17 thoughts on “You’re Welcome

      • It was good to meet you, Kevin. Stay healthy and sane, and if you DO want to move to Spokane (I recommend the Idaho side of this area) please feel free to call on me for assistance!

        After you left, I watched the Starship SN8 test flight and was delighted with the results. Sure, it crashed on landing, but the very fact that it crashed precisely were it was supposed to land is VERY encouraging!

        Carry on!


  1. By promising to punish political opponents, we will be forced to fight. We
    lived through Carter, Blow Job Billy, and Ubangi. Their best course of
    action would be to moderate the radicals. We can survive high interest,
    unemployment, and inflation rates but the moment they start rounding
    us up and confiscating our guns, all bets are off!


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