What In The Actual Fuck?!

I’m not going to spoiler this.

It has has a surprise ending.

Now I want to punch someone in the head.


Unreal what some people will do ain’t it?

26 thoughts on “What In The Actual Fuck?!

    • Or stuck the wire through the opposite closed end and bent the wire doing absolutely nothing. A bit of a let down at end – I was at ‘and then’ before the let-down.

      We’ve all seen the jig that is secured to an edge and used to bend wire in different ways.


  1. Stop with the kink-shaming, gentlemen. That wasn’t about making 90-degree bends. That was the tool guy equivalent of dressing up as a dog (is it called pup play?) and then going out in public on all fours and furiously dry-humping someone’s leg in front of God and the assembled company.

    IOW, that was some sort of perverted exhibitionism.

    There was a time when people knew what closed doors were for. Not any longer. This is what you get when you let freaks and perverts control Education and Popular Culture.


  2. Couple things.
    He’s bored.
    According to the channel he’s in the US.
    He’s had 29,000,000 views on his channel. ( not sure what that brings in income)
    On the wire bender video>> did you see the tap handle? pause at the 1 minute mark or so.
    Back to being in the US>> Amazon delivers stuff.
    Like this:

    Adding up all the time to make the tools to bend some wire I would have spent the 55.00.
    Maybe he’s retired and has a good pension and has to tell the wife he’s busy? 🙂


  3. I would have filled the hole with an Alnico magnet to hold nuts in hard to reach places so they can be started. Well at least for guys with out wives who will accommodate.



  4. Being a devils advocate here, to do this pointless process to bend wire…

    You do have to develop the skills and knowledge to clamp things properly for the item and room you need to work.

    How to choose a correct drill bit and size you want to tap.

    Able to drill straight and clean.

    Ability to use a tap correctly to tap the hole.

    Ability to mark a line and use a cutting saw with the correct blade for the material.

    Cut it straight.

    Make it work and it does.

    Sure there are tools that make this process fast in seconds, but really, if it makes someone who cant do this take the time and effort to learn how, and do it right, They get a bit better than a participation trophy IMHO.

    I bring this up thinking about it because on a side note, over the past six months or so, and bear with me, My door dash delivery folks (yeah, i use em sometimes) have been less than mechanically inclined for some reason on how to operate a gate latch.

    its a simple slider, bolt on gate goes through ring on post. Slide bolt one way frees it from ring, gate opens.

    To help keep the gate closed, about halfway down i have a bungee attached to gate and hinge side post.

    The last 5 of 5 deliveries had the driver decide that the bungee is how the gate opens, so they unhook it, and wonder why the gate wont open. They have their arm on the bolt, with a big red arm to slide the bolt on it get to the bungee hook.

    This was a different driver each time.


  5. You could do the same thing without drilling a hole in your wrench. Take a
    piece of cold-rolled flat stock drilled and tapped for two holes. Put it into a vice
    and you’re done. Keep it simple!


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