10 thoughts on “BFYTW

  1. yesterday I got to the entrance to Costco and realized I left my face diaper in the car…… This was because was distracted thinking about my experience at the gas station just a few minutes earlier where the attendant was arguing with a dindu because the dindu did not know his own zip code for the credit card he was trying to use. (it’s NJ, you are not allowed to pump your own gas).


    • I thought the zip code thing was just a marketing scam until one time in a mental fog I gave my old zip code. The card was refused because the zip didn’t match the billing address. So it’s a security thing, and that’s fine by me now.
      Oregon is the only other state banning pump your own. What annoys me now is when the peckerhead in front of me hands the pump jockey a $20 for a $17.64 tab and makes them walk clear to the inside desk to get change.


  2. i got the cops called on me yesterday, because I wasn’t wearing a mask. It got me kicked out of a fucking gamestop, where I was trying to buy a game… the only fat ass employee there, was an ugly fat little fuck, who tried to enforce his fucking mandate on me, and even approached me aggressively, as if he were going to grab me and force me to obey his will. then he told me I had to stay 6 feet away from the only person in the store, and when I didn’t respond to his demands, threatened to call the police on me for not bending to his will…. I found out where the little fucker lives, and I am looking forward to making this little bitch pay… he will rue the fucking day he tried!!!!! I will never buy a fucking thing from them again…. BFYTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. It’s unbelievable! I ran into a guy I haven’t seen in maybe 15 years. He comes up to me, outside the store I just exited, and shook my hand, and we BS’d a bit.
    I then went home and told a mutual friend about the encounter, and she Karen’ed on me over not maintaining distance or wearing a mask. But I wasn’t too surprised. She’s a borderline Hypochondriac. But she’s pretty damn good looking, so I put up with her anyway. However, I schooled her just the same. Some folks who are otherwise very intelligent, sometimes fail to do their own research on the subject, and just take the word of the Lame-stream media.

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