Trump Has These Fuckers Right By The Short Hairs

My friend MtnForge forwarded me the link to this .pdf file.

I think maybe you should go read it.

It’s the deposition of a Military White Hat Hacker and it has the flow charts of everybody involved in the election fraud.

The Chinks, The Iranians, Romanians, Belgrade for fucks sake, Canadians ,Mark Zuckerberg, he has it all.

We already knew about the server farm in Germany and the vote counting in Spain.

If the Supreme Court somehow screws the pooch fixing this, his Executive Order from back in 2018 will be more than enough to throw the most legendary fuck into the weasel sonsabitches the world has ever seen.

Remember, it also authorizes seizing anyone’s assets who was involved.

I am especially looking forward to the MSM being completely destroyed if it comes down to that.

27 thoughts on “Trump Has These Fuckers Right By The Short Hairs

  1. All the rat squealing in the world is not going to let these scum out of the traps they caught themselves in rushing for that free government cheese


  2. I read the article about de-funding the CIA linked over at Big Country’s place. IIRC, wasn’t the server farm in Germany run by the CIA? Lotta stuff going on under the surface.


    • That is indeed interesting. Is it Trump pulling the rug out from under DOD support of clandestine (probably unapproved by the WH) CIA operations to screw Biden? Is it freeing up DOD logistics (think: troop transport, other air power) for re-aollocation after January 5 ? Something else entirely ?

      Has anyone actually seen Gina Haspel in public in the last couple of weeks?

      All this waiting is discomforting.

      Anyone else notice how the news about the adverse reactions to the initial vaccinations in the UK has dropped off the radar ? Or ditto on the warning from Dr. Wodarg and Dr. Yeadon about the possibility that the vaccine could make it difficult (if not impossible) for vaccinated females to become pregnant?

      Anything that does not fit the narrative disappears.


  3. I can’t understand this gobbledeguk, so I hope someone can ‘splain it to SCOTUS in a way they can understand. But this looks like there was the ability to f*ck around with the votes, but where it the digital proof of someone in a foreign land pushing some strokes on a keyboard?


  4. I forgot the state and the county but some bitch who was working this fraud
    got caught. She said she had no regrets and warned Trump supporters and
    voters that the left will be coming for them. During the primary, a high level
    Sanders staffer was caught by Project Veritas calling for reeducation camps
    and gulags. Camel Toe Harris herself called for retribution against Republican

    For all the people on this blog and others who think we will not grab our sporting
    arms be advised we WILL when people are being rounded up and face gun
    confiscations. This is a no brainer. If they make good on their promises,
    they will force our hand! The left is already making a move against the
    Alzheimer’s addled Joe. After spending months tanking every story about
    Hunter and Joe Biden, the liberal media has finally published stories about
    the scandal. After spending a year trying to figure out their end game, I
    could go no farther than surmise that Biden would be a figurehead president.

    When Camel Toe Harris flops her ass behind the Resolute Desk, even she
    will be a puppet. Recent revelations of Chi-com agents infesting the halls
    of Congress and even smalltown Midwestern mayors offices, it is starting
    to become clear. The real men behind the curtain in a Harris administration
    will be the Chi-coms, the Russians, Ukrainian oligarchs, and the now
    national Democrat political machine. This started with Blow Job Billy,
    who had Chinese bag men delivering suitcases full of cash contributions
    to the White House when he ran for reelection.

    The Camel Toe administration will be short-lived. Two things to look
    out for; Who will Camel Toe appoint as VP, and who will be the VP
    pick once Camel Toe is deposed?


    • “For all the people on this blog and others who think we will not grab our sporting arms be advised we WILL when people are being rounded up and face gun confiscations”

      Well, you say that….
      – Government agents who confiscated guns during Katrina


  5. As I learned back in 66-72 or thereabouts wilst one of Uncle Sams Misguided Chid-ren – “When In Doubt – Arkancide em All, Let God Sort It Out”…….


  6. As events unfold there are fewer and fewer places to go to read about whats going on that are relative, divisive/decisive, particularly savvy, insightful in timely fashion, totally open source, daring, and cutting edge. The reason why not are small potatoes right now.
    In no particular order my go to are: Natural News, Big Country Expat, Busted Knuckles, Anonymous Conservative, Vox Popoli – (Vox Day), Sundance, at his new and WordPress insect free The Last Refuge, Silicon Graybeard, TL Davis at 12 Round, Ace of Spades JJ Sefton’s Morning Report. I make a circuit of these places and pretty much get everything pertinent and linkage relative, connecting dots, each has unique qualities, and the commentariat of everyone joining in discourse is always insightful and gives much to ponder and be informed by.

    This guy, Anonymous Conservative gives a great daily news brief.
    Here’s todays:

    His link and comment on this ABC News piece is germane to Phil’s great post here on the Spider Document. As its clearer by the hours now just how connected everything is with these globo=pedos. And the worst enemies are the ones closest, like the CIA, their fetid meathooks are clawed into everything, Mark Fuckerberg is another despicable cabal insect, read today that fucker is liquidating his assets as fast as fucking humanly possible. Like to liquidate him with my own bare hands.

    Take a gander at Anon-Con’s brief on his daily brief, linked to this item below. You get another Phil, with insights and savvy from a different perspective:
    ‘Pentagon plans to cut most of its support to CIA’s counterterrorism missions.’

    What interesting in the ABC piece above, aside from the classic cabal controlled Potemkin Village propaganda, is an obscure reference, its kind of non-sensical, to CIA Chief Gina Haspel. It looks like a cabal message or signal. It really don’t fit context wise, other than she is CIA, but it was stuffed in there, like it was a spot in the piece that was as good as any, and it had to be sent out into the wild. I’m making inferences, got no evidence, but my inner radar.

    And just where is Gina Haspel? Everything seems to have dropped off the radar regarding her. Again, except the cryptic remark in the ABC piece.

    Everything is connected. Cabal and its minions have infested everything. Like a Virus, snark snark snarkety snark.
    Surveillance is 100% of and on everyone of us. By infested I’m saying its so invasive its even down to cabal having surveillance assets in real time at the “Humint” level, neighbors, Walmart cashiers, your local landscaper, plumbers, roofers, gas stations/repair shops, its this invasive, for a myriad of purposes, one being these small business’s are actually cabal controlled, like the mafia buying your books and telling you you are now ears for the syndicate too. As controlled assets like they are money laundering sans surveillance sans community monopoly small businesses, fed a steady diet of cabal bucks so they can low ball legitimate mom & pops, thus providing economic control at the main street level. Remeber few weeks back Rudy Guliani had a love news conference in a brick ally, the yellow media went retarded how he was in a alley because he is a fool? Yeah. Did you notice the yellow font panted of red the brick roof parapet, a business sign up above his right shoulder for a particular local business whose ally Rudy was holding his press conference in? The arcane references Rudy made, intimations about RICO?

    Ever wonder why some of these businesses enjoy excellent success and steady profits that defy the legitimate small business norms of economic decay and malaise so many of our town and villages are victims of? Why the big box stores and certain small businesses are deicsreetly exempt from the local and state, insanity of panic-demic decree and poltical dickhead-tat?
    How the owners kids always are excellently provided for and have all the latest, always new vehicles in the driveway, apparently if they are legit, at the natural income level of a legitimate small business, their material ostentatiousness far exceeds their income they should be receiving? How they stick to each-other like themselves like a clan or tribe, even their kids?

    And consider the cabal surveillance attributes of these operations, like roofers and landscapers, they are out in the open, nobody will notice if they are watching whats going on with people, they are trusted community businesses, the plumber or electrician, they get total inside access to your home and property, some so trusted they are handed their own set of keys to your house, and it really isnt much of an effort, all they have to do is pass on things they notice, or their help does, everyone gabs and gossips to some extent. Its natural.
    Its the accumulative collective effects of these organic home town/local cabal surveillance assets in the sphere of and across our country, the aggregate. Their accumulative value is immense.

    They are early warning stations, bellwethers of the general mood and state of mind of us good folks, they hear things that cabal never hears, small seeming shit, but its intelligence of the most candid and trustworthy kind, they get feedback in a sense, from the effects the yellow media creates, how effective is cabal’s dissimulation and subversion efforts and operations, are key false narratives effective, is the false flag operation in Las Vegas producing desirable effects and outcomes? Most of all, how close are good folks to grabbing their rifles and taking matters into their own hands. Many obtain positions of influence in local politics, planning boards, assessors office, building inspection, even a Lowes Store chief manager, say gets a seat on the county planning board, first thing he does is write and pass an ordnance proscribing rough cut lumber use in any private property structures, only dimensional lumber is approved now. There goes 8 guys with portable saw mills in that county alone who been seeling lumber to their local folks. There goes a few homes, owner cant get an occupancy permit from the county because they used rough cut local lumber in its construction, opps! too bad, you defaulted now on your local banks construction loan you took out and you got no home to love in either.

    Do. You. See. The. Raw. Naked. Control. Power. And. Lucre. In. This. Scenario?

    This ain’t made up.
    It happened in the next county over from mine here in WV.
    I know the fellow who this happened to, he ran a D11 on a strip mine we both worked at.
    I bought the pallet of shingles he was going to use to roof the home he built because his new house was condemned by the same insects who created the tyranny that denied this man his own home on his own property using his own hard earned bucks.

    I offered to help him, go in with him, if he figured it was time to take care of these pieces of fucking shit that did this to him. Because, if it was done to him it was going to happen to another of us. And told him it was time we stop letting others risk everything maybe die fighting for our liberty. He was too afraid. He didn’t want to leave his kids and wife without him to care for them and lose what he still had.
    At some point, this conundrum that gives these cabal insects a kind of immunity ends here. The buck stops with us. You. Me. All of us.

    If cabal is in any way smart enough to fear how mean us good folks will get for cabal ruthlessly violating our most treasured codes, and our liberty, they know once we cross our Rubicon, nothing can stop us, except ourselves, when We decide to stop and not one fucking second sooner.

    Lot if shits going down we ain’t seeing, but tiny glimpses are starting to draw a picture. The picture has hints which point towards a low intensity war, maybe of tit for tat, or the game of take out the others key assets, and bith are trying to contain this war so The Proze, America, doesnt end up fucked to death and its most valuable assets lost, and, may be the most serious motive, is don’t make the good folks mean, nobody with a lick of sense wants 97 million, thats 3%, armed to the fucking teeth shitlords gunning for them, that no other military force never mind any army is even close in size and capability for leaderless grass roots 4th G war, small unit infantry combat citizen warrior army we constitute, one whose entire history is centered on their Rifles, one who has an almost religious taboo about citizen disarmament, one with a bone in its teeth and Liberty or Death on its lips.
    And if you pooh pooh that your a fucking cabal cock sucking troll or your a total fucking imbecile.
    Because the veracity of us good folks potential here is if we where not the unstoppable threat to tyranny we are we would not be the Freemen American’s we are.
    We would be globalist or some tyrants slaves a long fucking time ago. Aside from the truth, in all of history, we are the only peoples who have ever fought and won a slave revolt. Never mind go on to thrive as no civilization and culture has also.

    Dont let cabal and all the lies con you. Thats something to stand tall, stand strong for, and refuse to the death if needs be to comply nor obey any authority. WE, us good folks, we are the ultimate authority of our selves. The Good Lord created us in his Sovereign image. Gave us legitimate power. Because us good folks could be trusted with such ultimate responsibility, because we are good folks who are naturally prudent, we naturally are self responsible, and we keep each other honest. We are all in this together. I for one could not be more proud and humbled at the same time, than to be in the great company of all you guys here. To be part of our Legion of Freemen.

    Lets Win!

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  7. Six jabbering idiots can tell you the truth but if their lawyers cant jabber the legal language properly, it doesnt matter.

    If you dont believe that, ask a decent lawyer about Castle Rock v Gonzalez.

    I love to circle jerk on occasion but I hate it when I get hit with a stray jet.


  8. We are NEVER going to see justice in this matter from ANY court in America. NEVER! Either Trump invokes the Insurrection. Act, declares martial law etc. Or else “we te people” sack up and start hunting commies. We are NOT getting out of this situation peacefully. It is time to ACT or else tuck tail and let the commies take over EVERYTHING.


  9. CIA server farms being raided by the DOD. Executive orders. Lawsuits. All sorts of fantastic exotic theories of how this travesty of an election gets overturned. I’m afraid we are whistling past the graveyard. SCOTUS has consistently screwed us. The MSM cheers the scam. I fear we are being set up. While BLM/antifa riots are ignored we are being told officially that White Nationalist Militias are the biggest threat. Ask yourself why that is. If (when) pissed off patriots start fighting back we will be painted as reactionaries, it will be an excuse for martial law, confiscations of firearms, suspensions of civil liberties and probably about a dozen other unpleasant things just waiting to be unveiled. By and large we patriots support Law Enforcement and our military. Ask yourself, are you ready to put the crosshairs on one of them and pull the trigger? Because plenty ( maybe not all,but plenty) of them will follow orders and support the system that just fraudulently elected slow Joe and the ho. I look at the immediate future with a great deal of trepidation. Hard times in the land of plenty may be just ahead.


  10. It’s a law of nature:
    Hard times create strong men.
    Strong men create good times.
    Good times create weak men.
    Weak men create hard times.

    Lather, rinse, repeat.


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