22 thoughts on “Ain’t No Snowflakes Here.

        • Heh, way back in the day I was working on some customers car at the dealer and the Snap On truck showed up. After making my ritual payment I told the guy that I need a 45 degree O ring pick.
          The only fucking one he had on the truck had a pink handle on it.
          I still have that motherfucker 25 years later because no sonfabitch would be caught dead stealing it.

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            • When I worked for a Millwright service, every company tool was
              color-coded. Every foreman field truck had a band around all
              of the tools so that on-field jobs, so they would be put back in the
              right truck. One guy took a lot of shit because his color was pink!

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          • At one time my dad had a titty pink Cadillac convertible. It had a
            manual transmission with a steering column shifter. He dicked
            with the linkage and relocated the shifter on the left side. The
            pattern was a mirror image meaning everything was upside down
            and right to left. He said that would make it harder to steal. I
            said, “who the fuck is going to steal a pink car?”

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  1. One of my granddaughters (5 years old right now) is going to be either an engineer or something similar, she has a fantastic sense of things mechanical. I’ll be tutoring her, of course, so she’ll be grounded in mechanics, electrical, electronic, hydraulics, and maybe even show an aptitude for space operations. Who knows, she may be able to be an astronaut. She’s got potential, that one!


    • I can hear her in about 20 years, “Boys? why can’t they turn a simple wrench, boys are so stupid!” It will be in egorr’s vernacular and I will be able to hear a faint whisper of egorr in it…


    • I have a six year old granddaughter who’s a pretty good shot with her pink Cricket .22. And she just helped her dad assemble a welding cart and now wants to learn welding too.
      And I’ve been saying for years that there is nothing to fear in a robotics revolution. Who’s going to fix the robots? ‘Droids are idiots and rarely can even tell you what’s wrong with them. If you know a kid who likes to take things apart to see what makes them tick, GIVE THAT KID A TOOL SET FOR CHRISTMAS!!!


      • That is what my parents did with me after they recognized I had mechanical yearnings. I had one hard rule when I was young, I could not take apart the toaster, the coffee maker, or the lawn mower or the washing-machine/dryer. Lucky for me the dump at that time was about two miles away and I got those and much more things to take apart and see how they worked and actually fixed some of them. I got a lot of tools during Christmas and barf days. My dad insisted I get Craftsmen instead of the crappy Japanese ( Early Chinesuim) tools on the market then. I still have a lot of the tools I acquired when young, except for the tools that got “borrowed” or outright stolen. That is why today I do not loan tools.


        • I quit loaning my tools when I discovered one fucking regular screwdriver cost me $25 to replace after someone did’t return it.
          Fucking used car salesmen got schooled in a big hurry after that. You motherfuckers want a screwdriver to change license plates with, you can go down to the fucking hardware store and get a cheap one for a dollar.
          I catch one of you miserable sonsabitches with one of my Snap On screwdrivers in your hand and I am going to bury it in your chest.
          A set of six Snap On screwdrivers cost me $180 twenty years ago.
          Even the little pocket sized ones were over $20.
          I bought my Dad a Limited Edition Dale Earnhart screwdriver set off the Snap On truck. He used the Phillips one time and we found it in the kitchen junk drawer after he died. I still have that set and the plastic wrapper is still on it. It’s just opened up where he got the Phillips out. That one also cost me $180 as it’s the same set except it has special handles.
          That set is going to be worth some money some day.


          • The MRI service engineer kept a set of beryllium-copper tools in the computer room next to the magnet. BeCu because obviously a person can’t bring ferromagnetic tools into the MRI room, as they’d turn into missiles.

            Eventually the usual assortment of fools found the stash of BeCu tools and started borrowing them for various tasks, such as using the screwdrivers for pry bars. In short order the Philips drivers were wrecked, and the other tools didn’t fare well either. Frank was *pissed* when he saw the state of his tools the next visit (they came by every month or so).


  2. I gave a nephew a dead VCR and told him he could take it apart, which he did with gusto…then I asked if he could put it back together. This project took him several days and made his parents very happy as previously he had turned every screw he could find, switched every switch to see what happened, and generally made life sooo interesting. He wasn’t mean, just interested beyond his years.


    • When the service engineers were bolting our robotics line together at work, I asked all of them one question: Did you have an Erector set when you were a kid? Out of a dozen of them, the only one who didn’t just said “I was into model rockets instead.”


  3. Target (spit) had Mechano toys on sale last week, bought all they had to give to the 8 year olds in the neighborhood. Start the interest early and you won’t know who the next Smokey Yunick will be.


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