How Can You Complain About Being So Lucky?

How is she lucky?

Because if it was me she was married to, I would instinctively start using it for a trash can.

8 thoughts on “How Can You Complain About Being So Lucky?

  1. It’s obviously some kind of devious female test, looking for something to bitch about. See, I learned a long time ago that wimmins will do that. I have since learned to always give them something to complain about so that they don’t have to go looking for a reason like this.
    My wife currently has a lifetime supply because I’m an over achiever like that.

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    • Same thing learned in boot camp. Give them something obvious and trivial to ding you about; they won’t dig deeper for more serious shit. Because they’re going to ding you for something, no matter what.


    • Wimmins, ya can’t shoot them, ya can’t love them enough and you certifiably can’t kick em out and in the ass…. Or you are toast, and Lamer in prison has himself a new boyfriend.


    • Thats my thinking exactly!!!! Had a women get after me about something simular i told her that and man did she flip, told her to fuck off and i went out and got drunk.


  2. My attitude is “If it bothers me, I’ll do something about it. If it bothers you, YOU do something about it”.

    Works for everything about leaving the toilet seat up to decorating the house.


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