Pretty Much

Mercifully, this calendar year is winding down to be deposited in the memory banks of history for people to marvel at in the future.

There has been so much shit sandwich packed into a bout ten months that it is hard to believe.

I gotta bad feeling that 2021 isn’t going to be much better but we could all do without massive wildfires this go round I think. Even though there are some burning as I type down in Commiefornia.

On the slightly dull but still shinier than dirt side of that, these fires took out all of the damn underbrush and fuel that has been growing unchecked for decades due to absolutely piss poor management strategies.

Jumping subjects for a moment, is anyone else still seeing signs of the phony coin shortage they pulled out of thin air?

How about Murder Hornets, anyone even seen one of the damn things?

Another question and this one is dead serious.

How many of you live in states that the government banned buying seeds in and are those bans still in effect?

That was an especially brilliant stroke of evil from some motherfucker wasn’t it?

I mean we all know how vegetable seeds are notorious for spreading colds and flu, right?


What else ya got?

I know there is more going on out there than I can possibly keep up with.

16 thoughts on “Pretty Much

  1. There is so much stuff going on right now, if my head were to spin all the way around i could mount a propellor and have air transportation.


  2. The coin shortage didn’t get much traction, I rolled all my spare change and cashed it in at local small retailers. I encouraged all my friends and family to do the same. The murder hornets are still in the news, but no-one takes them seriously. (Branding issue, too over the top.) The seed ban around here was dropped after planting season, mission accomplished. Most of my time is spent talking family members out of heading for a clock tower with a scoped rifle and a sack lunch over the massive voter fraud that was done by the pedocrats and the scumbag shitlib media covering for them. The fury I am seeing building is sobering. Take names, make lists. If they pull off the steal, use your best judgement on where and when to do what. Party is over at that point and after the first one they are all free. Maybe Barr will get off his fat ass, maybe Trump will declare martial law per General Flynn’s advice, maybe Durham will actually do something instead lurking in the background like a fucking useless boogeyman. Maybe, maybe, maybe. Something needs to fucking happen. And if I find the guy who said, “May you live in interesting times.” I am going to punch him in the dick.

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  3. This year will go down as the worst self inflicted disaster ever.

    It is one thing to have a stock market crash which wiped out millions of people’s fortunes. Even that could be described as partially self inflicted. No, we went all out this time.

    You would expect to see a huge increase in the total number of deaths for 2020 but that is not at all the case. Evidence of the horrible death toll of covid is none existent. Yes, some people have unfortunately died. Those folks have some sort of health weakness already. If they did not they would not have died.;

    Despite all of the dire predictions, our death totals for the year are not substantially different than the normal totals we would see.

    The summary is that our nation shot its economy in the ass on purpose and for only reasons that died blue socialist democrats can say.


  4. The Holodormer, where 7 million Ukrainians died, was caused by Stalin denying the farmers seed to create crops. He starved the population out of existence. Before that, Ukraine was considered the breadbasket of Europe. Now that’s pure evil.

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  5. So when is COVID-21 going to drop? When is the planned release date?

    “Maybe Barr will get off his fat ass”
    And maybe I’ll flap my arms and fly to Mars.

    Why did we not learn about the Holodomor in school, I wonder? I’m sure it’s not about suppressing a “competing” body count. What kind of paranoid nut job could even think of such a thing? Who would do that? Totally coincidentally, spellcheck tried to autocomplete “Holo…” for me. It guessed 5 letters, but none of them were D, M, O, or R.


  6. I was disappointed we didn’t get the Murder Hornet Apocalypse. I bought a couple boxes of .410 shells just for some Murder Hornet Skeet.


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