Been There, Done That

I honestly couldn’t tell you how many times I have come to and asked myself where the fuck am I?

I’ll never forget the time I woke up and the first thing I saw was children’s pictures that they had drawn with crayons lined up on a wall up by the ceiling.

I don’t know where I’m at yet but it’s time to go!

Yeah, it used to be really bad.

Thank God I don’t do that shit anymore.

8 thoughts on “Been There, Done That

  1. I had a good friend who ended a discussion about drinking with this statement: “You know it’s bad when you wake up in the local public housing with the tv blaring cartoons and a bunch of dirty kids are at the end of the bed eating Cheerios.”


  2. Ahhhh. Memories of the bad ol’ days. Lived through some magical mystery tours I probably should have died in. One time I woke up in the doorway of a (closed) gas station about four miles from the party, no clue where I was or how I got there. That one I blamed on tequilla.


  3. 3 states away, chained to a cot in a cop shop.

    I’m still not sure what happened during that 3 days. and that was 26 years ago, still no memeories…It was a nice st of burises though.


  4. Woke up in a strange place once…..much too nice to be anyone I knew. I cautiously walked up the stairs (I was in a basement) and came across a family having Sunday breakfast. I told them I was deeply sorry and made a beeline for the back door before anyone, particularly the husband, got over the shock of a long haired freak showing up unannounced in their house. Did not stop running until I got back to my apartment.
    I sobered up after that incident and ended up in the Marine Corps for 21 years. Silver lining!!


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