The Floor Is Open

I gotta go to work.

My boss gave me the option of putting in some overtime and I am taking it.

The real fun starts tomorrow night. He changed everyone’s schedule trying to get coverage as we have about half the people we had a year ago. Business is slow.

Tomorrow evening I go in at 6 in the evening and work until 4 Monday morning. Come home, fall down and try to get some sleep. 4 PM Monday I go back in and work until 2 AM. Repeat that Tuesday and Wednesday, then have Thurs, Fri, Sat off and go back in at 6 PM Sunday again. Basically I will be going to bed when I have been getting up for Day shift.

That 12 hour turn around promises to be fun.

I’ll take it, as hard as gainful employment is to find and keep around here, I’m lucky I have a job at all.

So while I am out slaving away the comments are open,.

Whatcha got?

63 thoughts on “The Floor Is Open

  1. The last turn around I worked was brutal. The twelve hour shifts turned into 14 hour shifts, and the two hours of commuting didn’t leave much time for luxuries, such as sleeping and eating. After four weeks, when I started meeting myself on the highway, I realized if it didn’t end soon, one of the trips would be in a casket.

    I was young then, and couldn’t imagine trying such a thing today.


  2. You have to do what you have to do.
    Its not just about earning the wedge whilst its there, though that’s important ebough, it’s about doing your bit to keep the job you are at afloat in these days of uncertainty, something those working in the public easy life sector never have to bother their pretty little heads about.

    I worked stupid stupid hours years ago, 100 weeks were not unusual when my kids were little.
    Close to retiring now, i could retire in 7 month’s time officially but like my job so will probably carry on for a couple more years, assuming i keep my health so i keep my licence valid, medical every year now over 65.

    Not envying you for night shifts, thankfully i finished those 8 years ago and have no wish to revisit.

    Bad deal for you all in the US re SCOTUS and it’s decision, gutted for you and praying Tump and legal teams can pull something out of the bag.

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  3. 12 hour turn arounds suck, ask me how I know.
    Keep your chin up and don’t let ’em drag you down.
    Better to have a job now than not.
    The way things are looking in a month or so all of us are going to be getting a whole bunch of time off for the festivities.


  4. I worked many years 12 hours a day on night shift, and I was lucky to have it, as that was what got me out from under my divorce. If you are thinking you are working too hard, then fucking quit. It’s a free country, and bitches like you that complain about too much work can suck out of my ass. I remember the days standing under an umbrella in the rain at 5AM waiting for a ride to work while leaving a son at home to get himself to school on time, and you sit here bitching about overtime?!?!? Suck outta my ass you entitled bitch. You can always quit, and join the other side. You get no fucking sympathy from me.


    • Look at you mothetfucker. You think I haven’t been there and done that shit? 7 days a week on rotating shifts, having to pull doubles to cover the drunk asshole who was too hungover to show up? Working outside in every kind of weather imaginable? Please tell me when the last time you had to walk down a moving pipeline on floats in the middle of a major US river at night, in a freezing rain storm. I’m all ears. Go fuck yourself limp dick.


      • First you had the gals that were sweet on you from California, now ya get the slores from where ever. A sucky day ya get to work and a sucky day from the slut puppies from hell are harshing your mellow Phil, damn, ya can’t catch a break…


      • Wow, you guys gave up on me pretty easy. I give lots of people shit, it’s how I find out what their made of.
        So Phil, you walked a floating pipeline once. Oh, my hero! I’m sure my ironworker friends will be impressed. Does that mean we’ll have to listen to more of your snivelin’ about working long hours? To tell you the truth I’m disappointed in all of you so-called conservatives and your circle jerk about how hard you work. Welcome to life.
        Oh, and cederq, I’ve seen you around and I’m sure you’re a decent guy, as are most of you, but was that a threat about trackin’ my happy ass down? Really, tough guy? Just so you’ll know, won’t be necessary. My domicile is in Oregon, and I have relatives in Vancouver, and I would be happy to introduce myself when I get back to the states.
        I gotta tell you, I expected more from you guys. Depresses me that I have to count on the likes of you to save the country.
        Oh, and Phil, I still like your blog. Grow some skin.


  5. A 12-hour turnaround can be pretty rough, but when I started at the Camas mill, I worked off the Extra Board, where they could call you 8 hours after you got off work. Once I worked graveyard, then swing, then days.
    Before I landed in a department, i worked a lot of “16-out-of-24” days.

    The fact that I was 20 and within walking distance of the mill helped..


  6. California was the first state to legalize Marijuana possession. It’s against Federal law.

    Oregon just legalized pretty much all the drugs the Feds say are illegal to possess.

    I think with marijuana, the Feds pretty much leave everybody alone in California.

    Why not do the same thing with firearms?

    State legislatures could pass laws making possession of AR’s and their brethren legal.

    If they won’t pull the trigger, the voters could introduce a Proposition bypassing their state legislators.

    Texans should kick this off.


    • Thats a keeper.

      U make that?

      Nothing is as divisive as living in your enemies head.
      She, who they thought could never lose, is psycho that way. So’s the rest of them. Like the lightbringer, they tell on themselves, TGE is The Master of The Troll, he lives in their heads. Its all they do. Bitch whine cry moan and let a tingle go down their legs Trump Wins every time.
      He killin’ em.
      They are deranged over us Deplorable’s beating them.
      Imagine the abject horror when they witnessed the truth, 70% and more of America said Fuck You on 11-3-20.

      There’s no “blue wave” creeping across America.
      Hear that sucking sound Biatchez?
      Its BFYTW in living color.


  7. Mr Phil, my gal-pals in CA told me of your blogsite, where all the nicest honeys hang out and talk silly mens’ stuff. They sure were right now, y’all fine boys! I’m stuck in a rut, here in GA, the poor boys here sure ain’t no peaches! I’m so lonely for a real man to hold, that I’m ready to throw it all away and move clear up to Alaska. I’m a-lookin’ at you Mr Deathray suh, I sure hope you’ll love a woman of color?


    • While this is clearly a joke post, I had to comment that we don’t gossip – at – all – cause we all actually have lives and hobbies and can actually do interesting things which take up most of our time.


      • At the least Death, she will provide warmth in the winter and some shade during your brief summer…. You sure do like them wide hips boy. That is a whole lot of woman shaking.


        • No as a matter of fact I don’t.
          But, times being what they are, I refuse to run from a challenge.
          I’ll take the hit for the team and keep her busy so she can do no more damage.

          It may blind me and I’ll roam unseeing across the tundra so please start writing songs about me now.


  8. Ah, we are talking about work…… now I get it….

    My partner and I would take turns doing call outs. If it wasn’t your night, you went home at 11 pm. We both started at 8 am.

    Many nights in the summer, one of us wouldn’t go home.

    I remember how I hated to turn off the work lights on the stand in front of the trailer I was working on. That meant it was dawn. And I wasn’t done, and my new work day was about to begin. Good thing that day wouldn’t run past 11 pm.

    One summer I went to work at 8am July 3rd, and got home at 8am July 5th.

    I was in my mid 30’s.

    I ain’t that tough no more…..


  9. Phil, if you get a chance, I know your busy, but if you can care to, send B.C. Expat this from Vox Day? I’m blocked from his comment platform and have no way of giving any of this to him directly.
    I believe he would appreciate this, and probably understands or has unique insights into what the subject is.
    Or maybe one of you guys could? Really appreciate and thank you for it.

    Personally I find Vox’s revelations quite germane, and fills in some important missing puzzle pieces, aside from it strikes me as being what Q is really about, his purpose, maybe why his messaging strikes us as arcane and mysterious sometimes, and if so it makes sense why cabal has it in for Q and all associated and follow Q and et all. Q and Trump are indeed on to them.

    Its the logical evolution of 4th generation Warfare. If it is what appears to be, Q could actually be a Counter Insurgency 5th G Warfare asset.
    After all, it makes a lot of sense, as cabal has resorted to non governmental resources and assets in waging its war against us good folks, Trump and our Republic. And maybe this is because cabal going toe to toe with us on the 3rd and 4th generation warfare levels is a no go for them, and by waging 5th G war, they avoid that level of war, and accomplish this avoidance of getting locked into such conflict by using assets and resources which are difficult to counter by traditional, violent, and resistance insurgency strategy and tactics.
    After all, how do you defend from or attack something like the tactics and strategy of an anonymous basically faceless corporation such as faceborg and goolag and dominion and the hidden and disguised actors, cut outs, shells, and technological tactics they are employing?
    Its really is a different form of war.
    And why it is difficult to detect cabal, understand what Trump and the white-hats are doing to fight and win. Maybe thats 5th G warfare’s prime characteristic, it is discreet, hidden, hides in plain sight, in among the modern industrialized globo=pedo new world order construct.
    Certainly the tech masters of the universe and globo=pedo maintain a co-operative secretive overt infrastructure, and why the intelligence deep state community institutions are essential assets of the cabal. Highly necessary, crucial assets.

    Big C Expat is pretty sharp, so are you and the lot of us here. You guys have insights you want to add to the development?
    Me I’m just giving it a good think right now. Makes a lot of sense to my understanding of 4th G war. Deserves serious considerations if indeed they are waging a new generation of warfare on us all.
    The prime objective of war, is to understand your enemy, and then understand what he holds dearest. Until you do your fighting blind.

    I contend our enemy has a crucial objective behind this, they want to, need to, and they must avoid conflict by any means, in meat space with 9,750,000 armed to the fucking teeth pissed of potential citizen warrior Patriots, (Mike V’s 3% caveat theory). Cabal doesn’t possess the resources, nor enough people and assets to fight us on our terms. They know they will lose, get their ass’s kicked so hard its the dirt nap for globo=pedo.
    They are trying to out flank us good folks where our strength lies. Thus avoid really tripping our BFYTW. Leave us no hard target for our wrath.
    They’ve chosen using a Big Tech Corporate Ju Jitsu on us. Sneaky bastards, but we all know that.
    Its how, looks like they have managed to keep hidden. Till now, as this whole election coup has been run is being revealed. It ties in.
    Is this what Trump is exposing purposefully so we understand what our enemy is doing, what they are, so we can resist and defy them thus win?

    If so, then they are using what they believe gives them an edge and strategic advantage over us. And Trump’s traditional military/intelligence resources, his typical options as CinC and Chief Executive, and traditional constitutional means to defeat them.
    Q just makes more sense the more I look at it in this new light.

    I’m not coming across any definitive discussion of this in the FreeFor or 4th G War sphere.

    Anyway’s, this is Vox’s introduction to something pretty darn interesting:

    (copy-pasted verbatim with minor format mods)

    ‘A Non Military War’

    Unbeknownst to most of his supporters, that is what the President is presently fighting.


    “…As practically existing, the age of wars being a matter of moving weapons and soldiers has still not been translated into history, but as a concept it has already begun to noticeably fall behind. Following the increase in the number of international treaties limiting the arms race and the proliferation of weapons, the United Nations and regional international organizations have enlarged their intervention power in local wars and regional conflicts and relatively decreased the military threat to national security; on the contrary, the springing up of large amounts of new high technology will actually greatly increase the possibility of non-military measures threatening national security, and the international community, which is at a loss of what to do upon being confronted with non-military threats with such destruction no less than that of a war, at the least lacks necessary and effective limitations. This has objectively accelerated the occurrence of non-military wars, and at the same time it has also resulted in the old concepts and systems of national security being on the brink of collapse.
    Aside from the increasingly intense terrorist attacks, as well as the hacker wars, financial wars and computer virus wars which will dominate the future, there are also the present various types of “new concept wars” to which it is difficult to fix a name and are already sufficient to have the security view of “resisting the enemy outside of one’s national gate” become something of the past in the space of an evening…”


    I would argue that you cannot possibly understand what has been happening for the last twelve years, or understand the nature of the current Constitutional crisis, if you have not read UNRESTRICTED WARFARE [ ] Qiao Lang and Wang Xiangsui, first published in English in 1999. Ignore the histrionic subtitle of the 2017 edition, it is not “China’s master plan to destroy the USA”, but rather, a brilliant explication by two Chinese colonels of the then-new concept of “Total Dimensional Warfare”, to which I prefer to refer as “comprehensive warfare” and is, regardless of what one calls it, the real 5th Generation Warfare that so many glory-seeking would-be William S. Linds have attempted, incorrectly, to coin.

    The current election crisis is not about Biden, or the Democrats, it’s not even about the Constitution. It is actually about defeating the world’s dominant military and rendering it hors de combat without firing a shot. And that, you see, is why I am confident that there is absolutely no way that President Trump ever even considered relying upon the state legislatures, or the courts, to ensure that he remains Commander-in-Chief for the next four years or more, for one single moment.

    We should probably keep in mind that the fact a war has been waged with non-military means to date does not mean that it will remain that way indefinitely.

    Labels: technology, war

    POSTED BY VD @ 12/12/2020 12:12:00 PM

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    • As soon as I got the notification that this had been flagged for moderation I went in and cleared it. Then I copied the whole thing and sent it to BC via Email to make sure he sees it.


      • A lot of battles everywhere. To many leaks in the dike, not enough elite fingers.

        Must have been Friday…it was pretty obvious Roberts was a cabal tool when he fucked us on obot-care.

        I am a clerk for one of the Justices on SCOTUS. Today was like nothing we have ever seen. The justices are arguing loudly behind closed doors.
        The Justices met in a closed and sealed room, as is standard.
        Usually it is very calm, however today we could hear screaming all the way down the hall.
        They met in person, because they didn’t trust telephonic meeting as secure.
        Chief Justice Roberts was screaming
        “Are you going to be responsible for the rioting if we hear this case? Don’t tell me about Bush v. Gore, we weren’t dealing with riots then! You are forgetting what your role here is Neil, and I don’t want to hear from the two junior justices anymore. I will tell you how you will vote.”
        Justice Clarence Thomas says “This is the end of Democracy, John.”
        When they left the room, Roberts, the Libs and Kavanagh had big smiles. Alito and Thomas were visibly upset. ACB and Gorsuch didn’t seem fazed at all.”


        • PS,
          Yeah, like he gives a shit about us. The treasonous asshole is trying to protect himself and save his own ass.
          Think they got him on film raping a little boy, or doing satanic shit with babies and he’s an adrenal-chrome junky like hillary kemp Adam shithead and the rest of the fuckers?

          Has to be some pretty fucking vile and depraved Sword of Damocles leverage shit hanging over Roberts, something only these insects are capable of.
          For all the doom and gloom appearances of the election coup potential to succeed, which I believe it will eventually fail because these fuckers are clowns and really, if you think about it, they are renown for fucking up a free lunch, just a lot of them fucking up everything they touch looks worse than it is for us good folks, all it will take is exactly what our The God-Emperor and his people is doing, bird doggin’ and flushing them from cover, they fail because it is themselves who are their worst enemy.

          Besides, this election is over when us good folks say it is. They think their smart all front of the bus and everything yanking the ballot box out from under us. Well, we still get to vote, and brother, my trigger finger is getting real fucking itchy.

          Notice they must be pretty worried about the cartridge box vote, they been having the ATF tools raiding a shitload of vendors and stores, demanding customer identities, folks who bought Polymer 80 all in one build and shoot Glock pistol kits. They even raided Brownells Friday, which the VP of marketing commented all they had to do was look on their website and see we never sold the build/shoot kits. The “official” excuse is they are looking for convicted felons who possibly purchased and know are “illegally” armed with a firearm.
          Don’t they get it that because they are legitimately the definition of illegal themselves, by “outlawing” everything and everyone, they’ve made everything legal?

          It seems very telling in the fact these cabal insects at the ATF literally function as if they are their own and totally separate government, an autonomous entity, and not an agency of a government, with a chain of command and body of governing rule of laws straight to the oval office.
          Its even more telling, these are totally arbitrary laws they hide behind to do their dirty deeds. How can they be legitimate if they violate the legitimate rule of laws which provides legitimacy they hide behind also.
          Its this fantastic rarified world of make believe reality of double standards. You can’t violate the constitution protections it grants us from exactly these kind of clowns and their agenda, and alongside these violations you hide behind what you deny who you are violating in the first place, more than these clowns. Its almost dizzying following the twisted path of double/triple double standards.
          Wonder if they really believe this special powers they grant themselves is not a total farce? True believers? They are usually the dangerous ones.

          And that right there is very telling cabal is giving direct orders and missions, because if there’s anything thats ingrained in those .gov permanent management ranks is they don’t whip out the one eyed garden weasel and take a piss without proper paperwork and official process and procedures. Unless Trump is deliberately causing these raids for a purpose, its certain those raid orders didn’t come from his guys unless there’s a traitor in his operations sneaking one in. Or at least inhibiting the dissemination of these ATF clowns are gone rogue.

          But somethings up and its serious. If its cabal, what else it be right, means only one thing, they are itching to come and take em’ and this is their way to get that ball rolling, which has always been an objective no doubt. You can’t rule 10 million of us good folks, and our friends, armed to the fucking teeth exactly because we all know they be coming for our rifles eventually. If your cabal/chi-com there’s no way your gonna leave that many gun barrels pointing at you when your election coup is successful. Its something you got to start ASAP, because if you don’t get at it fast and furious when one of the Deplorable’s decides fuck it I don’t got time for this shit, and the rest fallow suit, you might as well take your ball and run home.

          This ATF Clown World bullshit is the cabal regime getting a jump start on sitting on the throne of power. The lame ass story its to go after convicted felons is a foot in the door to create the justification for getting its meathooks on the millions of FFL firearm records which by law every FFL holder is required to archive, which the same laws stipulates the ATF can only request to inspect, only at the FFL dealers premises, they can not confiscate or remove them, I think not even make copies. One of the things the ATF/FBI traitors did during operation fast and furious in order to set up and frame border dealers, to compliment the 90% fake narrative killary and obot with the medias complicity constructed, the lie 90 percent of guns used by criminals came from gun dealers.

          Its all so obvious and typical. Does that matter to these clowns? If it don’t they have changed up and are going for it. If it does and they can’t see how obvious they are about it they got inside issues. Rumor has it the sane line agents took issue with the two top ATF clowns, supposedly tried to sway them from committing ATF suicide, notably it was the line agents who would be on the recieving end of resistance to disarmament, and where categorically dismissed out of hand. Maybe like Head Nazgul Roberts, they got their cabal marching orders or else, or its true believers, and they don’t know what reason and unintended consequences mean, or both.

          In a way it really don’t matter.
          Shitload of us know its BFYTW time, defending ourselves and killin’ every regime rat who comes for us time is here.

          The Dutchman’s 3% Rule figures out to round 10 million or so. Thats a pretty fair conservative estimate. Thats a lot of armed to the fucking teeth good folks. And nobody who is only has one rifle and pistol and a few boxes of ammo. Theres always ones late to joining the party, late bloomers and new converts. Shit in WV everyone I know has two three generations of rifles and shotguns, personally seen inside of one kids house who rode to work with, his dad sitting in his easy chair watching TV having dinner, locked and loaded AK at hand, the entire 3 bedroom one story ranch lined with shipping pallets of strapped wood cases, tuna cans and surplus steel ammo boxes. A group about 3 milkes down in the bottom of the hollow built a 1 mile range and have a private club where they are real good at thousand yard and out capability, they are saying got it where .308 at 1000 yards is their standard. I hear them all the time down there working at it. These boys here are born with a rifle in one hand and a CAT joystick in the other. Fish and game has special game holidays for kids, for first squirrel kill and first deer kids only seasons. You get your mug and your kill on the front page, and mention on a couple local TV news. First kills are a right of passage. Its normal here, nothing exceptional except the honor of it is held at the highest esteem and family pride. I know dads who spend all their vacation in the fall setting up the hunt so their kids bag a trophy buck or a big ass Fox Squirrel. Thanksgiving week most of the mines and logging outfits traditionally shut down so everyone can deer hunt.

          Your going to disarm these folks? What a fuckin’ hoot that is! Thats some kind of very special cabal clown show stupid. They are going to have to wrap razor tape around the entire WV border, and just forget about us. We went total Constitutional Carry 3 years ago. We have basically no laws for guns. Couple regulations about certain county and state property prohibits open carry, a few even concealed, but there no lack of scofflaws at most of those anyways. Besides nobody seems to care or get wound up about armed and dangerous.

          We got a few fanatic hoplophobes in the state legislature, but it really is like 3 of them and they get the polite hillbilly God Bless em fuck you. Then there’s the criminal gang element inside the WV State Troopers ranks. The night the legislature voted in Constitutional Carry, the SP Captain and his dick suckers lined up behind him got on live TV and pounded the lectern just like Crushchev, except for the shoe routine, and decreed “Nobody gets away with this in our State”, no shit, was watching the vote live and when the station switched to the State Police announcement I seen it with my own eyes. It was one of those Woh! holy shit moments. It never got re-aired or mentioned on the TV after that one time.
          We where all LOAO at work the next day.

          Think about it, I mean there’s places in many rural states where its Time Honored Tradition, this unrestricted right to arms and using them might as well be written on the stone Ten Commandments. There is no higher law. I sling a 9 inch bbl AR 300 BLKOUT pistol evereywhere on my property, folks drive by if I’m out front near the road and toot and wave, specially the older ladies, they smile and give the thumbs up. First started doing my minute man act was in a share cropping truck garden deal few years ago with a cattle farmer down the road, and was totally floored by this reaction from the community.

          My point is folks like us will never comply with some statist hoplophobe disarmament crap. Naturally. It ain’t a question of will we. Total Resistance its a given part of the culture and way of life. To me that bodes very well for what comes. Divide and Conquer don’t work with our kind, in fact the exact opposite. And faith we are Legion. This ATF clown show will only serve to harden us good folks resolve. Our rifles are the center of our history, we have a religious like taboo against citizen disarmament, might as well attempt to chop off our right leg at the hip, it still wont stop us.

          There’s immeasurable value in sharing such things with each-other, the sense of isolation and futility of resistance is a cancer on our natural freedom and liberty. Its about dignity of liberty, about our self worth singular and in solidarity.
          Where would we be if our forefathers history was not known to us, wouldn’t we make a better slave class? Hows it in you AO? How do you see your situation? I’m for my part totally interested. I want to know we are legion. Certainly there are those who spare no expense or effort to gull us otherwise. Thats knowledge as an excellent weapon in itself in our kit.


        • Not much. These are real time DDOS attacks.
          If you can get it to work you can mouse over one of the dots and it will show you who is doing what.
          For those that can’t get it to work, get on Teh Google and search for real time cyber war maps.or a variant. There are scads of them.


      • Right on Dude!
        Keep up the great work.
        You have given me some excellent info and resources.
        Like your recent Injectable Lidocaine link. Handy sruff. Great site, good prices on some stuff, like their Isreali style battle bandaids, adominal wound pads, got a couple of the burn blankets, now those could be a real proper piece of kit for austere conditions, wrap your buddy in a clean sterile cocoon to minimize infection from foreign matter till you get to a clean location. The free shipping is great too. Love your Sargent’s Saturday.
        Git sum smokes, yes sir. I can think of when those be a literal lifesaver and a way to mind fuck the enemy. Force multiplier.

        Appreciate you!

        Love me sum big ole juicy fatbelly fried clams too. That first burst of clammy goodness when you chomp down. Fude Sex.
        Growing up on all that seafood in cowhampshire, we too seriously miss that here in WV. Dig up a bucket of soft shell clams, so fresh they taste like lobster. Cold water native Brookies. No finer toothsome delicacies. Though the deer meat here is like prime rib, different mass they feed on I think. The wild turkeys are superior.


        • Sounded like The Honk Konger’s originally hacked the slant eyed devils.
          This is indeed fortuitous.
          It’s an old hack, been around for a couple of years and just now trickling out to the public but we sure as shit will take it.
          Makes me think Trump and Co have had this info for a while.
          It also makes me wonder if they haven’t been using that list to do some serious surveillance on some motherfuckers.
          Follow them all the way through the business world and governments.
          Map them out and see what they are up to.
          Thanks for this.


          • All makes sense what your saying.
            Ol’ Joe McCarthy was always right.
            Seeing is believing and seeing it widely disseminated in the US is even better, the normies are visual people, they been immersed in audio-visual programming all their lives, hard to shut that off. Best strategy is to make turn it against its creators. Maybe why meme’s and alt-agitprop is so popular and has wide reaching effects. If Neon Revolt says its going thru an english translation its backed up and archived to the hilt now, probably the only way to censor this if its too great a threat is to pull the plug on the WWW. Yeah.

            Make the bastards eat their own smartass slanty eyed strategy, death by a fucking million paper cuts. Put that in your pipe and smoke it commie skum. Yeah.

            If your local town fathers selectman county assessors and Sheriffs is right there on an official world communism list in living dirty stinking commie color, woo hoo that hits home, and even a caveman can connect the dots why everything is so fuckin’ fucking fucked up. Besides, cram that NPC smack talk about target lists of Trumper’s right back atcha bitchez. Lists be like tracers they work both ways.

            What red blooded American Patriot wouldn’t like to have a list of your local cabal insects, names, residence, their job description. Yeah.

            Be like Jesse Ventura in Predator with that backpack mini gun…”come on talk to papa… old painless got something for you”

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        • WV, there are always forces of Good and Evil, I think we will start seeing more of the white hat guys pop up. I believe they stayed low key and under the radar because had they info to share and if they premature ejaculated that same info, would have been caved in and wiped out by the black hat guys… I bet we are also going to see escalating incidents of sabotage of our cyber capabilities and infrastructure especially against big tech and state and fed buildings, interconnected infrastructures, fusion centers and even bastions of education, colleges and universities. What a hell of time to be alive!


  10. Here’s hoping your stint at graveyard is temporary. I tried night shift once. The boss asked why I wanted to do that, and I said “Because it’s a seriously diminished bullshit level”. I lasted four months–I liked the work, the work environment, and the people I worked with. But the rest of my life slowly ground to a complete halt until there was nothing left but work, eat, and sleep. I’ve always admired those who can live with it, it just wasn’t me, and I went back to my old swing shift.
    That, and screwing around with your circadian rhythms is seriously hard on your health. Be careful Phil trying to do a young mans game.


    • Phil is a tough old bird, but, I too think working that type of schedule at his age is going to diminish his blogging duties…. I used to work Fri, Sat, Sun graveyard shift, two 12 hour and one 8 hour and was payed for 40 as a nurse when I was a younger man, now It would kill me…

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