Can You Imagine 70 Million People Like Me?

God help us all but if Biden actually gets sworn in on January 20th then that is exactly what you are going to get.

70 million ornery motherfuckers who are going to be thumbing their noses at Law and Order.

If the laws don’t apply to thee then they sure as shit don’t apply to me.

Game On, Motherfuckers.

Here’s a Pro Tip for ya, you are very seriously outnumbered and now that you have come to the conclusion that you can take all the marbles, we shall see how well you can catch them at 1500+ FPS.

Phony votes do not equal warm bodies bitches.

The numbers won’t lie.

44 thoughts on “Can You Imagine 70 Million People Like Me?

  1. I don’t have ‘a dog in the fight’ Phil, not residing in the US, or being a Yank. But, HELL YEAH!, I wholely identify with you decent patriots, and even a good part of your culture. My own country of Australia has been under the jackboot of the globalist uni-party for decades, it being irrelevant which ‘side’ wins government every few terms of office, as the opposing parties are really just factions of the one over-arching whole. Our elections are just a sham (the Dominion system on trial here first) to placate the sheeple, the individual politicians mere actors, performing to the orders of Zionist puppetmasters like Soros and Lowy. If any readers think I’m talking shit about the dangers that you face, just take a look at the governments running the other four partners of the Five Eyes/Echelon global surveillance programme: Canada and New Zealand run by Leftists; Australia and Great Britain run by Conservatives. Really, truly, can you point out any real fucking difference in their operational systems? The gun laws in these four countries, it is apparent even to Blind Freddie that mass-murder shootings were carried out by government-backed* actors/mind-controlled dupes, in order to arrange near universal civilian disarmament, the UK and Australia within weeks of each other, the cultures in NZ and Canada taking decades longer, but again, within weeks of each other. You see your partners’ and allies’ examples, please don’t let the globalist power that controls most of the Democrats and much of the Republicans win absolute power in your country too. *despite my rant, I didn’t blame the CIA/Mossad partnership once!

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    • So despite your rant, you’re for team America today?
      What’s that, no comparing our president to a little fellow with a funny mustache from Austria like you did on another blog just a few weeks ago?


  2. As Johno.

    I’m a LImey living in England, yes a country i still love but which successive govts of, as Johno say, the uniparty, the one party state snake with three or rather 2.5, heads, has utterly ruined.
    I was lucky enough to be born in the 50’s into a wonderful country one could easily call Jerusalem ( there’s a wonderful Hymn of that name, which incidentally was my school hymn), in the lovely Shires of English countryside, its a place and country and people i barely recognise now.

    I haven’t voted for either of the three heads of the snake for more than 3 decades, my first vote was against joining the EEC (which became the hell that is the EU) in the early 70’s, and just as that time it’s become apparent that voting is a complete and utter waste of time in Britain because there’s isn’t a gnats fart difference between the parties, its lefty leftyer or even leftyer, anyone with a decent set of morals or perish the thought someone like Trump who says what her means and makes promises he intends to keep wouldn’t get anywhere in the Brit political system.

    We in the rest of the west have allowed, against our meagre protests, (there’s precious few of us, most are brainwashed by the idiot box in the corner) our countries to be ruined taken from us by big business globalists and changed forever by mass immigration , with vast swathes of the beautiful country concreted over to make way for hundreds of thousands of houses and massive warehouses stuffed to the rafters with Chinese rubbish, plus the usual shopping areas where people can buy the tat that came last month on Chinese container ships.

    President Trump isn’t just your President you know Phil, he’s as much loved and respected by decent normal people all around the world, we regard him and the people of the USA as friends, you have no idea how much we envy you being able to vote for someone worthwhile who makes a difference.

    We know that Trump was telling the absolute truth when he said ”they are coming for you, i’m just in the way”, this applies not just to millions of you in the USA, but to many millions more of us around the world in what is left of the western world, if you lose to BIden so in different ways do we all.

    Millions of decent people are on your side, Trump’s side.
    God’s speed.


    • Comparing yourself to Johno/ Aussie/Mexican John/ Wetback Jack will get you a visit from a organization in the middle of the night that I’m sure you can do without.
      You seem like a good guy so I’m just passing on a little advice.


  3. As above, Canadian here. We are run by the chinks, though. I won’t be turning in my guns, I won’t be taking the vaccine, and I won’t speak fwench.

    BFYTW is the new world order.

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  4. Lefties have convinced themselves they are the majority, because their voices are the ones not removed from social media. They are intellectually dishonest enough to believe that an obviously stolen election was actually won…
    But, when they are done with that
    The reality is..

    Phony votes do not equal warm bodies bitches…

    And Fukkem All..

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  5. Bottom line, I don’t know what to aim at. Not yet anyways. The very least I can do at 68 is to do everything I can to make life as difficult as possible for anyone who even appears to be on the left. This I will do regardless who things progress from here including the left professing their love for DJT. Fuck em from here to eternity now.


    • I am 64: We can do Recon and intelligence gathering. Who would suspect us?especially with a cane or walker. Look as harmless as possible Not to mention unconventional warfare. Use your imagination. Just because we cannot march with the youngsters anymore does not mean we cannot be effective

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      • A cane can be a formidable weapon with training and practice. And it’s a stealth weapon that will sail through any TSA or other checkpoint. Check out: Raising Cane by Octavio Ramos.
        Think a cane makes me an easy target? You may be messing with the wrong old greyhair, fool.


        • i saw a movie that was based on real story, where the old guy with a walker creeps by. stops for a breather, lets flammable liquid run out of the hollow legs of the walker. another guy comes by a minute later, tosses the match, boom. one less guard. we could pack anfo into it instead, make a real boom.


        • Which is why I said carry a cane the perception is somebody who is defenseless and weak the kind of target ANTIFA and BLM like to target. But Perception is seldom reality. The point is you are never to old all you have to do is find tasks you can accomplish.


  6. Nothing is going to happen. Nothing is going to change. All the chest thumping, keyboard attacks, threats, promises, rally cries, rallies, flag waving, lawsuits, silent majority rising up bullshit, etc etc etc etc etc etc will change nothing. We are frogs in an ever hotter pot of water destined to boil to death who won’t jump out and eventually will be cooked. It is the cycle of all great civilizations. The only time you tend to see internal uprising and revolt on a meaningful scale is when you have mass hunger, invasion or a party who rises up with a future dictator at the helm, looking to take control. Carpe Diem.


    • “The only time you tend to see internal uprising and revolt on a meaningful scale is when you have mass hunger, ”

      And what do you think is going to happen next year, as unemployment runs out and more and more businesses keep closing? Food banks are already struggling, and that’s even in reasonably well-off areas.


  7. “70 million ornery motherfuckers who are going to be thumbing their noses at Law and Order.”

    It will take more than just inaugurating General Secretary Josef Biden. Remember, most of that 70 million (plus) positively prides itself on “WE FOLLOW THE LAW” no matter how badly it fucks ’em. They’re going to need more time to come around to abandoning that most cherished belief/position.


  8. “President Trump isn’t just your President you know Phil, he’s as much loved and respected by decent normal people all around the world”
    @Lew: Well said, And that includes decent Muslims around the world. And yes, there *is* such a thing. I don’t know that they love him, but they see him as a much better option than the corporate warmongers of the Left.

    “We are run by the chinks, though.”
    @Glenfilthie. No we are NOT run by the Chinks. We are run by another group of people who also have a continuous ethnic identity stretching back millennia. The Han Chinese view non-Han as barely human at best. The mystery group running the West views outsiders to their group as subhumans, talking animals that just happen to have the shape of human beings. The Chinese are *trying* to buy, bribe and blackmail their way into influence and power in the West, but a very small group of mysterious others has beat them to it, having laid down plans centuries ago. Those plans have come to fruition since the 1960’s. Eventually it may come down to a power struggle between the Han and this entirely mysterious group (so mysterious that maybe we should call them “Whos”). So the Chinks and the Whos will exhaust each other, and the dot Indians will step in at the end. That might be an even worse outcome than being ruled by Whos or by Chinese.

    @kidme37. Agreed re target selection. It’s easy to identify random troublemakers that the world would not miss. The problem is that the visible ones are small fry. It seems that if one is to sacrifice liberty and life, one should at least take out some shot callers.

    @godhelpus. Unfortunately I think you are correct about the boiling frogs. As to “or a party who rises up with a future dictator at the helm”. Yeah. Agree there too. The way things are going, “Meine ehre heißt …” is going to start looking good to people, even knowing the price. At some point it will be, “since I’m fucked either way, I want the people who did this to us to get theirs too.”


  9. Damn Phil, you have enough guys from all over the world coming to your blog now that you should be able to get some type of NGO status with the United Nations. Good news for you.
    Seems more than a few come from places that still pay homage to the crown.
    Since you’re always taking donations for good causes, how about seeing if some of these accented fellows will be willing to try and give Aussie lessons on how to speak English.
    I understood Lew just fine.


  10. This will be an interesting war. These fucktards are going to find out that their water doesn’t flow, internet is slowed or halted, electricity no workie and so forth. No need for bullets on this one. I sure wouldn’t want to piss off the half of the country that makes the wheel go round and round. Good luck looking over your shoulders for the rest of miserable lives you cheating 🐓🍭’s


    • Just imagine what is going to happen when Dindunuffin’s EBT card doesn’t work because the power is off and the computer interties are down…


      • They won’t travel to far outside the big cities either for good reason. If your there move. Remus, may he rest in peace, was not joking. I still go to his webpage every Tuesday just to read some of the side bar.


  11. I thin k 12 years of this has been enough and coincidentally we are now in the jury box. We’ve gone from the soap box to the ballot box and now the jury box. Only one box left. Let’s hope it doesn’t get to that


  12. Which one Deathray? I do that so often, that I can’t exactly remember, though I don’t recall comparing Trump to Hitler. Young Adolf was a brave serviceman, twice blinded by gas and hospitalised during WWI, winning 2nd and 1st class Iron Cross awards. Wounded in the failed Munich Putsch of ’26, served some easy prison time, eventually becoming Chancellor in ’33, whereupon he proceded to ‘drain the swamp’. Hitler turned into a micro-managing megalomaniac, but he, his nation and their allies were fighting the self-same creatures trying to destroy our few freedoms now, the same ones that created both World Wars and staged the continual regional flareups during the Cold War. They generally reside in the tiny City of London, New York and Tel Aviv, not usually D.C. Some are Jewish, not all, but are avowed Zionists. They don’t want control of just the Middle East, but most of the planet, cosying up to their allies, any Reds, that they created to leach away the strength and cohesiveness of the Free World. I didn’t mention your hero once in my post, I was supporting you patriots! You’d know better than I, Deathray, precisely how many buckets of slime did Trump drain from the swamp in four years?


    • I don’t know how many buckets, but he sure flushed a bunch of the swamp creatures out into the open.

      The swamp creatures may not face prosecution, but there are a bunch of us out here that won’t forget who they are.

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      • crazyeighter, that their punishment is extra-judicial makes it all the more honest. The so-called justice system has always been ‘just us’, run by, and for the real criminals of the world. I hope young Kyle Rittenhouse never gets to see gaol again.


      • And that my friend is what he intended. You are I and I am gaming it here, President Trump knew he wasn’t going to get the indictments and perp walks and hangings he knew were needed, so he flushed them out for our enjoyment and entertainment at an hour to be named later…


  13. Deathray, it occurs every few years that I’m raided, though without resultant charges. After all, I can’t exactly stage a revolution, flat on my back, posting on Phil’s blog. Coppers here no longer need a warrant to enter your abode, either by knocking on the door or knocking it in, they merely need ‘suspect’ you have a gun or ammo, even one .22 Short unfired round. The same with stopping and searching your car, but they can’t do that to a known child molester, to see if he has abducted some kid. Gun laws are never about making people safe from crime or terror, but about putting you in danger of the lawkeepers catching you in an infringment of a stupid rule, thus making ordinary people fearful of the cops, and consequent punishment, while the rich and the scofflaws run free.


    • Would it help if you declared yourself to be a pious Muslima? For example, in these parts they don’t have to go through the Rapeyscanner (or is it “RapiScan”? i forget) at the airport, and they can’t be patted down either. So clearly Muslimas have more rights than the rest of us.

      Also in these parts, you don’t have to get your dick actually cut off, and take hormones, to become a woman. You just state that you’re a woman, and anyone who even questions your being a woman is guilty of Hate Crime. I am thinking that what with the idiot mask mandates I might as well put on a niqab, speak the shahada (lying to the enemy is permitted, dontcha know) and become a Muslim transwoman. Then I’d have three, count ’em THREE, victimhood points instead of the ZERO I currently have. I’m not sure if the Tora Bora beard that I’m currently growing is a help or hindrance for my new identity.

      Finally, you say an UNFIRED .22 short is a problem in Oz? Here in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (the cradle – and grave – of liberty) possession of the empty CASING from any round is a crime, unless you have a proper firearms license.

      Finally finally, the Bad People you mention are most certainly in WDC as well.


      • when they outlaw everything
        everything is then legal
        its the secret they fear pops up in your mind, because the truth is its not the rifle in your hands thats the weapon.

        they are working up to outlawing people who they proscribe as undesirable.
        as you said about mass is the cradle of liberty, these insects remember and fear that happening again, its why they invaded cowhampshire and are turning it into an extention of massachusetts.

        I got out 14 years ago, moved to West by God Virginia. its a total other world in these mtns. we went constitutional carry 3 years ago. as some dude said, an armed society is a polite society. is that ever the truth. most respectful polite cops and sheriffs you ever met down here.
        county we live in has two deputies, one wv state trooper, on only 9-5, 5 days. county is about half the size of R.I, population about 2000. havent see the law in over a year up on the ridge. a deputy told me one day, looked at me real intent like for a few seconds “you know, we know all you folks up on this ridge, your good folks, we never have any trouble from you all, things are changing, its time you all need to take care of things yourselves, you dont need be concerned with us”
        had to think for a minute make sure i heard what i heard, couple weeks later my good niebhor was talking to the state trooper works our zone, said almost word for word same thing.

        its a time of extremes, white hats and black hats, soon there wont be anyone in the middle, when that happens its on like donkey kong. wont be long look of things.

        I grew up in NH lived my life there till we came to wv, i remember well how the insects running mass treated you guys, and i always figured one day like a pressure cooker shit was going to blow, you good folks live there, your gonna rip those corrupt pieces of human shit running things into tiny gobbets.
        i aint shitting.
        there’s no other state got the kind of assholes like massachusetts running it.
        easy, could one of the best states in the union, has just about everything you could want. and its history is top shelf, those fuckers couldnt wreck shit any worse than they are doing. thats the truth.


  14. almost could feel sorry for them. not. i wouldnt want to piss you off phil.

    tell you something else. read an interesting affadavit by one of the 508 guys, Powell’s Kraken, it eas presented to the black robbed nazgul’s in Texas’s suit against the election coup states.
    pretty interesting shit.
    briefly, its on memorex, heres the list of actors and agressor states this missile and cyber space security spook, one of the white hats, even points outthey are a team of white hats who are survailing the survailers, well they tracked everything these fuckers did, where the vote righing traffic went and to whom, pretty amazing stuff.
    They have, drum roll please…
    mark zuckerberg
    the commie chinks
    iranian state diaper heads
    ukranian hackers
    pakistani dickwads
    mention of a raft of “agressor” states
    canadian assets
    banking concerns
    a shit ton of cutout and money laundering assets
    dominon and all the other shell game entities, who play musical chairs constantly with buyouts transfers patents loans leases multi party ghost corps, the whole 9 yards of cabal/globo=pedo money and asset fronts and laundering, and, last but not leasta clear road map in graphics and artifact evidence explaining how these fuckers operated.
    the icing on this coup shit cake is they are using vote rigging alogorithyms the cia uses. the ones sidney powell told us about. that lady as LL said doesnt lie or dissimulate, if she says it its gold.

    my fucking point is, how ornery can us old grumpy bastards be?
    when they go to string fuckerberg up im going to be there to pull the lever, when that piece of shit hits the end of his 13 not nectie slack, im gonna jump on his fucking shoulders just to make sure the fucker is dead.

    thats after Men like us run out of every fucking round of ammo and our knives are worn down to a fucking nub getting our licks in.

    with our dying breath if needs be.
    dont fuk with BFYTW

    hey! that reminds me phil, read your and big c expats comments, praising your head of the curve savvy, and know what poped into my nucklehead skull?

    remember shortly after The God-Emperor assumed command of us Deplorable’s, on a sunday feduary morning, a flight of ch47’s and blackhawks, loaded with full kitted marine combat company jarheads hanging out the doors, orbiting a certain building in langely virginia?
    seems like a century ago now.

    you get the impression Trump & Q where way ahead of the curve even back then?


  15. spider declaration? interesting title.
    its worth spending an hour going thru it, i read it three times so i could get it aligned in my head relative to everything going down, heavy shit, a lot unsaid and inferred between the lines.
    if you aint read it yet phil thinking you will see more than i can scope out of it

    Click to access Spider-Declaration-305.pdf

    this natural news posts some good shit, they seem on the ball with good sources, theres a brief piece today also from JFK jr, telling us in no uncertain terms whatever you got to do, do not take the chink lung aids vaccine. read a few references to jr, supposedly one of the good guys


      • no shit!
        that fucking globo=pedo insect gates is behind this genocide virus/baccine shit.
        its fucking war brother. we got to get these pieces of human shit. no fucking around about either. all of us, no quarter black flag

        some wild wacky water weasel shit going on right now.
        how about the f16 crash, some strange shit going on with that.


        • You managed to post the correct link at some point there. LOL!
          Oh hll yes I remember Trump sending the troops to deliver a message to the Spooks right at their front door.
          I just saw that hinky F16 “crash”. There was a thread on 4 Chan about it. Radiation poisoning?
          No debris?
          Chink planes cruising through to Langley?
          Sure as shit there is something going on. Did you see the Russians paraded their entire First Fleet right through the English Channel to points unknown?
          Or that we have 3 carrier groups stationed off the West and East coasts both?
          Air traffic off the scale going in and out of Nellis AF base?
          C130’s and Air Tankers all over the damn place?
          Troops being pulled from the Sand Box as fast as possible and being reassigned Stateside?
          The Chinks playing Hard ass with their military and bragging about Super Soldiers?
          How about their drone swarm tech they have been showing off?
          There is some serious shit going on and you won’t hear one fucking word about it from the MSM Propaganda arm.


          • heard that! holy cow, dont doubt it for a second. this election coup farce is an act of fucking war.
            now you mention it, was out taking a piss earlier, always take a moment to gaze at the stars and milky way, its so dark and clear you can spot everything flying over, satelittes too, the space station is awesome going over.
            got it hanging out relieving the pressure and see a bid ass plane, the wing tip blinky lights are very far apart, and its loud like a military jets are, but i noticed the jet noise aint going away as the plane im looking at is, and there’s jets spread across the northeast quadrant im looking towards.
            didnt give it much of a think because we get lots of f15’s c130’s and chopers due to a water tower about a mile east gets used as an IP point, and at 3000 ft alt, they go over pretty close.
            now you mention it, all evening they been flying over.
            a brandy new air national guard base went active last year, took over a mountain top strip mine, Pax, about 7 miles straght line from the house, worked up there on a reclaim crew when they closed it down, big old mine, big mine, they ran three draglines there, heard they used 200 tons of amfo a day shooting the top for the draglines, biggest fucking things i ever seen, stuff 8 school buses in the bucket with room left over, we crushed rock right above it for a week.
            might be that base is more than an air national guard site. they would have room for just about anything up there, it sits about 2600 ft alt so they get a good head start. Trump flies in a lot, he says he loves wV.

            im glad you told me, appreciate you. always can trust ol phil.
            Things are happening brother. I got faith in TGE, they all got something hvy duty going. dont know what but theres no way pedo=joe and that nest of traitors and enemies is geting in. Cant say why but i just know it.
            but shits gonna get serious as a heart attack before thingscare setvto rights.God bless us, theres none like us.

            time to kick dirty stinkin commie ass. here and outside our borders.
            think theres a shitload of us onery old toads wouldnt mind getting some licks in. we been round long enough to see this bullshit evolve. what the fuckers have done. this great country of ours is in need of a right proper cleansing. something we should and need to be part of. as much as that counts and then some. shit that matters most.


  16. wtf!
    something funky, pasted the document web adress, seen it on the screen, and after hitting the post button comes up as a partial grab of the pdf

    heres natural news front page, link to the afadavit is top and center


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