9 thoughts on “Because FUCK YOU That’s Why

  1. Some math guru did an analysis of the numbers on the election. Starting from
    the point that Trump was winning in a landslide before the swing states shut
    down the count to the results after the shut down he estimated the odds at
    1 in 4 quadrillion. The odds of it happening naturally was 1 quadrillion to
    to the power of 4.

    That is one big fucking number!

    Here is what the Democrats and their kept whores in the media are saying about it:


  2. Found out what the cryptic Q message about 111.3 is Phil.

    Article 111 section 3, the crime of treason as defined in the USC.

    Anyway, its actually a relief to know with no doubt exactly where us dirt people stand. And whats to be done.
    Its on.
    I hope after we win we get to meet and shake hands and give you a big ol bear
    hug like real brothers and patriots will.
    Just in case, Godspeed buddy.
    Live free or die.
    But make the enemy die instead.

    BFYTW always!

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  3. Well there mr. cederq, I’d say the horse they rode in on is merely interest, for the upcoming festivities! They themselves are the main course.
    It’ is not now, nor has it ever been about Trump, it’s about how the political class has been fucking over the people that actually built this nation for the last 100 or better years. Trump is just in the way for your continued ass plunging. As the song says we ain’t gonna take it no more. We are done taking it up the ass. You dealt the cards knowingly off the bottom, we saw you and you know we saw you. We’ll see how this hand plays out….. your call.


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