Fellow Blogger And Freedom Fighter Notwende Needs Some Help

(Stickied to the top until Nitwende lets me know we have reached the goal)

If you are a regular around here then you surely know who Notwende is, maybe you know him by his Nom De Plume of Herr Unfuck where he posts at UNFUCK U.

He lives in Austria and is a very good man.

You see, a lot of us Americans view the world through a pretty narrow lens. We focus on events and politics that affect us directly here in America when in reality, everything that happens here is actually part of a larger picture that also affects the entire world.

Take this Kung Flu bullshit for example.

It is most certainly a global problem. People all over the world are having to fight their governments abuses and over reach as the NWO types slap restrictions and edicts down in other countries just like our tyrannical Mayors, Governors and other government officials have been doing here.

This is where guys like Notwende stand out. He takes his rights and liberties damn serious and refuses to bow down to their tyranny. Unfortunately, sometimes that comes at a great personal cost. Because he told his employer to stick their face mask rule up their ass, just like someone else I know, they shit canned him.

Ya gotta admire the guy for sticking up to his principals, even at the cost of making a living.

A real BFYTW kinda guy.

My kinda guy.

Unfortunately, that obviously puts a serious strain on your finances.

The reason I am asking for help on his behalf is because the yearly maintenance fees on his WordPress Blog are coming due here very shortly and if he can’t come up with the money he is going to lose his Blog and the years and years of data that goes with it. He needs to come up with $300 Euro, about $365 U.S. before the first of January to keep his blog going.

Not too much if enough people throw some bucks his way.

He put up a Paypal link, it’s at the very bottom of the page on his blog and it’s set up to only accept $10 at a time.

So if you can and you would like to help out one of the Good guys, here is the link to his Blog, the Paypal link is all the way at the bottom of the page.

Thank you in advance on my part.

33 thoughts on “Fellow Blogger And Freedom Fighter Notwende Needs Some Help

  1. This is not about a pandemic or a public health issue. This is about the
    pursuit of raw political power. A 70-year-old FDA approved anti-Malarial
    (the HCQ compound) was trashed as deadly and unproven. If Biden
    ends up in the White House, you can expect the same with the three
    vaccines with a 90 to 95 percent efficacy rate. The COVID Nazi mayors
    and governors will double down on tyranny.

    Their goal is the destruction of the working and middle-classes and small
    businesses. They will spare the rich, and major corporations because that
    is the get their bribes and campaign donations. They do not give a shit
    about inflation because small businesses do not vote Democrat. Nor do
    they give a shit about rampant unemployment and small business closures.
    The left has a wish list longer than a whore’s wet dream! Tax increases,
    DACA, Blanket amnesty, and outsourcing of jobs to China. Half the
    elected Democrats are in the hip pocket of the Ch-coms.

    The end result is that a Biden administration would make the Carter
    administration look like the good old days. Expect the same kind
    of feckless and impotent foreign policy of the Carter and Ubangi
    administration. Emboldening Islamic terrorism, and enemies
    like Russia, North Korea, China, Iran, etc. will endanger us all!

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  2. Leonard, if people can’t get Hydroxychloroquine legally in their state, they should ask for Ivermectin instead, with zinc and intravnous vitamin C protocol. It is an Australian product that has passed several medical reviews with a high 90s percentage rate of curing Coronavirus each time, within 48 hours, even if you’re already in ICU! Re Herr Unfuck U, I’ll send him some Aussie dollars, about two used bottle-tops worth in €uro money rate!

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    • You can get Ivermectin here at vets or co-op farm stores. You would need an EMT, Paramedic or nurse or better to start and maintain an IV. If not done properly, zinc and Vit C are toxic at high doses. I would be leery start those type of protocol with someone with not adequate or minimal training.

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      • I’ve read elsewhere that if you’re going to use veterinary meds for humans, you should use the dosing tables for hogs. Close enough physiology for pharmaceutical purposes.
        Yes, Ivermectin is as common in the veterinary world as aspirin is for us.


  3. Phil, good on you for helping fellow bloggers like Herr Unfuck U, and Wirecutter and more, when they are doing it tough. I think that what Notwende really needs help with though, are two desparadoes that stalk his blog, making nonsensical accusations against upstanding commenters. I’m not going to name any names, but my textin’ thumb is roaring to let go when I next see their chicken scratchings.

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    • You know 0-nhoJ, you laid down a gauntlet, Death and I are going to be unmerciful and unforgiving. We are not desperadoes, we are unmitigated assholes. Let the games begin…

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    • I’m more in favor of paying bloggers money to block foreign infiltrators from having a platform on their site to just say anything that spews from their drug induced dreams.

      Texting thumb? Now that is funny.
      Come back when you get a blister on your trigger finger and your hands are dried out and split from loading magazines.

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  4. Cederq, I completely agree*, a proper medical regimen for such IV treatment is essential, be it HCQ or Ivermectin as the active bug killer of the treatment. My point is that it is highly efficacious in treating Coronaviruses, and has been proven safe in rigorous medical testing. I mention the drug because weirdo Lefties in power have banned doctors from prescribing HCQ in some of the USA, and in my own home state of Queensland, Australia. A real COVID infection, not just a ‘positive’ test, almost certainly will be defeated by our body’s immune system, but if not, I’m just glad that a proven and cheap treatment is available out there. *don’t let it go to your head!


  5. Cedrex, did I invite a comment from you? I don’t recall even mentioning you or Deathray, you two been clutching each other’s pearls (ahem) again?!? Bring it if you got it pal. You’ve been learning some tricks from your buddy Leonard, I see, ‘Grasshopper’, well I’ve got Raid under my text thumb!

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  6. Deathray, been there, done that, when I could work to afford the ammo bill. A founding member of the Evelyn Owen Appreciation Society, mine was an Owen Machine Carbine Mk. 2/3, which signifies that after use fighting the Japs in WWII, against the Indon seperatist rebels in post-war Netherlands East Indies, and the Chicoms and Norks in Korea as a Mk.2, in 1956 it went to Lithgow for an FTR and conversion to Mk.3 by having the selector blocked from being able to select ‘safe’, and having the annular thumb-activated bolt-block added to the receiver. This did away with the risk that all first and second generation subguns had, where it is possible that if the gun is dropped while muzzle-up, an at-rest bolt can attain enough momentum to retract far enough to strip a round from the magazine, but not be caught by the sear, thereby firing it when the cartridge feeds into the breech. My gun would also have been used fighting the CTs during the Malayan Emergency, against the Indonesians during Confrontation/Konfrontasi, and then fighting the VC and NVA in Vietnam, until replaced by the F1 subguns. I just loved shooting that OMC, the long (for a SMG) barrel made snappy Mk.2Z and similar ammo quite flat-shooting, and the iong sight radius gave good accuracy to 200 metres on semi-auto. You can run an OMC all day long without fail, no babying them, as they were so overspecified for 9mmP. It’s too bad that the US orders for them in .45 ACP were never filled, just prototypes made, I’m sure that collectors there would be enjoying them now. Sadly, my historic old gun is now welded-up, owned by a militaria fan.


  7. This shit is wearing thin even the People’s Republic of California.. Elected
    sheriffs are telling gOverner Grusome to go pound up his poop chute. At
    a recent lockdown protest in Olympia Washington, the Pantyfags went after
    the protesters and got their asses kicked by patriots. The public is getting
    pissed off!

    Here is a video from the Sheriff of Riverside County:


    • I think messages like this will galvanize people. If they see and hear their local Sheriff telling dickatator governors and mayors to pound foundry sand they too will tell them “Up Yours!” and give them a proper one finger salute! I like the people of Washington picketing at Olympia and then old geezers and women kick lil’ commie butts, ain’t no cops around to arrest the Patriots and Trumpers!


      • You can add the sheriff of Los Angeles, Ventura, and Stanislaw
        Counties to fuck you, Newsom, list. You can add all of the red
        counties. Almost all of them said were are law enforcement
        officers, not health department workers or enforcers of
        unconstitutional edicts. I remain optimistic that serving LEOs
        and the military are loyal to their oaths, not mayors or governors.
        Local police chiefs can be fired because they are political
        appointees, so they have to watch what they say.

        They are sworn to the constitution, so most will not violate
        their oaths. I live in a red district and there are 58 counties
        in California and only 26 blue counties. If police chiefs in
        blue counties are turning a blind eye to this bullshit. I can
        hardly wait to see police chiefs attempting to confiscate
        our firearms or enforce COVID lockdowns in blue cities.
        It would result in a bloodbath!


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