10 thoughts on “The Bachelor Special

    • Hey, easy on Miller there! Making it provides employment for diabetic horses. You wouldn’t poor Dobbin to be turned into glue, would you?


    • Easy on the High Life Leigh! It is after all the Champagne of Beers! The only problem I see is there isn’t enough of the Miller.


  1. Where was this picture taken? I can do without the beer (I’d sooner drink muddy water), but it’s a heckuva good idea! Do one for us non-alcohol drinkers and the bachelor market would be tremendous!

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    • Rupenas, 76th and Beloit suburban Milwaukee. They are a a local grocer that has a reputation for decent butcher meats. Looks to me by the lack of marbling that they got a deal on some ungraded beef and they are trying to gimmick it out the door at prime cut prices. The shumcks that would fall for that are more intersted in the swill than the meat and wouldn’t know the difference anyway.


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