17 thoughts on “I Didn’t Know The Tin Man Had A Sister

  1. This just signifies two things, that we are in Clown World, and most women are bat shit crazy. How she thinks this makes her more attractive is beyond my understanding, the first pic of her is an attractive, wholesome woman, the second depicts falling off that pier.

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    • No fine lines when your fluid gender. Kind of like a cess pit of human shit-heads, all mixed up co-mingling levels of depravity. Its a deep cesspool.
      Appears it’s shootin’ for the latest avant-garde Bruce Jenner look…


  2. My ex was a pretty gal, but would not go outside without a full face of makeup on. Literally would take 45 minutes to paint up to mow the lawn. Got annoying after a while. She didn’t really need make up if you got right down to it. I am pretty sure it wasn’t doing her skin any favors.


    • We had a young gal at work, drop-dead gorgeous, but she pancaked on enough warpaint to float a battleship. Never did understand why. But it does remind me of a very old principle: women do not dress for men. They dress for other women.
      As for this picture, I don’t know what it’s trying to accomplish, and don’t much care as long as I can stay far, far away.


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