13 thoughts on “Sure, Like I Am Going To Trust A Vaccine Rushed Through By The Government.

  1. C’mon egorr, he is a known cat lover, I’d have thought that was enough for sympathy from you? BTW, have you fitted a BREN mag to your SMLE yet? No need to top-off with clips so often then, when facing Pantifags. Those Pommies that adapted Lee’s action to accept stripper clips did a bloody good job, considering that they had been lumbered with that rimmed, heavily-tapered .303 case, designed for the Martini-Metford rifles.


  2. I totally disagree. The medical mobilization under the Trump administration
    rivaled that of WWII. Liberal legislatures saddled the pharmaceutical companies
    with so much red tape that it took tens of years and tens of billion dollars to bring
    a drug or vaccine to market. Trump took a Samurai sword to the regulations.
    The Donks imposed these regulations in order to enrich themselves by campaign
    donations and Bribes. This drove up the price for the drugs to an astronomical
    level. Ayn Rand called them the “peddlers” in her novel Atlas Shrugged. After
    shredding the regulations, the Democrats had resorted to illegal campaign
    donations from China, Russia, Iran, etc.

    Why do you think the Democrats got their long knives out from the moment
    Trump announced his candidacy? The cocksuckers went on the attack
    based on his campaign promises. A vaccine with a 95 percent efficacy
    rate in 9 months is unheard of! The latest Democrat scandal reveals
    that the Chinks have bought Eric Swallowswell, other Democrat
    congressmen, and even small-town Midwestern mayors. Trump
    cut into their profits. Many of the pharmaceutical companies did
    not take a dime from the Trump administration. They did it on their own.

    PS The “theoretical physicist” pictured was a vegetable for decades
    before he died. Given a binary input device, he could not form a
    short speech in months or write a book in years. His undergrads
    used a scam called facilitated communications. They might as
    well held a seance or an ouija board. Hawkins did not write
    books or do real-time speeches.


  3. Leonard, after you get a jab of the the vaccine, will you please submit your results here at Phil’s blog? It doesn’t have to be a full medical report, just updates at 2 weeks on; 1 month; 3 months; 6 months; 1 year; 18 months; 2 years. I’ll likely be dead well before then, but if so, you’ll probably be able to tell me just what side-effect killed you. At least you’ll leave a good meal for your tomcat, if he’ll touch the mutant corpse. Or you could turn into a Democrat-killer zombie (but you’ll starve if you eat Joe’s brains), I’d hang around to watch that movie!


  4. So it is a vaccination that modifies your DNA? Other rumors include erectile dysfunction in males and possible sterility in females. Then there are the confirmed side effects of 4 people in the test group that developed Bell’s palsy. All of this for a virus with a 99.7% survival rate for those my age and with similar medical backgrounds.


  5. Sure, I’ll take the vaccine! But, just want to ensure I’m not exposed during the process. Can’t be too careful, you know! So, mail it to me. I’ll dutifully inject myself, correctly dispose of the syringe and report back that it’s done. You can take my word for it. After all, if you folks say that the absentee ballots were because of Covid, well, the vaccine should be treated the same way!


  6. Anyone who takes the jab is out of their mind. No long term test studies, no posted list of ingredients, and no liability for the drug manufacturers. I just take my daily dose of vitamin V……Stoli!

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