is established proceedure. An option, but legal nonetheless.

    The second interesting thing is after the electoral colledge electors are all selected, they are presented to the Senate where they are presented, unopen and unknown, to be opened and read, to, and only by the Senate President.
    Nobody gets to peek. No cheating allowed.
    The set up here is only the Senate President can do this, open these sealed envolopes, the Senate President is granted, he has, plenerary power. Power that is singular and total. Nothing or nobody can say or do anything no matter what the Senate President does or doesn’t do with the envolopes containing all the electors selected by all and each of the states, including the envolopes with the alternative electors if there are any. He can open all or none of the envolopes, any he chooses or chooses not to open, he is not even required to tell anyone who the electors are and who they selected to be Vice President and President. He has total power. His power can not be questioned, no one or nothing can judge or try or stop or anything, his word is god.

    Guess who The Senate President is?
    Guess who the alternative electors voted for, for Vice Prez and The Big Cheese?
    Oh, and no state nor anyone or anything, once the electors are selected, regular or alternative, can claw back the electors they sent to the senate. Nobody can say oh we made a mistake and want to change electors.

    No cheating right?

    In simplest terms, Pence shows up in The Senate, they hand him The Envolopes, He picks which envolopes to open, totaly at His descretion. He only opens and reads what only He chooses, then only He announces who won.
    Nodody questions it. He has to prove nothing, and I believe, but not 100% certain, nobody even gets to see what he opened or not, read or not. Total Plenery Power: I. Am. G.O.D. for a few minutes. Long enough to say:

    Because Fuck You Thats Why

    Natch. Done and done, as good Ol’ Remus would say. God bless his soul, he would love this. Hope your watching this dude!

    Thats why The God Emperor looks cool as a cucumber. It makes sense now.
    And Trump still has options if by some insane happenstance this is kept from happening somehow.

    …and all those poor dirty stinkin’ commie tools right there in the cataloge of world communism’s actors agents and tools. They be looking for an exit stage left.
    Remember back when She who they thought could never loose was preparing to pick up where the pickle smoocher in chief and his red diaper baby brigade left off, when they all went and bought bugout locations in all those non-extradition treaty states?
    There might be a stampede of rats abandoning the burning Cabal ship of plausible deniability and treason.


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