Someone Just Invited Herself To The Party. @disclosetv·NEW – Democrat @rep_CAJohnson of the Michigan House of Representatives threatens Trump supporters and orders: “Soldiers be in order. Make them pay.”

Cynthia A. Johnson, State Representative in the Michigan’s Fifth House District.

Remember that name.

H/T to Irish for giving me the heads up.

15 thoughts on “Someone Just Invited Herself To The Party.

  1. People like her need to be targeted and eliminated. And it needs to be deliberate. The left needs to know with certainty that there are consequences for their sedition, treason and evil. They MUST be taught that they are not immune to violence. So far they have suffered ZERO consequences for their crimes and that just emboldens them. Since the system is corrupt and won’t serve justice to them that leaves the only kind of justice the left can’t subvert…. vigilante justice.


    • IF, not when, Joe Biden is illegally installed as the next President, the violence light switch will go from off to on. I have no doubt that people like this thing will be included in the horrific bloody dispensation of justice that will ensue.


  2. I’m not particularly fond of violence wrought upon someone, but Karma has to be a stone cold Bitch.
    Careful what you wish for, you stoopid broad, it may come upon your head instead. Just sayin’


  3. Damn I wish morons like this would actually try something where I live. I and my neighbors have hundreds of acres and several backhoes so this clown and her “soldiers” pose little problem.


  4. This libturd needs a good dose of syphilis. Or a rail, tar, feathers and LOTS of FIRE.
    Either way will do.
    Happy Christmass and hopefully a Merry New Year to all out there.


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