Covering Your Ass Buddy?

Don’t want everyone to know that you allowed your woman out of the kitchen to wander loose in the Big Boy toy room?

Lemme tell ya, if you have never had the pleasure of swinging a big assed sledge hammer to smack a big assed slugging wrench to tighten a big assed nut and bolt, you haven’t lived.

We’re talking Old School shit here.

Now days they have this fancy shit.

10 thoughts on “Covering Your Ass Buddy?

  1. Been there, done that. When tightening double-action crosshead nuts we
    used a striker wrench that looked like a flare nut wrench. Once the nut
    contacts the crosshead, we had to do 25 hits with a 20-pound sledge-


    • I had to do it on the pump housing on a 30 inch pipe dredge after Mt. St. Helens blew.
      With the impeller pulled I could stand on my tip toes on the bottom flange and not be able to reach the upper flange .
      The pump was twelve feet tall and it was motherfucker to tighten the forty nuts holding the impeller in it.
      We had to pull it a couple of times and have the curved surfaces inside welded up with Hard Face because the volcanic ash in the water was basically liquid emery cloth.
      It would eat through two inch steel.


  2. When I first started in the rock quarrying business we used Northwest model 25 shovels. Murphy diesel engines and a lot of grease and cables. We had to do a repair on the mechanism that let the house swing. That was mid 70’s and we had old equipment. The nut we had to take off was somewhere around a foot across. It took several weeks with the tools and equipment we had to get it going again. Those days are lost for sure.


  3. I worked on the Trans-Alaska Pipeline for 37 years and did a lot of all that. My sledge hammer at home has a cut off handle because of that. We slugged them for years until the hydraulic systems came out like in the video.
    Another type we used on big bolts was a stretcher. You put the nuts on both sides of the flange and the stretcher screws on one end and then stretches the bolt. You screw the nut down hand tight and then let the hydraulics off. Its pretty amaxing.


  4. Was a welder on an Add Carr Highwall Miner. Craziest rube goldberg contraption I’ve ever seen.
    A platform thats self walking, it has a Joy miner cutter head, about 70 tons, it drags 38 foot 12 ton belt cars behind it, you link together with 6 inch clevis pins dropped into double shears, as you run the miner head into the side of the mountain, cutting into the rib of coal your extracting. Like all this manly shit everything is XXXX large.
    The mechanics where the only guys who had wrench sets for working on the miner and where stingy loaning them out because shit was always getting lost down in the mud and water that was always under the launch. Got caught up one day, and went over one of the deep mine bone yards, grabbed a deep mine coal buggy car canopy, 1.0 inch thick special impact plate, drivers canopy, great stuff, a FMJ .308 doesn’t scratch it. Make awesome steel welding and layout tables. Made some sheetmetal templates for soapstone marking/layout, burned out all sorts of spanner and box/open slam wrenches for the launch, even built a wrack on one of the tower jacks to store them. The impact plate is hardened and the torch heat doesn’t anneal it, so the wrenches where super duty tuff. Beat the fuck out of them they barely mushroom. Welded on some extra pads to give the larger sizes extra inertia, as invariably you would be in some confined spot or waist deep in a mud-hole filled with hydraulic fluid, cant get a full swing on them, as most of the wrenches where for dash 70 and up AN hose fittings. But we had all sorts of hex head fasteners, catheads for the power leads which used hook or pin spanners. The one wrench that was lost almost daily was a spanner for the catheads on the belt cars, 12 inch diameter, supposed to be hand only spun on and off, had ball bearing races and triple seals but coal and rock dust is so fine they would all get too tight, so I would burn out half a dozen a week and some weeks another 6. Makes great hammers too to bust shit loose or make something fit in a hurry, and it was bosses always hurry hurry hurry, get it to make it to the end of the shift.
    We ran nonstop 6 and a half days, two 12 hour shifts in a 24 hr day, with 3 shifts rotating back and forth, even Christmas day, 7 days on day, then 7 on night, 3 days off, start again, no lunch no breaks. Miner doesnt stop, hand it off still running full tilt.
    We had the Guinness world record for the most coal mined in 24 hrs till a crew in Colorado beat us. This one dude was insane, two 988 super loaders, got a “pizza pan” instead of a bucket, slide it under a belt car and tram over, hold it up over the pad guys heads, as the previous belt car travels down the launch, you drop this 12 ton belt car on the launch and its chinese fire drill mad minute as three guys drop pins, hook up 19,000 volt AC cat-heads, throw switches, flip pusher jack flippers and the miner operator is running into the mountain, all at once. Well when we went for the record, this dude was mining so fast, two loaders, coming in from both sides could not get cars up on the pad fast enough.
    I ran the loader, it had a 17 yard coal bucket on it, with a big ass fence, so three good buckets you could put 100 tons on a 777 rock truck. I timed how much coal was coming off the stacker belt, loader has scales, ton and a half in 38 seconds. At a few times so much coal, I could not move it faster than the coal was coming off the stacker.
    He went for another miner job not long after, they asked him what it would take to stay, said 1 dollar, all’s I want is a buck more an hour. They wouldnt give it to him.
    How fucking cheap can you get?

    Everything on that rig wanted to kill you. One guy on our crew got caught in the blast panel on the front end, the jack that raised it broke, and he was pumping lube in the gearbox, panel came down and drove his face into the cutter bits on the head, they are 8 inch long carbide tipped spikes, went right thru his eye socket into his brain, crushed his whole face, bones and law on that side.
    It was pretty grusome. We levered up the panel up so we could get the kid off the bit, fucking blood, never seen so much blood.
    It was on hoot-owl, we where 7 miles in on the old dragline contour, Saturday night, no other guys working in a mine thats stretches like 20 miles. Our crew boss was a fucking nasty drunk, drink on the job, so had gone off someplace to sleep. Had the only 2 meter company radio in his company pick-up. In those mountains, if its not a amateur band frequency using a repeater forget it, might as well rig up soup cans and a string.
    The coal mines use CB’s for crew comms on all equipment, but only vehicle we had to get to the guard shack was the 998 Cat loader I was operating at the time. The kid was in shock and company law, state law too, was you absolutely can not transport anyone who needed an ambulance in equipment or any vehicle and this kid was in no shape to ride a 998 loader out in the wind on a steel deck.
    The standard mine regulations required these “mouse houses”, strategically placed emergency med boxes, with oxygen, defib units stretchers, self warming blankets TQ’s all that combat rescue med stiff.
    When we ran to grab that shit we found they had been robbed down to the mouse turds, meth heads steal everything, come in on 4 wheelers, its gone if its not welded down, so we ended up cutting the hose on the cutting torch and holding it under the boys nose so he got at least some 02, it was about 20 degrees f out too, and those dragline cuts are wind tunnels up on those mountain top strips, we all took off our Carharts, coats bibs, sweat shirts, everything and built a nest, and the littlest guy, BB, he crawled in half naked and helped get that boy some heat so he would stay alive. We all knelt down and rubbed that kids every part, we where terrified he’d lost so much blood. Its was just a bitter winter dark as the inside of a dead dogs arsehole night, so we all got the same idea at once, just one of those funny things happens, two guys grabbed a pile of pallets, we put the kid in the loader bucket, got some diesel and built a fucking bonfire near enough so the shiny inside of the loader bucket would act as a reflector and warm the boy and all us up too.
    We kept expecting our boss to get back anytime, but it was 2 hrs before he showed. Then an hour for the life flight back then, time to get a safe place to land in the pitch dark at 0 dark thirty, get him fixed up to load, then time to fly to a hospital. God was looking out for that boy, no shit about it.
    Our boss lost his bossing papers, miners card, they fined him like 25 grand. Never get a mining job again.
    I bumped into the kid at a wake for another miner who got killed, nice kid, he got 7 million to help him and his family, so he was in good shape that way, but you could tell he was a bit brain damaged. Good kid. They had to reconstruct the whole right side of his face with titanium mesh, he looked pretty good compared to what I seen that night. So much blood and no way to stop it but a teeshirt.
    He said something that touched all of our hearts and Im choking up just typing this, said we saved him from going out of this world, that he knew he was about to die, and when we doffed our clothes and started all rubbing on him, and BB got up next to him, and we all sweet talking him to stay around, said it pulled him back and he passed out knowing he was going to make it.

    The blast shield that come down on the kid was an add on, the fed mine inspectors made them mandatory for the Add Carrs and Superior highwall miners. The story was, a crew out west where they have high Methane in their coal, had a methane explosion. Now I been around metal fab all my life, you get so you have some feel for shit that goes boom, high pressure live steam, explosive shit like residue tank fumes, stuff that burns and generally fucks you up. When you go to school for your miners cards, they teach you about how violent methane explosions are. To impress you, they got this salvage truss tower, for a train load out, sits over railroad tracks and the coal cars move along under it like 1 mile an hour and you load the cars non-stop.
    The load out trusses I seen in this example are pretty massive, its made like a big ass overhead bin with a trap door over the coal cars so it holds a shit ton of coal, each coal car takes 100 tons, they like to ship in 1 million ton train gross loads, the bin is mostly to make loading the cars very even and steady, and in case say the belt line feeding the load out shuts down. Not uncommon. There’s emergency shutoffs from the raw coal tipple thru the cleaning plant to the door of the train bin, one push instantly shuts miles of belt-line, whole plant, 6 stories of everything from centrifuges to the shitters air conditioner, and everything electric powered off. The trains don’t wait for nothing and cost a shitload.
    Anyways, thats coal up there, coal’s falling into the cars, methane is a gas, it seeps out of the coal its trapped in. Well somehow, they didn’t say, in the open air, enough methane was built up to the explosive ratio, it detonated. The main trusses on the load-out are 6×6 inch by 3/8s thk angle, hot riveted, cross trusses every couple feet. Sturdy shit. Methane is so violent, even in the wide open it twisted that truss load-out like trash-bag twisty ties, shit was corked screwed, twisted in bowties, sheared rivets off like they where cigarettes. It looked like a nightmare on elm street Daly painting.
    Freak, nobody was even injured. Total Freak. But rules require you use methane detectors everywhere start end and middle of your shift. Even like on the miners, on the highwall rigs or radio control stand alone rigs used in deep mines, they have methane detectors, if there’s a hint of methane they failsafe, and you cant run the equipment till its sniffer is happy. They even make it so you cant bypass them. Seen it tried couple times, but they git it pretty well figured out so you can’t.

    What happened to the highwall miner got blowed up is pretty descriptive, its pretty hairy. First, what they’ve found is its the concussion from the shock wave when methane detonates kills guys. high propagation shock waves. It was a Add Carr miner this happened on like I was on. You can run up to 18, if all the power is tip top, belt cars running smooth, your not cutting thru severe rolls in the coal rib that the cars drag over or under following the coal seam, you can max out at 21 cars, plus the number one car and the miner. Its 20lbs of shit waiting to shit the bed in the worst way in a 5 lb box. Just a Joy miner is 7 million bucks. Brandy new belt cars like 25 large a pop. The “train” get stuck all sorts of ways in there, takes days sometimes to pull it out without ripping the car links off the frames, use a transit, focus on a scratch or a mark, and take a look every 5 minutes to see how many fractions of an inch your pulling the train out, any faster and shit tears apart. Rock falls, belts come off jams shit up, loss of power a million ways. If its stuck good, a deep mine crew has to mine in by hand along the train, then cut over, unhook this 70 ton beast, drag it sideway then out. Takes weeks to months. All in a 4-5 foot high space.

    Well these boys out west they supposedly had 7 cars in, without coal on the belts, thats roughly 308,000 lbs, 154 tons. They had a methane explosion, detectors didnt see it, it spit the whole train out of the hole, usually 8 ft x say 5 ft tall, right thru the miner operators cab, thats a box holds a guy in a chair, with his controller and tv screens, cant hardly fit another guy standing up, made from 1 inch thick AS 500 ballistic plate, with a 7.62 NATO bullet proof glass window. 7 layers of glass and 5 of GE Lexan they use in fighter jet canopies.
    The miner guy and his boss was killed, and 3 guys on the launch if I remember tight. The concussion killed the pad guys. Thats why the blast panel. I doubt it would do much but make another something to kill you going supersonic speed. Thats .gov for you. Makes them feel safe I guess. I know it almost killed one guy.

    The entire train came out linked together, thats 288 feet of death. Imagine the forces required to shoot a bullet weighing 154 tons, about a football field long, tears thru a box of 1 inch thick ballistic plate like wet asswipe, and it gives you a sense of how fucked up that methane gets you if your a deep mine miner and you got one of those explosions. Usually most deep mines aint much taller than 5 foot averaged out. Some are as low as 24 inch, you go in on your belly and come out that way. Freaks can be 20 foot high, like where geological movement say folds a coal rib in on its self, our goes vertical, or maybe it formed over much longer epoch say a lake bottom or river bed filled up with peat or other vegetation. Seen like whole prehistoric palm trees inside a rock thats split, pretty neat shit. We never got any of those pyrite sun dollars. Those are beautiful. Get nice flint, like used for flint locks. Shit is sharp as a razor, like a big ass piece will fall off the roof and clog up a belt car, break it up with sledges, and don’t slice your hand.
    Coal goes back pretty far in time, far back as when life on land first got going.

    Say something else too. There’s so much coal down there it is totally impossible to run out. Just the known, commercially recoverable, the coal only under WV, is as much energy to run all the power plants, all the heat for homes, and using coal to liquid process all the vehicles fuel needs in America for 150 years.
    And that carbon and “dirty coal bullshit is just that, like all the fucking commies lies, total utter crap. Coal is called King. Its not hazardess to truck, store, or use like gas or liquid fuel, every one can mine it with a fucking pick and shovel, dont need special fuel tankers, it is cracked just as easy as crude oil, and you get even more side products, it has a shitload of uses, without metallurgical coal you cant produce high grade steels, and WV has the finest, and basically the only large finest, met coal reserves in the world. Its really great stuff. 1 ton of lump house coal, right off the rib, in my chevy, costs $30, and with a cord of firewood we cut and split off our land, heats our house a full winter. Even if it was $200 a ton be a great bargain. Cleaned and sized, top grade met coal for the forge, Sewel Coal, worlds finest met coal, is $145 a ton in my pickup.

    The whole thing about gas and solar and wind power is the biggest scam and con in all history, just so the fuckers like obama and the rest of those fucks have an energy monopoly by creating a gas monopoly and to squeeze inexpensive highly useful coal out of the market. Thats the prime motive behind globullshit colding. Squeeze all the gas supply into a couple main pipelines, you have total artificial price discovery control, then squeeze all the other energy sources out of the energy market. and thru lies and fake regulations, and use the boondoggle grift of renewable energy to fund their gas racket. Its trillions at stake. And its all run out of Chicago, where the obots crawled out from under their slimy rocks.
    That whole carbon sequestration crap? What a crock of shit. Takes the exact same amount of carbon, creates the same amount of carbon, to make 1 BTU, no matter if its natural gas, oil, or coal. Physics cant lie.
    Heres another lie. Right now there’s just enough carbon on the atmosphere to sustain vegetative life on earth as it is right now, which is historically as low as it has been for billions of years. A 3% increase in carbon in the atmosphere would increase farm yields so much, it would produce more food using current farming levels than the whole earth eats, by twice.

    Those highwall miners are very cheap to operate, they run under 29 dollars a ton to put coal on the ground. Top grade met coal is like $400 a ton right now fully cleaned and blended delivered on a river barge. Steam coal, used for electrical generation and steam power runs $75 and up a ton out the plant. Depends if its blended with a higher btu coal or met coal.

    We are being ripped off like you will not believe.
    We really really really have to rid our great Republic of these insects blodd suckers and vermin infesting our country.
    Its going to be men like us, who use slam wrenches and fix 50 ton slurry pumps with a pair of fucking vice grips and a coat hanger who have to do it. Not fucking around on this.
    Its men like us in denim and leather steel toed boots who built this nation, its slimy pieces of corrupt fucking shit who are raping it and tearing it down.
    They wage war on us Men.
    We should give them war, show them how we make war. They wouldn’t last 5 days against our wrath. Might be only a day or a bit more. They will fold so fast we wont know what happened.

    So yeah, slam wrenches, they rock.
    Good for cracking globo=pedo skulls too.

    BFYTW guys.

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