17 thoughts on “Whoopsie!

    • What I’m wondering is, who is paying them? Find out and those are the ones that should be considered for the center of the reticle


      • That’s the insidiousness of the fully converged hive mind. They don’t need directions and they don’t need money. Every worker bee instinctively knows what to do, no matter how small a part.
        Of course they’re financed though.
        See Soros, Bloomberg, Zuckerberg, et al.


    • Whatever it requires, you have to produce evidence not to prove they cheated, everyone knows they did.
      You must, and you cant miss the tiniest detail or one dot on an i or cross a T, you have to destroy their Plausible Deniability.
      They are serious pros at gaslighting, its their stock in trade, the plausible deniability is the King With No Clothes. obama was a Plausible Deniability Regime figurehead. Unless you wanted to ignore it, everyone knew it was a foxed election. But because nobody understood how the plausible deniability scheme functioned he could rub our faces in it and laugh.
      Plausible Deniability is why they went full retard with fraudulent votes and gross gerrymander, it was such an outragious in your face act, so large, it had built in plaisible deniability.

      I think they learned its nuances and how to use PD to such effect is because irs a COA developed tactic and strategy.
      Like JFK’s assasination, they dripped lots of clues and had people, who they used to create a smokescreen of PD.
      The yellow press does it every day. They create little Potemkin Villages everywhere, and say nah nah try to prove we are totally bullshitting you.
      Another component of PD is having the right actors not just deny, but to fabricate out of whole cloth an insinuation its totally preposterous, its in the minds of conspiracy theorists and extremists. See what they did? They added layers of PD on top of the originating PD.

      We see it so much we hardly recognize its happening. Thats PD too.
      Its really Gaslighting. Once you recognize how they wotk it, allmost every word they create looks really lame and oh so cheezy, like a 5 year old cunning brat thinking he is pulling a fast one on the knowing adults, thats what you see when your savvy to PD and Gaslighting.

      Took me years to figure it out, and its still cathes me, I think because they have been slowly programming us, the perfect example is Why Do They Call TV programming Programming? Slicj huh?
      Even after I began to see it, its understanding it thats the trick, because PD and Gaslighting is really sophisticated Psy-Ops, particularly if you have no prior grok into its nature and tells.

      Imagine what it must be like manipulation wise for our young ones who have never known honest truthful learning and exposure to the world.
      I’m into 6 decades, grew up on a form no electricity no TV, I’ve spent decades of my life never looking at a TV, dont have one now. Dont miss it, and when I see it like at the health clinic waiting room I watch it and feel sickened by it somehow.
      Read a book back in early 80’s called The Cool Fire, very interesting works. The premise of the book was thru human history till the advent of TV in our homes, people sat around the fire, and told stories, sang songs, spoke poetry and verse, created legends, taught wisdom to their children and communicated person to person in genuine face to face discourse.
      The advent of TV changed all that. Specifically, you see little kids mesmerized by the rube, the one eyed babysitter, and they tune out the living world entirely, they even talk to the screen, like saying to Wilson in the movie castaway when Hanks tells Wilson to “Talk to the hand!”

      Its insidious.
      I had a girl friend years back, self employed, divoirced, had two teenagers, could not get them away from the TV. One day she was really fucking bullshit mad, I kind of was waiting for it, and after she blew off some steam said to her if it was my kids and my TV, I’d wait till my kids was watching the tube, walk in, unplug it, carry it out beside the barn where the kids could see looking out the window, stand there for a spell looking back at the house with the shotgun pointed at the idiot box and put a couple rounds of 00 Buck in it, then bring it down and sit it on the picnic table, leave it.

      Ol’ Elsie, she was a true honest to God farm girl, raised Morgan horses for a living, if she didn’t do just that.
      Her kids transformed all on their own, she never said a word to them about the entire thing.
      I was amazed, Elsie was amazed, it turned into a legend around the near by towns.

      Something to give a think about.


      • Epic rant. Thank you. Had a landlord many years ago who tried to give me a TV. I turned him down, said I’d never turn it on, and it would just take up space in an already small apartment.
        As for the fraudsters, they’ve been given more than fair warning by Sidney Powell and PDJT. They can come forward as whistleblowers, or they can be liable for federal felony raps, their choice.


      • I too disconnected the antenna lead to my house and now apartment, yes, I still have a small TV, but it is only connected to my DVD player. I enjoy watching my Westerns and some old action movies. Is it still programming? A small bit, I have enough discernment to ignore the small nudges that were used back then, I do not buy any new movies, they are as bad as watching CNN and the other commie news and god awful programming that spews on TV today. I have a book in my nose most of the time and I enjoy listening to peoples stories and seeing their faces, gee, we can’t do that now and most people are afraid to tell their stories or just enjoy sitting on their porches and chat Most people virtual signal, good little commies so I certainly don’t want to listen to regurgitation…


        • The only positive thing I can say about The Rona is that I got back to reading actual books. Matt Bracken is a favorite new find for an author of fiction, as is Kurt Schlicter.


          • Kurt Schlichter, like the Babylon Bee, tries to write snarky satire, but it keeps coming true faster than he can write new snark. Scary stuff. I’ve read all I can find of Bracken too.
            I grew up as the eldest of eight siblings. Early on I stuck my nose in a book and pretty much never came out. I’ve been trying for decades to tell people that if you want to know what Satan sounds like, just turn on a boob tube.
            And as relevant today as it was in 1973: Zappa: I Am the Slime: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iiCQcEW98OY


  1. The left hasn’t even TRIED to hide their crimes. That is how certain they are in their control over the judiciary. Trump CANNOT win via the courts. The left has fully corrupted the legal system. The ONLY way we are going to successfully deal with the massive fraud and criminality of the left is extrajudicially. The “system” is not only NOT going to do anything to them it is fully OWNED by the left and will act against US in service to the lefts criminality.

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      • I wouldn’t count on the military. While infesting the White House Obama the SCOAMF conducted a purge of the military’s officer corp that would have made
        Stalin blush. I doubt there’s an officer above the rank of Lieutenant who isn’t a committed leftist. And the rank and file are NOT going to do jack shiite without orders. So unless the Special Forces at the direction of Chris Miller can get the job done I don’t expect Trump will get any help from the Pentagon.


        • The troops REALLY support DJT, and know that the REMFs are not his fanboys. SF can get the job done.
          WE, the Retired Ones, are the backup. Stand ready!


  2. That Georgia county is Fulton County, home of my hometown, Atlanta. If you’ve seen any of the pictures of the counters at work, you will understand everything. They come from the same labor pool as Atlanta Airport TSA workers.


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