That’s Nothing

For one thing, bitch should be happy he showers.

For another, has anyone else besides me ever had to take a can of Brake Kleen into the shower with them?

I’m talking some fucked up shit that went clear through my clothes and wan’t coming off for nothing.

Sometimes a guy has gotta do, what a guy has gotta do.

19 thoughts on “That’s Nothing

  1. I worked at a hard rock gold mine when I was in my early 20s. At the end of the shift we’d head to the ‘Dry’ to shower and change out of our work clothes (on the payroll) and the miners used Palmolive dish soap in lieu of soap or shampoo. It worked well, but I didn’t use it after I left the mine.
    Note: The use of a dry was tradition in the mines of the Sierra as it gave the owner/supervisor an opportunity to go through your lunchbox/clothes/locker to see if you were ‘high-grading’ (stealing).


  2. Don’t use lava bar soap.

    Well actually today you may be able to. I don’t think they load em up with as much grit as they used to.

    It the only soap i cared about having enough of until I ran out of everything else and tried to shower with it.



  3. My go to grease reducer is Ajax lemon or orange flavor, with rain water in the outside summer weather rain barrel shower you get awesome squeaky clean.


  4. Any good surfactant cleaner (dishwashing soap, etc.) does a good job of removing most stains, since it “surrounds” the oil molecules and allows them to be rinsed away. It also drys the skin oils as well, so use sparingly. It works great as shampoo but can REALLY dry the scalp, not necessarily a good thing. Some of the glues and chemicals I use laugh at any attempts to clean them off, so I just wait for the normal sloughing-off-skin process to get rid of it. I use gloves a lot now that I’m old, but still get a little sloppy. I use a lot of GoJo for most mechanic work I do.

    HOWEVER – I had a back rash that didn’t seem to want to go away, Dial Soap has certain antibacterial and anti-mold properties. After a month’s worth of use in the shower the rash went away. I found it’s also VERY useful for cleaning off that black mold off of RV’s without harming anything! Cool stuff.


    • egorr: You’ve got me “itching” to try that Dial soap–a recurrent, seasonal eczema, primarily back where I can’t reach it. Scratching only makes it worse, triamcinolone helps, but doesn’t cure it.
      I’ve used a lot of solvents in the lab, from acetone to trichloroacetic acid (a particularly nasty stuff). Toluene or xylene melts a lot of dried on crap. The best remover for “indelible” black marker ink that I’ve found is chloroform. Most paint departments will have acetone, methanol, and methylethylketone.


  5. you guys are wusses, a can of ether (aka starting fluid) floats the grease away. Just don’t smoke while using it. After that you can use the dish soap if you wish.

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  6. Used Comet and a scrub brush in the olden days before Brake Kleen and gojo. Now I prefer the blue Dawn dish soap and a fingernail brush from Home Depot. Getting soft in my old age.


  7. I spent a few months doing a job in Hanford CA at a Perilli tire plant. Natural
    rubber is not black. In addition to chemical compounds, they use a very
    fine black carbon for coloring. That shit went through my work clothes,
    Long Johns, and underwear (it was in Winter.) Even my fucking balls
    were black. After the first day, I asked an employee how to get that shit
    off of me. He said Dawn dishwashing soap!

    As for cutting grease, safety solvent or Naptha will do the trick but The
    People’s Republic of California outlawed solvent tanks and chemical


  8. According to the pitchmen, most shampoos add body. Dawn cuts grease and fat.

    I’m already undertall (or overweight, if you insist) – I don’t need more body…I need less fat.

    Ergo…Dawn, the all-purpose shower soap.


  9. Working in a petroleum coke facility leaves things that don’t come off. After months in one facility, I decided to stop wearing any white underwear, and having colored sheets. The stuff gets in your pores, and it takes days to sweat it out.


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